09 Aug, 2016

Suicide Squad 2 Wishlist

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Suicide Squad

Article by Gregg Katzman

There are Suicide Squad spoilers in here! You’ve been warned. Politely warned, that is. Not like, Amanda Waller “you’re in for it” kind of warned.

I’ve seen David Ayer’s Suicide Squad twice now. Say what you will about the movie, but I had a great time during both viewings. I’ve had a full weekend to really absorb Suicide Squad, and now I’m left thinking about where Warner Bros. and DC could go next with the cinematic version of Task Force X. There’s a lot I’d love to see, but I’ll be practical and stick to four requests. After you’ve read what I’d like to see in a potential Suicide Squad sequel, you’re obviously welcome to chime in with your own suggestions –  you know, assuming they aren’t silly like, “Make a better movie.” Be constructive with your criticism, people!

Note: this article is assuming Harley Quinn will be back in Belle Reve by the time a potential sequel rolls around, and that Joker received plenty of attention in the Batman solo movie.

Don’t have the team save the Earth

Suicide Squad #8

Suicide Squad #8

I enjoyed Suicide Squad, but the whole “we need to save the planet from *insert latest global threat here*” scenario seems to pop up too frequently. It’s understandable that happens when you’re dealing with aliens, magic, heat vision, and plenty of other powerful and high-tech stuff, but when the planet is at risk yet again, it’s really tough to make the drama and tension resonate as much as it could, especially since the conflict tends to go heavy on visual effects. Instead, Suicide Squad should make the stakes more believable and present a plot that gives its cast – which is undoubtedly one of its greatest strengths – even more time to shine. Everyone will unite behind something like saving the planet (they do live there, after all), but what about a conflict that tests their morals and focuses on what makes each of them unique? What if they’re assigned on an international mission to take someone out, but not everyone agrees with Amanda Waller’s order? If there’s less time spent on the outside threat and more time on the villains in Task Force X and Amanda Waller, I think it could really benefit the story.

If all else fails, there’s always Waller sending the team on a mission to take down the Clown Prince of Crime once and for all. I imagine the Wall’s not too happy with Mister J after he humiliated Belle Reve’s security…

A new face on Task Force X

Legends #3

Legends #3

Show of hands: who was surprised that Slipknot’s head went boom? It was cool that director and writer David Ayer pulled inspiration from the source material for that scene (in the comics, Captain Boomerang tricked Slipknot to see if the bombs were legitimate), but with the team’s MVP, Slipknot, gone, it’s clear the group needs a new character. I propose someone who’s been there from the beginning: Ben Turner, a.k.a. Bronze Tiger. Ben may not be a metahuman but that hardly matters since he’s a master martial artist. Rick Flag may be the leader, but if anything ever happens to the guy, Ben would be a great replacement, and that’s something Amanda Waller is well aware of. If WB and DC don’t want to use him, then there are plenty of other good options, like Black Spider or Nightshade.


New Suicide Squad #3

New Suicide Squad #3

There are so many ways to make Slade Wilson, a.k.a. Deathstroke, an antagonist in the movie. Joker could hire him to take out everyone on the team except for Harley Quinn; Deathstroke could be hired to protect someone the team is going after; Deathstroke could be hired by Amanda Waller to further test the team’s capabilities. The world’s most dangerous mercenary is overdue for his big screen debut, and while I’d love to see him face the Caped Crusader, I think having him face Amanda Waller’s Task Force X would be phenomenal, especially if it’s clear he’s toying with them (which would explain why he’s not effortlessly killing some of the characters). You don’t really need to develop the guy all that much, either. We don’t need his origin story (yet), just show the world that Deatsthroke is a brilliant mercenary who no one in the DC universe would want to mess with. Plus, this would give the sequel the chance to unleash some jaw-dropping action scenes, and that brings me to the last point on the wishlist…

Improved fight choreography

Batman 359

Batman #359

Suicide Squad was overflowing with action. From Deadshot gunning down fodder to Captain Boomerang slicing some foes, Task Force X got a good work out during the first mission. However, despite many of these scenes being entertaining (Deadshot on the car is easily my favorite one), not a lot of the action was downright awesome. Maybe my standards are way too high after seeing The Raid and The Raid 2 (action fans, watch those movies asap), but when I see these dangerous and talented characters go at it, I expect to be amazed. Unfortunately, that really wasn’t the case the in Suicide Squad, but the sequel has the chance to fix that. Make the fights more intimate and have a better focus on critical hits (like Katana slicing the fodder in half). We should be stunned by Killer Croc’s brutality, Katana’s precision, Captain Boomerang’s variety of projectiles, Harley Quinn’s agility and blunt force, and, of course, Deadshot’s unparalleled accuracy. I mean, despite Harley Quinn knocking the heck out of plenty of enemies with her baseball bat, there never really was a shot of her landing a standout hit – something that made me want to cheer out loud. Again, the action was entertaining, but if there’s a sequel, I hope it’s unforgettable.


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