Father’s Day is right around the corner, and we thought it would be fitting to review the best and worst Dads in the comic book universe!  After all, who would our favorite superheroes be without the guidance of their fathers?  Earth’s mightiest heroes didn’t get where they are today without a little guidance, and we find out which dads did well and which didn’t quite make the cut!

Midtown Comics wishes all Dads a very happy Father’s day!  Read on for the complete list!

Best Comic Book Dads:










5. Rick Grimes

We don’t know about you, but Rick Grimes has done an exceptional job as a father despite a worldwide zombie apocalypse.  Who else in The Walking Dead mythos has kept it together more than Rick?  That’s a question that may have no answer, which is exactly why Rick has made our top five best Dads list.  Instead of becoming a murderous warlord like many other characters in the series, Rick has chosen the path of righteousness and has set a prime example for his son, Carl.  Due to their predicament, Rick hasn’t been able to give his son the childhood and quality time he deserved, but he’s done his best given the circumstances.










4. Jack Murdock

Sure, Battlin’ Jack Murdock may not have made the wisest choices during his own life, but he proved himself to be one hell of a dad to his son, Matt.  Despite his lack of education and career as a boxer, Jack always taught his son the importance of school and that violence was never the answer.  Jack’s efforts did not go to waste, as Matt grew up to be a successful attorney at law who graduated from a prestigious university.  It was Jack’s tragic murder that turned Matt into the superhero Daredevil, fighting injustice by night as a masked vigilante, and by day as a lawyer.









3. Alfred

Although Alfred Pennyworth is not Bruce Wayne’s biological father, he stepped in early a father figure after the untimely death of Thomas and Martha Wayne.  Alfred managed to raise a distraught young boy with so much hate bottled up into a beacon of hope for all of Gotham City, as well as a man feared by the entire criminal underworld.  Even throughout Bruce’s adulthood and years as the legendary caped crusader, Batman, Alfred stood by him and continued to act as his mentor, loyal friend, and even patched him up whenever he was injured.  What a Dad!









2. Jonathan Kent

Jonathan Kent, though not Kal-El’s birth father, has arguably had the toughest job of any dad in the comic book universe.  He first had to deal with rescuing an alien infant from a crashed spaceship followed by the task of raising him to become the world’s greatest savior, Superman.  Pa Kent, as he is commonly called in the comics, had to help his alien son understand the extraordinary abilities he possessed when he couldn’t comprehend them himself.  Furthermore, he taught his son the value of compassion, honesty, and righteousness which ultimately led him down the path of becoming the man of steel who fights for truth, justice, and the American way.  It was Jonathan Kent’s guidance and wisdom that shaped Kal into the greatest hero the world has ever known.







1. Uncle Ben

As a wise man once said, “with great power comes great responsibility,” and it is that code that Peter Parker has lived by ever since.  Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man may not have turned out to be the lovable and valiant superhero we’ve all come to know if it hadn’t been for the guidance and support of his Uncle Ben.  In the absence of Peter’s biological parents, his Uncle Ben raised him under the ideals of compassion and truth.  Those principles shaped Peter into an extremely bright and confident young man, as well as into one of New York’s greatest heroes, Spider-Man.  Uncle Ben taught Peter to use his powers for the good of mankind and to always help those in need.  Who could ask for a better father figure?

5 Worst Comic Book Dads:






5. Reed Richards

With the help of the Fantastic Four, Reed Richards may do an excellent job saving the world from catastrophe after catastrophe as Mr. Fantastic, but he’s certainly never going to win any father of the year awards!  He might never even be nominated to win one with his track record.  Aside from being a distant, cold hearted husband, Reed isn’t particularly popular with the kids either because he is never around when they need him and he takes tough-love to a new extreme.  Granted, Reed never had much experience with children prior to having his own, but who really does?  That’s certainly no excuse after allowing a psychotic supervillain, Dr. Doom, to name his child Valeria.  He is also quite self-centered at times and very neglectful of his kids so we can imagine that he won’t be receiving too many father’s day cards this year.










4. Norman Osborn

We don’t even know where to start with Oscorp founder Norman Osborn.  After destroying the life of his son Harry, Norman continued to torment his child, which led to his becoming the super villain known as the Green Goblin.  What kind of a father turns his own son against his best friend and ultimately into a monster?  None that deserves a father’s day gift, that’s for sure!  In addition to that, Norman mocked his son for being too soft as the Goblin, even though he was only following in the footsteps of his old man.  Norman proceeded to plot to kill his own son in order to gain sympathy for himself.  He also impregnated Harry’s girlfriend, who he had previously set up for the purpose of replacing Harry with a new son.  There is so much wrong with that scheme we can’t even fathom how he managed to balance it all.








3. Magneto

Aside from being one of the most evil mutants in history, Magneto does not have the best track record with his children either.  For starters, he forced his two kids, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, to join his sinister agenda of world domination against their wills, which didn’t end well for Magneto.  His kids later revolted and turned against him, killing multiple members of his team of mutant baddies.  Dad’s false belief that he was a god clearly backfired and actually blinded him in more ways than one.











2. Ra’s al Ghul

Despite being immortal, Ra’s hasn’t had many children in his incredibly long lifetime, but the few he has had have not turned out well at all.  For starters, his daughter Talia mistakenly followed in her father’s footsteps to take over as the leader of the terrorist group known as the League of Shadows.  That was not exactly a smart career move and she clearly paid for that choice.  Additionally, instead of giving his daughter a memorable childhood, like every kid deserves, he decided to put her through year after year of miserable assassin training.  He’s not exactly winning any awards for that one.  Try again next year Ra’s!











1. Deathstroke

Finally, we get to the worst dad there is, Deathstroke.  After his son Joseph was kidnapped, his Dad refused to give the terrorist Jackal the information he wanted to set his son free.  That cost his son his ability to speak, which is not a great start.  Deathstroke then injected a superhuman serum into his daughter to give her his powers, but he failed to mention that it might also make her mentally insane.  Oops!  Slade never earned the respect of his children, but that doesn’t exactly come as a surprise to us!



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