Article by Enrique Varona

Article by Enrique Varona

Comics books are often likened to the modern mythology. Filled with epic adventures and engaging heroes, they are the narratives that shape the culture of the world. The characters of Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Invincible, and many others have become some of the most recognizable images around the globe. Each week, artists create tremendous covers that celebrate these valiant icons, engaging readers new and old with their work. At Midtown Comics, we aim to honor these fine creators by highlighting a few of our favorite covers every week, as well as some sensational honorable mentions. Here is the gallery for this coming Wednesday.

A&A Issue 7 by Adam Gorham

Midtown Comics A A 7 Adam Gorham

Archer and Armstrong are one of the most bizarre duos in all of comics. One is a trained assassin, one is an immortal drunk. Adam Gorham shows off how great the differences are between the heroes in his variant cover to issue seven of their latest series. Crossbow in hand, Archer spreads his chest and confidently looks ready to take on any foe. Meanwhile, Armstrong drinks away the day, knocking back a beer with little concern for the world around him. The simple composition of opposites standing back to back is offset by a really cool camera angle, looking at the duo through an invisible floor, highlighting how they stand out from the pack.

Aquaman Issue 6 by Joshua Middleton

Midtown Comics Aquaman 6 Joshua Middleton

As the first epic arc of Dan Abnett’s Aquaman draws to a close, Joshua Middleton creates an iconic image that harkens back to days of old. Designed to look like it was etched out of stone, this cover focuses on the epic conflict between the forces of Atlantis and Superman. As Superman displays his great strength by lifting a heavy stone, Aquaman charges the shore with his seaworthy squad. Middleton does an amazing job of adjusting his style to really compliment the concept behind the cover, and allows the clash of titans to look like the Gods themselves are battling.

Godzilla Rage Across Time Issue 1 by Matt Frank

Midtown Comics Godzilla Matt Frank

This cover is absurdly cool. Matt Frank treats Godzilla like a mythological beast, erupting from the ocean to devastate all that stands in his path. Engaged by the armies of man, Godzilla tears through them with ease. With waves crashing against his body, he lets out a monstrous roar. Matt Frank’s attention to detail is superb here, with the froth of the waves, smoke of the fireworks, and fire of Godzilla’s breath coming across as distinct elements of the cover. With its Asian influences, the cover looks unlike anything else on the shelf and shows Godzilla off as the rightful king of monsters once more.

Moon Knight Issue 6 by Christian Ward

Midtown Comics Moon Knight Christian Ward

Moon Knight’s multiple personalities shine in Christian Ward’s brilliant variant to Moon Knight issue eight! Ward, fresh off of his guest issue of The Ultimates, treats readers to one of the coolest Story Thus Far variants. The cover brings special attention to Moon Knight’s three different personalities, casting each in their own unique light. Ward is a brilliant painter, using different coloring techniques to draw out the differences in each of his different selves. A bold triangle pattern further hammers this home and looks really sharp. There’s a classic 80’s vibe to this cover that is also very modern, making it instantly memorable.

Supergirl Issue 1 by Bengal

Midtown Supergirl Bengal

Between Superman, Action Comics, Superwoman, and New Superman, the Man of Steel and his allies are enjoying an amazing resurgence. Easily some of the books being published today, these books have helped make the Man of Tomorrow into the man of today, and Supergirl looks to join those ranks this week with her own series. Bengal lovingly introduces her to readers with a smile and open arms. This really shows off her differences from her super-friends, as she embraces the reader and welcomes them into her world. While everybody else is either showing off, staying hidden, or fighting Doomsday, Kara takes the time to enjoy herself and invite the reader along for the ride.

Honorable Mentions

Batman Beyond Issue 16 by Bernard Chang

Cyborg Rebirth Issue 1 by Will Conrad

Glitterbomb Issue 1 by Djibril Morissette-Phan

Nailbiter Issue 25 by Mike Henderson

Nowhere Men Issue 11 by Dave Taylor


Spotlighted Covers of the Week!


This week, Midtown Comics proudly presents two debut series with exclusive covers only available here! First, from the brilliant mind of Frank Cho comes Skybourne! Equal parts James Bond and fantasy epic, the series looks to be an action packed extravaganza! With Grace Skybourne dominating the page, she looks ready for anything. Inset images highlight some truly fantastic creatures that will be sure to delight any fans of Totally Awesome Hulk. Meanwhile, Nick Bradshaw delivers with his cover to Alters, the newest sensation from Aftershock Comics. Focusing on a transgender hero with power over gravity itself, Alters is sure to make waves! Nick Bradshaw draws the heroic Chalice extraordinarily well, with her challenging the reader to cause trouble. The cover truly shines with an incredibly detailed city in the background, showing off Bradshaw’s great sense of perspective. It’s a must have for anybody looking for the next hot property in comics!

Thanks for checking out the hottest covers of the week and come back next week for more from your friends at Midtown Comics!

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