The opening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens is so close that we can almost smell the Tauntauns. Just like many of you, we can’t wait to watch J.J. Abrams’ movie (we’ll have a spoiler-free article about the film this Friday!), and we want to help ease your wait for The Force Awakens by celebrating everything Star Wars! From comics to statues, we have a collection of Star Wars product so big that we’re betting not even Yoda could move it with the Force.  There’s an enormous selection of Star Wars items to choose from, so to help you out, we’re going to highlight our five favorite items from a few of the categories (e.g. graphic novels, Pops, action figures, etc.). We won’t tell you the odds, but we will tell you all about these must-have Star Wars items.

The movies were only the beginning. The Star Wars universe is so vast and it’s full of interesting characters. Not only do the comics introduce new faces, but they also expand upon the stories you’re already familiar with. What happened in the time between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back? When did Darth Vader find out Luke Skywalker is his son? These and many more questions are answered in the must-read comics, so have at ’em, younglings.

For those who truly love Star Wars’ mythos, these books are worthy of your attention. Further explore the exciting franchise as these books offer even more insight into the imaginative and hugely entertaining characters who once populated a galaxy far, far away. Plus, one of them will fill your eyes with joy! (Spoiler: it’s the Alex Ross one.)

Who doesn’t love Funko Pops? The adorable brand has recreated several characters from Star Wars and one can never have too many Pops in their collection. Yes, this of course includes the already popular new characters from The Force Awakens – like the lovable BB-8 – and fan-favorites from the classic franchise like Boba Fett.

Now is the time to finally get the Star Wars statue you’re looking for. Whether it’s Luke and Leia, Han Solo in disguise, or a Clone Trooper, there’s a number of characters who will fill your home with wonderful nostalgia, and they’re worth every single Galactic Credit. There’s no point in saying the Force is strong with these statues because it’s so obvious after giving them just one look.

Everyone needs at least one good Star Wars action figure in their life. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Padawan or a Jedi Master, having at least one is mandatory. Whether you play with it, keep it in the box, or make it strike a pose in your home, every Star Wars fan out there deserves to have an action figure that’ll make them smile and reflect on their favorite moments from the franchise.

 Happy holidays, and may the Force be with you!


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