25 Feb, 2014

Indie Comics Weekly: Special Edition!

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     Hi dudes and ladies! Back again. If you read my last post (you should’ve), you’ll know that comic conventions are a huge part of staying up to date on our favorite subject. Every year, NYC is paraded by cosplayers and badge-touting fans marching toward the west most end of Manhattan for that magical event we all look forward to year-round, NYCC. In recent years, New York’s own Comic Con has grown significantly. Attendance has skyrocketed, and the show floor has evolved into a pop culture super dome, hosting booths and panels devoted solely to video games, television, movies, anime, and manga, etc. Hardcore comic fans love sifting through, and find solace in the sunlit aisles of artist alley, the show’s most positively reviewed feature since its revamping in 2012. For those who want more of that up-close mingling with their favorite creators, comes ReedPOP’s very first Special Edition: NYC.


     So what is Special Edition: NYC? The inaugural event, taking place June 14-15 at the Javits Center North in NYC, will host an overall Artist Alley type feeling, bringing die-hard comic fans close to the creators they love, and offer a limited number of purely comic book focused panels. It is not meant to be a mini-NYCC, and will really seek to please those who have been yearning for solely comic book based cons to make a comeback. ReedPOP Global Vice President, Lance Fensterman says that the show will focus on and serve that core comic fan and community. “We’re trying to keep it really pure to comics, with a little bit of kind of an indie bent to it”, says Fensterman. So far, 20 creators have been listed on Special Edition: NYC’s website as attending (including but not limited to some of my favorites, like Alex Maleev, Rafael Albuquerque, Ryan Browne, Mike Norton) and tickets go on sale Wednesday, February 26 (today!) at 12PM EST over at specialeditionnyc.com – get your tickets now, you won’t want to miss it!

Now that we’ve discussed what I’ll be doing the weekend of June 14, hit the jump to move on to my favorite books this week!




     I cannot contain my excitement that The Wake has returned!  Issue #6 jumps 200 years into the future, and we finally meet Leeward, a beautiful aqua-haired heroine we were only given a peek at in past issues. Part one of this unsettling story showed us how the terrifying deep water “mers” were discovered,  and in this issue we see how those creatures have completely altered the world as we know it, both in landscape and way of life. It should be no secret to anyone that Sean Murphy ( writer/artist Punk Rock Jesus) blows my mind with incredibly detailed line work and stunning tech, and the vivid colors provided by Matt Hollingsworth only add to this visually stunning issue. Scott Snyder (Batman, American Vampire) has proved an uncanny ability to take the little things we fear when we think too long or too hard about something we may not understand, and turn it into an incredibly horrifying reality. If you’re seeking a science-fiction story that will play on your fear of the deep dark sea, look no further. Do yourself a favor and grab The Wake #1-5 here, then pick up issue #6 today and try to help me figure out how Leeward will save the world.

 That’s it for me, guys, time to get back to work. Will you be at Special Edition: NYC? I will be, so come say hi!

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