Last night, we finally saw J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We had a blast watching it, and obviously, we want to talk all about it. So, why not have some fun reflecting on just a few of our many favorite moments? Don’t worry, we’re avoiding the really, really, reaaaaaally big spoilers. Also, if all of this Star Wars talk has you looking for some comics, collectibles, and more, CLICK HERE to browse some of our suggestions.

Yes, this article contains some SPOILERS! We’re purposely avoiding the BIG spoilers, but if you want to avoid anything and everything, now is the time to leave. Seriously, go away!

Okay, we’re going to assume you already left if you want to dodge spoilers. If not, this is your final warning. Go away!

The Millennium Falcon’s debut

Millennium Falcon

We’ve all heard of the Millennium Falcon before and we all know it’s the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs. It’s also no surprise that Han Solo and Chewbacca’s ship appears in The Force Awakens. The trailers have shown the iconic ship in action, so we all went into the movie knowing we’re going to once again see the classic Star Wars ship engage some TIE Fighters. But what we didn’t know is how the ship first appears, and who’s piloting it. Let’s just say the very first shot of this “garbage ship” not only surprised the other moviegoers in the theater last night, but it also made quite a few of them cheer out loud. This is just one of the several moments of excellent fan service in the film. Welcome back to the big screen, you bucket of bolts.



Believe the hype: BB-8 will win you over. The adorable droid is full of surprises that warmed our hearts and made us laugh. From the “thumbs up” to the way it reacts to people, we can’t wait to see more of the little droid. We’re left wondering how BB-8 made its way back up the stairs after Rey ran away, though. Using those grappling lines and having a whole lot of time, possibly? Regardless, BB-8 melted our hearts and now we have a strong urge to buy the BB-8 Pop figure.

Kylo Ren lashing out

Kylo Ren

With Kylo Ren’s intimidating appearance, it’s easy to assume he’s yet another absurdly formidable badass like Darth Vader or Darth Maul. While Ren certainly isn’t someone to take lightly in a fight, what truly works with the villain is that he’s a character with depth. He’s a younger antagonist who’s a little conflicted and it certainly shows. Someone like Darth Maul won people over because of his stunning abilities as a fighter, but he wasn’t compelling (at least not in The Phantom Menace, that is). Someone like Ren may not be the most gifted combatant around, but he’s still imposing and it’s his story – and not to mention cool design – that makes him very interesting. We can definitely see this character having quite a journey in this new trilogy. We’re thinking we’ll see a colder, more dangerous version of him next time around – one who is perhaps learning to focus his rage instead of simply unleashing it. Still, witnessing him release his anger was pretty gripping stuff, and it took an unexpected yet hilarious turn the second time he had a “temper tantrum.” Those Stormtroopers made the right call by walking away.

Use the Force, Rey


Rey being Force-sensitive produced some terrific moments throughout the film. The way she learned to use the Jedi mind trick was hugely entertaining and made us burst into laughter. Even she looked surprised when the trick worked! But it wasn’t all lightearted fun with Rey using the Force. Her resistance to Kylo Ren was a surprisingly powerful moment, and when she was able to grab Luke’s lightsaber before he could, the whole crowd erupted with applause. Sorry, but we just can’t resist saying “the force is strong with Rey.” Seriously though, we’re excited to see more of her development.

Pilot Poe! Pew pew!


Poe Dameron is the best there is at what he does, and what he does is pilot an X-wing ridiculously well! The character’s lighthearted personality made for some amusing conversations, but getting the chance to watch him in a dogfight was phenomenal. This movie has a lot of great action scenes, but the one shot that follows Poe’s X-wing was brilliant. The guy took out so many TIE Fighters and it was thrilling watching it all unfold from Finn’s perspective on the ground. And Finn? Yeah, he’s a great addition to the franchise, too!

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