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Comics are nothing short of awe-inspiring. Each week, top creators from around the world produce some of the finest art you will see. Gracing the front of sensational comics, different covers allow us to venture into astounding worlds painfully crafted through pen, pencil, or tablet. We here at Midtown Comics love seeing what different artists bring to the table, and want to showcase these fantastic works of art with you! Here are some of our favorite covers for this upcoming week, as well as some honorable mentions!

Bloodshot Reborn Issue 15 by Darick Robertson

Midtown Comics Bloodshot Reborn 15

Bloodshot Reborn is a brutal series currently focusing on an island of experiments from different wars, all fighting to escape dreaded capture! The variant cover to Issue 15 showcases one of these men, who is a Vietnam war veteran, trudging through murky waters in a beautiful homage to the original Predator movie! Any Arnold Schwarzenegger fan will immediately recognize the layout, as Darick Robertson shows the musclebound mass of a man gripping onto his gun surrounded by bodies. The attention to detail in the vivid environment makes this one of the coolest and most engaging covers of the week.

House of Penance Issue 4 by Ian Bertram

Midtown Comics House of Penance 4

House of Penance features one of the creepiest covers seen in a long time. Ian Bertram, who delivered fantastic covers to last year’s E is for Extinction Secret Wars title, delivers big on a simple concept with painful detail. Two hands long for one another in a gentle embrace, only to have a peering eye pierce through and demand attention. Bertram creates a vivid image that will undoubtedly linger in readers minds through his depiction of the bloodied, dripping hands. The texture and shading is particularly cool, highlighting the contrast between the two characters. It’s horrifically spooky.

New Superman Issue 1 by Bernard Chang

Midtown Comics New Superman Bernard Chang

New Superman is one of the biggest question marks of the DC Rebirth line of titles. Introducing the young Kenan Kong to the DC Universe, Bernard Chang does a great job with his variant cover of issue one, showing off what makes this new character different from his namesake. As he stands surrounded by a public that is astonished by this new hero, he looks proud. He smiles for the camera. He soaks in the adoration of those around him. Stunning character design and posture show that this is a very different hero, one who still has to find his place in the world. And beyond everything else, the world around him is vibrant and distinct, a far cry from Metropolis. Chang does an amazing job of immediately grabbing the reader’s interest in this new title.

Nightwing: Rebirth Issue 1 by Javi Fernandez

Midtown Comics Nightwing Rebirth Javi Fernandez

Nightwing is back! After a two year absence from the mantle, Dick Grayson returns to the name he made famous with Nightwing: Rebirth! Javi Fernandez does a fantastic job of welcoming the character back and dons him in the fan-favorite black and blue color scheme. Bathing Nightwing in rain, Fernandez uses a very simple layout to focus on the most important parts of the cover. The playful grin of Dick Grayson lurks behind a tightly gripped escrima stick. He is ready for action! The muted colors are a fantastic touch, bringing to attention the classic colors of the costume and letting fans know that he is back where he belongs.

Web-Warriors Issue 9 by Julian Totino Tedesco

Midtown Comics Web Warriors 9


Julian Totino Tedesco wows readers once more with his cover to Web-Warriors Issue 9. The series has had some of the best covers in comics since day one thanks to his work, but there is a great childish joy in his cover to issue 9. Playing with Spider-Ham and Spider-Ham 2099 (?!?!), Tedesco uses a simple layout to show off a great sight gag. As if the two characters weren’t silly enough because they are talking pigs dressed up like Spider-Man, Spider-Ham’s T-shirt takes the cake for best self-aware joke of the week! It’s silly, it’s unique, and it’s a great showcase of just what makes the Web-Warriors series so much fun every month!

Honorable Mentions

Spotlighted Cover of the Week!

Midtown Comics Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps 1

Some weeks, there are just too many awesome covers coming out, so we can’t bear to limit our love! This week, we drop a special spotlight on Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps: Rebirth Issue 1 by Ethan Van Sciver! Ethan Van Sciver redefined the Green Lantern mythos with the original Green Lantern Rebirth, so it’s only natural that his work stun once more! His cover to the Rebirth issue is a fantastic addition to the line of one-shots, but is also a loving homage to the original Green Lantern Rebirth Issue 1! Using a mirrored layout from the original book, Ethan Van Sciver’s cover shows just how far the franchise and the titular hero have come in all these years! For fans new and old, this Friday, Ethan Van Sciver will be doing a signing of Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps: Rebirth Issue 1 at Midtown Comics Downtown!  It’s sure to sensational, so come by and meet one of the greatest Green Lantern artists of all time!

Thanks for checking out the hottest covers of the week and come back next week for more from your friends at Midtown Comics!

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