By Tom Hairston

I’m just going to start this review off by saying, Lionsgate, you can go ahead and cancel that Power Rangers movie you’re working on, because Disney just beat you to it and did it a hundred times better than I could have imagined! Now, before I get too far ahead of myself let me back up and explain what I’m talking about — I got to see an early showing of Big Hero 6 that was hosted by the great representatives at Disney, and they asked us to wait to review it. By respecting their wishes I’ve been sitting on this review for almost a month now, about to explode from the need to talk about this movie, because simply put, this movie is so good you have to talk about it! This is one of those movies where after you see it you have to go out and find people who have also seen it so you can all geek out over how fun it is, and then go and see it again of course. Read on for the full review below!

Now for anyone who doesn’t know who Big Hero 6 are, in the comics they’re Japan’s premiere government funded superhero team. This team includes a roster featuring the following — master chef and psychic knife wielder, Wasabi No-Ginger; secret agent with a purse made of Pym Particles, Honey Lemon; super intelligent child prodigy, Hiro and his robot Baymax who is programmed with the brain patterns of Hiro’s deceased father; ex-convict with an energy absorbing suit, Go Go Tomago; and the newest member of the team, Fredzilla who can channel the aura of the legendary Kaiju’s to turn into giant monsters. The team has also consisted of characters from the X-Men universe such as Sunfire and Silver Samurai.

Sounds exciting right?… Okay, now take everything I just told you, and forget it. Because the Big Hero 6 of this movie are completely different. They still use the same code names and you can see a few influences, such as Hiro having the big robot Baymax as a partner, Wasabi and Honey Lemon still using the same weapons, Go Go having a tough as nails attitude, but beyond that this movie is completely its own thing. In fact, it’s so different that Marvel actually came out and said they would not make a Big Hero 6 comic after this movie comes out, because their version of the team is so different from this movie that people who just saw the movie would come in and buy a copy and then read it and say, “What the heck is this? This isn’t what I just watched!” And I actually agree with them on this. I mean, the number one question I got from people after I saw this movie was, “I haven’t read anything with them in the comics, will I be okay to just go in and see the movie?” This film is so different that not only will you be okay, you might actually be better off with no prior knowledge of these characters. So like I said, take that info I just gave you and forget it (or if it sounded really cool to you, then feel free to head on over to the rest of our site and take a look for some of the old books).

Now Big Hero 6 (talking about the movie now) is a story about the young super genius Hiro who finds his brother’s old medical robot he was designing, Baymax, and together with his team at “the Nerd Lab” they must invent equipment that can help them stop a super villain from destroying the city. Now, I’m going to keep things a little vague because while the trailers and commercials give away much more about this movie, if you have somehow avoided all of those then I don’t want to spoil anything because this is a movie that really knows how to pack a punch. The action scenes are top notch, they get your heart pumping and put a giant smile on your face, the friendship that forms between these characters is great, and this is still a Disney movie so they know when to tug at your heartstrings, and honestly, they accomplish that better than most movies I’ve seen in the past few years. When it got to the saddest part of the film there were two grown men sitting on both sides of me and both of them were just balling, tears streaming down their face, and nobody could blame them because it nailed that scene.

But this isn’t just a Disney movie, this is also a Marvel movie and it perfectly blends the two, I could not have imagined a better merger of the two different styles of these franchises coming together. It’s got all the laughs and cheer-worthy moments that you’ve come to expect from a Marvel film working side-by-side with the dramatic rollercoaster and fantasy aspects of a Disney film. Heck, there’s even a Stan Lee cameo (or so I was told, I was fiddling around with my box of Junior Mints when suddenly the audience cheered and I looked up and went “What happened!?” and the person next to me whispered, “That was Stan Lee,” and I let out the appropriate groan for missing it).

And I absolutely love the design of this world. Each of the costumes share enough similarities with everyone to be a unified look, but each are different enough to show off the character’s various personalities. And beyond the costumes, the characters themselves are so wonderfully designed. I’ve seen a lot of people recently complaining online that Disney makes all their characters look the same because they had two sisters look similar in their last movie. I know, how dare they, right? (that was all sarcasm by the way, I’m on your side Disney!) But here, every character in their face, their body type, their clothes, everything about them is so different that it’s got some of my favorite designed characters of any animated film since Wreck it Ralph. And the city itself is in itself its own character. The city of San-Fransokyo is meant to be sort of a collection of American and Japanese city structures and cultures, and it nails that.

Honestly there just isn’t enough good stuff I can say about this movie. It’s upbeat, it’s fun, but at the same time it gets very serious and real when it needs to. Heck there was one moment where it got so dark and dramatic that my jaw just dropped and I went, “Are they… are they actually doing this?” This is going to be the movie this year that just hits it for all children, but also for anyone who is a child at heart. This really reminded me of those old super hero live action shows I watched as a kid and gave me that same feeling. For example, each character gets to shout out a catch phrase or name for a special attack, and if I were to tell them to you right now you’d probably go “That sounds stupid,” but when you watch it you are there, you are in it one hundred percent, you want to stand up and shout out along with them the way you did on a Saturday morning watching your favorite superhero team charge into battle.

So in a few days this movie will come out and the world will be able to see this movie, and I can’t wait for the internet to explode with love for this film. I cannot hype this up enough, and again I thank all the people at Disney for giving me the chance to see this movie in advance. And before I go, I just wanted to say one thing to Marvel. I fully understand why you don’t want to make a Big Hero 6 comic since your version of the team is so different from the movie… but you do have a Multiverse… a Multiverse where San Fransokyo and this version of the team could exist, and I can guarantee you that there will be a line of readers waiting to come into our store and buy it!

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