Midtown Bloggerinos! Raph here, with a guide to DC’s biggest thing: Forever Evil and Villains Month! New to the DC Universe? Well the New 52 was designed just for you! The guide starts after the break!

1) DC: THE NEW 52

Back in the summer of 2011, DC put out a miniseries called Flashpoint. In that series, time travel has led to a completely disrupted DC Universe: familiar faces aren’t so familiar, or aren’t even alive. By the end, the universe was radically different: characters had slight changes to them, and their histories were effectively reset. This is the New 52: 52 titles that represent the entire DC Universe, among them the Justice League, starring DC’s Big Seven (Green Lantern, Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman) and Justice League Dark (the magical/occult Justice League) with certain titles rotated out when stories or shelf life dictate that a new one come in. One of which was…

2) Justice League of America

The second Justice League book by Geoff Johns debuted in the 2012 wave of new books. In it, Amanda Waller and Steve Trevor create a second Justice League, one that would represent America’s interests, as well as help them counter the Justice League. Waller stocked up on people who could defeat the individual members of the Justice League (Martian Manhunter for Superman, Catwoman for Batman, etc.). Not only is this group set up for anti-Justice League duty, it also is looking into a shadowy cabal of villains, known only as the Secret Society. The Justice League of America has its’ problems, however, with a war between them and the other two Justice Leagues…

3) Trinity War

Trinity War is set off by the actions of Pandora. Yep, THAT Pandora. The one who opened the box and let all the sin out into the world. She’s looking for someone who’s pure enough (or evil enough) to open the box and hopefully put the seven deadly sins back into place. Pandora not only lands on the radar of the Justice League and Justice League Dark, but the Justice League of America also happens to show up and cause a disturbance. Ultimately, the origin of the box is revealed, which leads us to…

4) Forever Evil and the Villains Month

Forever Evil #1 debuted on September 4th, along with the DC event of the year, Villains Month. Each year since the New 52’s inception, DC has done an event month. 2012’s was Zero Month, featuring an early story in the life of the book’s character (or characters depending on the title). Villains Month is the 2013 version: all 52 comics released by DC will star a major villain for each major character. Some of these characters are new (Relic, The Court of Owls), old foes updated (Joker, Lex Luthor) or completely reimagined (Darkseid, Cyborg Superman). Evil is rising, and if Forever Evil #1 is any hint at what’s to come, we might be seeing evil sticking around for a little while.

Recommended Reading:


Justice League: Origin (First Volume in the New 52)

Justice League: The Villian’s Journey (Second Volume in the New 52)

Justice League Dark Volume 1: In the Dark

Justice League Dark Volume 2: Books of Magic

Trinity of Sin: Pandora

Phantom Stranger

Trinity War

Forever Evil

That’s all for this time, until next time

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–        Raph

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  1. What I really like about Forever Evil is it renders as reality Lex Luthor’s worst nightmares. He always saw Superman as the vanguard of an alien invasion, and even if his own motives weren’t entirely altruistic, at least he could justify his unreasonable animosity toward the Man of Steel by a rationalized xenophobia. Here comes Ultraman, the anti-Superman, and his cohorts, to bring Luthor’s dark paranoia to life! It will be interesting to see if the writers have Luthor re-evaluate his attitude toward Superman in light of this new threat.

    Posted by Robert K. Blechman on 12/13/09 September 24th, 2013 at 4:22 pmReply

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