New York City’s legendary Midtown Comics app is the mega pop culture store in your hand! The world’s largest selection of comic books and graphic novels, complimented by the greatest selection of related collectibles, apparel, action figures, statues, and more, make an unbeatable combination. You don’t have to be in New York City, or use ten different apps to find the cool comics that you want, and the cool collectibles associated with them. Best of all, the Midtown Comics App has just released Push Notifications, which mean’s you’ll be notified whenever:

-The weekly new release list is announced!

-New back issues are added to the website!

Push Notifications Coming Soon:

-When your order’s tracking number is updated!

-When your wish list items come in!

You can easily manage all of these settings from your mobile device. You can choose to receive all notifications, some notifications, or none at all. Download our app today! 

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