midtown exclusives summer guide

We present another handy guide to this summer’s Midtown Exclusive Variant Covers!  If you’ve been itching to complete your summer collection of Midtown exclusives, fear not, we’ve got you covered.  Read on for the complete list below and be sure to pick up these fantastic comics while they’re still in stores!

Secret Wars #1 – 05/06/2015

Secret Wars 1 Midtown Exclusive













This action packed cover by J Scott Campbell features three iterations of Spidey as the Marvel Universe collides with the Ultimate Universe!  The cover also includes Mary Jane looking very confused!

Secret Wars #2 – 05/13/2015

Secret Wars Midtown Exclusive













This electrifying cover by Nick Bradshaw features Sue Storm in lightning wielding action!  The Secret Wars Saga continues with issue #2 and it’s only picking up speed!

Secret Wars #3 – 06/03/2015

Secret Wars Midtown Exclusives













The battle of the hulks begin in the third issue of the Secret Wars Saga!  In this Midtown exclusive cover by Dale Keown, three titans from different times collide, and you can bet things will get ugly in a hurry!

Secret Wars #4 – 07/01/2015

Midtown Exclusive Secret Wars













In this exclusive cover by Mike Choi, Logan is faced with multiple versions of himself!  The cover depicts Wolverine and his many claw-bearing counterparts prepared for battle.

Secret Wars #5 – 08/12/2015

Midtown Exclusives Secret Wars













In this star-studded cover by Mark Brooks, Captain Marvel unites with… Captain Marvel?  The all-new super-team takes flight in the fifth issue of the Secret Wars saga!

Secret Wars #6 – 09/02/2015

Midtown Comics Secret Wars Exclusive Covers













In this cover by John Tyler Christopher, Tony Stark leads his enormous army of Ironmen in issue #6 of the Secret Wars saga.  Never miss an issue by advance ordering the next action packed issue here!

Secret Wars #7 – 09/23/2015

Midtown Comics Exclusive Covers Secret Wars













Be on the lookout for the Midtown exclusive Secret Wars #7 cover by Humberto Ramos and advance order it here!

Secret Wars #8 – 10/07/2015

Midtown Comics Exclusive Cover













J Scott Campbell’s Midtown exclusive cover for Secret Wars #8 is sure to be a hit and you can advance order it here!

A-Force #1 – 05/20/2015

aforce 1 exclusive













In this Midtown exclusive cover by Sara Pichelli, Marvel’s Mightiest Women takeover Battleworld, fighting side by side to protect the little piece of their world that still remains!

Archie #1 – 07/08/2015

archie 1 exclusive













This Midtown exclusive cover for Archie #1 by Cameron Stewart is the perfect way to kick-off Archie’s new series!  In this exciting first issue, familiar faces return to Riverdale High in a very new way!

Invader Zim #1 – 07/08/2015

invader zim













Aaron Alexovich‘s exciting cover for the first issue of the new Invader Zim series is packed with alien craziness!  The only one who knows of the coming threat is Dib… and his 900 security monitors.

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