Moving forward, all price stickers will be placed on the bottom of the box. Thanks for voting!

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Hey Funko Fans, how’s it going? As you more than likely know by now, all three Midtown Comics locations (Times Square, Grand Central, Downtown) frequently stock up on Funko POP! vinyls to make sure we always have brand new – and oh-so-adorable – collectibles available for you. But now we want to hear from you – yes, you – about how we present this popular product!

Currently, we have the price sticker on the front of the box, right on the plastic display. It’s placed there because we think that’s the easiest way to remove the sticker from the box; however, we’re considering putting the price tag on the bottom of the box. We’ve had thorough talks about this on our end, but your opinion really matters to us. So, which location would YOU prefer for the price sticker? We’ve provided some examples below, so check ’em out before voting in our poll. Thanks, you’re the best!

Bottom StickerFront StickerStickers

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Thanks for voting!

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