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Marvel and Netflix’s first project together, Daredevil, has received a whole lot of love from fans. With a darker tone and plenty of time to flesh out its characters, Daredevil left many comic book fans anxiously waiting for the second season of the man without fear’s show. However, before the agile hero returns for new episodes, another Marvel character is stepping into the spotlight: Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter). Now that some of the Midtown Comics Times Square employees had the weekend to watch some – or all – of Jessica Jones, it’s time to share their thoughts on Marvel’s second Netflix show! Spoiler alert: We all think it’s really, really good.

Jadrian: I really enjoyed it. I liked Daredevil because of the physical aspect, but I like Jessica Jones more because of the cerebral aspect – it’s more of a mind game. There’s a real sense of terror from David Tennant’s portrayal of Purple Man. 

Stephanie: I enjoy that it’s by women, for women, and it’s about strong women – unabashedly so – and that it takes the Marvel universe into a psychological place that the movies could have never done. It was a fantastic drama without ever needing the Marvel tag on it.

Purple Man

Jessica: David Tennant’s been, by far, my favorite part of the show and what I’ve enjoyed is the conflict I felt. I know he plays the villain, but he’s so charming and almost endearing. I mean, there’s moments where you almost actually feel bad for him, and then you remember all of the evil things he’s doing. I’m constantly debating whether I should like him or not. My favorite part has been hearing him say my name in a very deep and seductive voice. Seriously, him saying “Jessica” might be my ringtone in the future.

Gregg: Jessica Jones is so good. It’s a smart, unpredictable show that’s full of legitimately compelling stories, great acting, and there’s plenty of good laughs scattered throughout the whole emotional, character-driven ride. Marvel and Netflix are now two for two. Bring on Luke Cage!

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