15 Feb, 2017

Logan: 4 Must-Read Comics

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Article by Gregg Katzman

The third Wolverine solo movie, Logan, is almost in theaters! There’s a lot of reasons to get excited – like the cinematic debut of X-23 and the R rating – and you can bet we’re pretty much counting down the days until we can watch Hugh Jackman unleash as the adamantium clawed X-Man. In the meantime, let’s prepare for the movie by reading some comics that Logan appears to be loosely inspired by, and other comics that just might one day serve as inspiration for an X-23 movie!

Old Man Logan


Say “hello, bub” to the most obvious choice on the list. While Logan is obviously not going to be a direct adaptation of Mark Millar and Steve McNiven’s epic Wolverine story, it is clearly drawing some inspiration from it. Even if Logan’s parallels to the source material are very limited, it doesn’t change the fact that Old Man Logan is a terrific Wolverine story. If you do like it, be sure to check out the Old Man Logan series by Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino!

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X-23: The Complete Collection


x-23’s emotional and gripping origin story, Innocence Lost (Christopher Yost, Craig Kyle, and Billy Tan), is mandatory reading. Thankfully, Marvel has collected that outstanding origin story in a brand new trade paperback which also includes the follow-up, Target X, and more. This is the perfect option for anyone interested in X-23.

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After Messiah CompleX, Cyclops assembled a seriously dangerous and top secret team team to go eliminate some enemies. While this comic does cover plenty of ground and involve quite a few characters, Wolverine and X-23 do play critical roles. There’s no telling what kind of future X-Force may or may not have on the big screen, but I wouldn’t be shocked if a possible X-Force movie pulls some inspiration from Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost’s brutal run.

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All-New Wolverine


X-23 was raised to be a living weapon, but she wants to be more than that: she wants to be a good hero! Writer Tom Taylor – who’s joined by artists David Lopez, Nik Virella, and more –  put X-23 on a path to redemption as she tries to part with her lethal ways. It’s a thoroughly entertaining story that tries to do something new with X-23, and maybe – just maybe – it’ll serve as inspiration for an X-23 movie one day!

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Logan opens in theaters March 3rd.

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