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By Raph Soohoo

The Top 10 Toughest DC Superhero Countdown continues with #7-#5! Stay tuned throughout the rest of the week and let us know your thoughts!

#7 – The Flash

Flash Comics

POWERS AND ABILITIES: Barry Allen was doused with chemicals and struck by lightning, enabling him to connect to the Speed Force. As the Flash, he can run at speeds surpassing sound, and close to light. He can create vortices, phase through objects, and accelerate his healing, while also being able to use his speed to hit much harder than a normal human. While that may be the case, his healing factor isn’t Wolverine’s, it does take time to heal and he isn’t immortal.


SHAZAM: For all his speed, all Billy has to do is figure out how to hit Barry a time or two and Flash is out for the count. The question is how many hits can Barry get in, before he goes down. Putting Shazam in a whirlwind may help at first, to suck the air out of his lungs, but we’re talking about a guy who went toe-to-toe with Superman. LOSS.

WONDER WOMAN: Diana is a few ticks below Superman in terms of power, possibly more in speed, but add in her warrior skills, and she makes a formidible foe for the Fastest Man Alive. I don’t see Barry winning this one. LOSS.

GREEN LANTERN: The battle of the best friends. If the chips were down and they had to fight to save the world or someone they loved, I think they’d fight to the finish. LOSS.

OMAC: Sure Barry can hit fast, but can he hit hard? I think OMAC’s defenses hold out long enough for it to deploy counter measures. LOSS.

MARTIAN MANHUNTER: Pyschic attacks could take Barry out before this starts except for one question: does the Speed Force shield Barry’s mind from psychic attack? It’s possible that his perceptions are distorted by the speed force so he can perceive things while he’s running, so does that prevent his mind from being tampered with? I want to say no. Add on the myriad abilities that J’onn has, and it’s not much of a contest. LOSS.

FIRE STORM: The Nuclear Man can transmute objects, but Flash is smarter than two teenagers, and he’d probably outwit them before they could really cut loose. WIN.

AQUAMAN: Hitting someone with super tough skin multiple times in a second may not initially hurt them as much, but it’ll wear them down. Aquaman is a bit more tactical than your typical brawler, but you can’t hit what you can’t catch. WIN.

BATMAN: Honestly, I don’t know if Batman has a strategy for Flash. Unless he’s got inside info on the Speed Force, what can Batman do? The Pre New 52 Batman would freeze the room so he could slow Flash’s molecules, but that’s Grant Morrison’s “I’m a god but not a god” Batman. That guy was amazingly intelligent, the New 52 Batman is a bit more flawed, a little less sure of himself. Batman’s just a man, and he can’t beat everyone. WIN.

SUPERMAN: Superman’s power and speed are a pretty lethal combination. He might be one of the few beings who could catch up with Flash. LOSS.

RECORD: 3- 6

 #6 – Green Lantern

Green Lantern Comics

ABILITIES AND POWERS: Hal Jordan was a fearless test pilot who was granted the Green Lantern ring by a dying Abin Sur. As a Green Lantern, Hal is part of an intergalactic law enforcement agency, and the ring is his only weapon, and what a weapon it is. The weapon is limited by the strength of its user’s willpower. It has vulnerabilities to other emotional spectrum, but it is the most powerful weapon in the universe.


SHAZAM: Shazam’s raw power is enough to overcome any of GL’s constructs. GL might win due to inexperience, but I think power trumps experience at this point. LOSS.

WONDER WOMAN: We saw a bit of this fight in Justice League, and Hal was on the short end of the stick. LOSS.

MARTIAN MANHUNTER: J’onn could simply shut off Hal’s brain. LOSS.

FIRESTORM: The inexperience of Ronnie and Jason compared to Hal, and the inability to impact organic matter, make Firestorm a tough-luck loser to Hal. WIN.

OMAC: OMAC is a tank, but Hal isn’t just a headstrong daredevil… well, he’s LESS of one now. Hal would know to keep his distance and try to dismantle OMAC from afar… after taking a few lumps up close. WIN.

FLASH: Two best friends, this would be a hard fight for both of them. In the end, I don’t think Barry can get past Hal and his constructs, along with his air superiority. WIN.

SUPERMAN: Justice League issues 1 and 2 have already solved this. Even giving Hal that jump of experience into current day, Superman has gotten more powerful in 5 years as well as come into his abilities a little more. LOSS.

BATMAN: Batman may be the one person whose willpower is greater than that of Hal’s. He also has plans on how to defeat the rest of the Justice League. Long distance and overwhelming firepower are the key for Hal here, but Hal is still pigheaded enough that Bruce’s strategies could work for him. LOSS.

AQUAMAN: Aquaman is no pushover, but Hal’s got a very powerful weapon on his hands. Aquaman may need help from the Kraken or something to defeat Hal, which he might be able to do, if he could withstand Hal’s barrage. Arthur is tough, but not tough enough. WIN.

WIN-LOSS: 4 -5 

#5 – Shazam

ABILITIES AND POWERS: Shazam derives his powers from the Gods. The Wizard Shazam gave Billy Batson the Wisdom of Solomon, the Strength of Hercules, the Stamina of Atlas, the Power of Zeus, the Courage of Achilles and the Speed of Mercury.


GREEN LANTERN: Shazam is as powerful as any of the heaviest hitters, and we’ve seen how Hal Jordan has fared against them. He may not get completely trounced, but he does get knocked around. WIN.

WONDER WOMAN: God of War vs. Boy with the power of the Greek Gods. Wonder Woman is much older, much more vicious, and knows how the powers of the Greek Gods and Heroes work. LOSS.

MARTIAN MANHUNTER: Martian Manhunter is overwhelming. He has a similar level of strength and flight, maybe a few ticks lower in speed, and throw in the telepathy, which Billy Batson has no defense against. LOSS.

FIRESTORM: This is a tough one. Both are relatively inexperienced, and all three characters are very young (Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch). Firestorm may not be able to overcome the pure power of Shazam though. WIN.

OMAC: Kevin Kho is uncontrollable as OMAC. He’s fought Hawaiian Shark Gods and beaten them. I honestly think he might win… if Shazam weren’t an immature kid. I think Billy Batson freaks out and hits OMAC with lightning hard enough to kill Kevin, thereby rendering OMAC inert. WIN.

FLASH: Barry is faster than Mercury, but Shazam may be able to overcome the speed and land a few solid blows. WIN.

SUPERMAN: Experience is the key again. They only fought once in Trinity War, and it seemed to be a standstill. Superman would eventually take down this neophyte Shazam, lightning or no. LOSS.

BATMAN: Batman is outmanned, and outgunned, but he’s been at this for a very long time, and might be able to pull something off with making Billy revert to child form, rendering him vulnerable. Or, he never lets Billy become Shazam in the first place. LOSS.

AQUAMAN: Despite Aquaman’s toughness and affinity for sea animals, Shazam is just much more powerful on an individual level. The current Aquaman may even have enough ruthlessness to go for a kill shot, but Shazam could simply shock him while he’s in the ocean. WIN.

RECORD: 5 – 4

So what do you guys think? Does Flash get a raw deal? Does GL belong in the top 5? Is Shazam ranked too high? Too low? Leave a comment, and let’s get the debate going!

Also, stay tuned tomorrow for #4-#3!

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