Director Tim Miller’s Deadpool won’t open in theaters until February 12th, but some of the Midtown Comics staff had the opportunity to see the R-rated comic book movie a little early! So, how’d they feel about it? Did Deadpool’s R-rating pay off? Read on to find out! And yes, the reactions are spoiler-free! 

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Jadrian Schmidt: I wasn’t sure what to expect from the movie and I was honestly very pleasantly surprised with how the movie came out. It was very well done; the martial arts choreography was awesome in the movie and the special effects were on point. It’s a very enjoyable movie. Two thumbs up.

Nelson Claros: Terrific movie. I went in there thinking it wasn’t going to be good at all, and it just blew my mind. Good characters in it, and the fight scenes are awesome. Very funny and a spectacular movie. I recommend people to go see it.


Gregg Katzman: Believe it or not, I went in with really high expectations. Deadpool is one of my favorite Marvel characters, and I was worried the focus on laughs and action would get in the way of actually developing the character. You have to actually feel for the guy, you know? Thankfully, that wasn’t the case, and the comedy’s total blast. There’s so many clever remarks and gags that made me burst into laughter. I’d love to list a few but, you know, spoilers! The action is solid as well. I love how they made sure Deadpool’s agile! Sure, there are plenty of changes to the source material (which is to be expected), but I don’t mind them and I think they kept the story more concise. If you’ve been enjoying the (brilliant) marketing, trailers, and TV spots, odds are you’ll have a really good time with the movie. I want Deadpool to be a hit at the box office so Fox can move forward with a sequel. And then an R-rated X-Force movie that features Deadpool and it’s directed by Matthew Vaughn (KingsmanKick-AssX-Men: First Class). A man can dream, right? Seriously, if the trailers make you smile, you’re going to have a lot of fun watching Deadpool. Just make sure to read some of his comics afterwards, okay?

Brandon Scaglione: Going into Deadpool with no expectations, I was surprisingly blown away. Being a fan of the Joe Kelly run in the ’90s, I was happy to see characters like Weasel and Blind Al. Though a little underused, when they are on-screen, they are perfect. Deadpool’s character is all about overdoing it. With that said, they did not overdo his overdoing it. They treated this character with care and the movie is non-stop laughter and enjoyment. Lastly, one of the best opening credits scene I have ever seen!


Sebastian Quintero: It’s a dope movie! It was a funny and there’s a lot of action in it – a lot of sword swingin’! Not enough naked Ryan Reynolds, I think. But it was a good! It’s a good movie.

Andre Ford: It was a lot funnier than I thought it would be. I admit I kind of went in with low expectations. I loved how in your face R-rated it was. It was just non-stop violence and profane language.  I like all of the parts where people got dismembered!

Natal Rodriguez: From the opening credits to the entire flow of the film I was entertained. It’s a movie that is made for anyone and everyone who is a fan of great action movies or great comic book films. I’m just very grateful this was an R-rated comic book movie and it can and will usher in a new era of comic book inspired films. Don’t miss it in the theater and you might have to see it twice to make sure you got all of the jokes.

Andrew Cohen: I wasn’t a huge fan of the character going into the movie, but I definitely had a ton of fun watching this film. You can’t help but laugh along with some of the amazing jokes and fourth-wall breaking that happens throughout the film. And even if one of the jokes misses, the next one is only a few seconds away.

Vic Melendez: Fox has seemingly done the impossible, which is made a comic book film that is as true to the character as anything else that’s been put on-screen. The love for the character is shown throughout its two hour runtime and never wears itself out. Hopefully Fox can build off of this and give the fans a real treat: a Cable and Deadpool sequel.


Deadpool opens February 12.

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