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Article by Enrique Varona

There is a magic to comic books unlike anything in the world. Humble and honest, the effects of comics are felt everywhere. A single image can be etched into the minds of millions thanks to the proper execution of a simple concept. Comic book pencils, painters, inkers, and colorists create pictures that become a part of pop culture forever. We here at Midtown Comics are proud to host the best books in all the world. A memorable cover can last forever, and we think it’s only fair to share those. Here are our picks for the best covers of the week, and some honorable mentions we couldn’t live without.

Action Comics Issue 961 by Gary Frank


This is Superman. Surrounded by chaos, yet utterly fearless, Clark Kent peels off his freshly pressed suit to reveal the Superman shield. Gary Frank is one of the most iconic Superman artists of all time thanks to his work on Action Comics and Secret Origin, and his return to the title brings a warming, classic appeal to the Last Son of Krypton. The simplicity of the cover design speaks volumes about Frank’s talent, as he shows that sometimes all the world needs is a hero who is ready to face the unknown, whatever it may bring. It is iconography like this that makes Superman the greatest hero of all time.

All-New X-Men Issue 12 by Mark Bagley


Love is abound in Mark Bagley’s delightful cover to this week’s All-New X-Men! The romance between the time-displaced Angel and the recently christened All-New Wolverine has been the emotional core of the series since Dennis Hopeless began his run. It has easily been a highlight of the series, and seeing Bagley draw the two in a loving embrace is a nice change of pace after the Apocalypse Wars. Angel’s wings wonderfully frame the image and enhance the hot romance, bringing attention to the tender look exchanged between them. Add in a perfectly picked pink palette by colorist Nolan Woodard and it’s a recipe for success.

All-Star Batman Issue 1 by Jock


Jock’s Batman is unlike any other. A true creature of shadow, Batman bathes in the darkness under the talent of the British artist. Years ago, Scott Snyder and Jock teamed to create one of the coolest modern Batman books with The Black Mirror. Having the fan-favorite artist return is a true treat for comic fans, and he certainly delivers here! Batman raises tight fists into the air, broken glass falling around him as blood flows from his mouth. A grizzled grimace shows his dire determination as he faces an unseen foe. He could be fighting anybody and everybody, but he refuses to waver. A great interpretation of the Caped Crusader.

Black Panther Issue 5 by Esad Ribic


In the last few years, Black Panther’s presence has risen dramatically. After previously being underused, he now rightfully stands at the frontlines as one of Marvel’s greatest heroes. Esad Ribic has done wonders for the character, giving him one of his most memorable moments ever in Secret Wars. His cover for Black Panther’s fifth issue shows the hero in his element, the beautiful landscape of Wakanda. King T’Challa looks to the horizon, protective of his home. The musculature on him alone is breathtaking, but knowing the power that lurks within this hero and the fire behind his eyes makes it absolutely astonishing.

Jim Henson’s Labyrinth 30th Anniversary Special Issue 1 by Mike Allred


David Bowie was a celebrity like no other. Filled with energy and charisma, everything he touched was gold. In honor of the 30th Anniversary of Labyrinth, Mike Allred pays homage to the Goblin King through this variant cover. Featuring Sir Didymus, Hoggle, Ludo, and Sarah herself, the cover has an adventurous tone that distinguishes it from every other book on the shelf. Bowie himself looks great, with his voluminous hair wrapping around our heroes. His gaze lingers ominously, staring at the reader. Honestly, describing it undervalues the purity of the image. It is a great tribute to a man who so heavily influenced the world around him. And it reminds me of the man. What man? The man with the power

Honorable Mentions

Black Eyed Kids Issue 5 by Francesco Francavilla

Lumberjanes Gotham Academy Issue 3 by Natacha Bustos

New Super-Man Issue 2 by Bernard Chang

Scarlet Witch Issue 9 by David Aja

Superwoman Issue 1 by Terry Dodson


Spotlighted Cover (s) of the Week!


Two-Face is one of the baddest Batman villains of all time. With his dual personas, this mangled menace represents the eternal struggle of good and evil. Tyler Kirkham shows off the villains in his exquisite, exclusive covers available only at Midtown Comics. The Dark Detective looks ready to the task, mirroring Harvey Dent. Dent himself looks awesome, with a particularly well detailed damaged face. The black and white cover highlights the intricate linework of the savage scar damage on Two-Face, while the full color candidate brings attention to the glowing moon that backlights the image. In either variety, it definitely dazzles, and is a devilishly delight for Two-Face fans.


Thanks for checking out the hottest covers of the week and come back next week for more from your friends at Midtown Comics!


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