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The Walking Dead AMC

Article by Gregg Katzman

AMC’s The Walking Dead returned last night and if you’ve read Robert Kirkman’s comic book series, the odds are pretty good that you recognized some of the big moments that went down in the show. From Rick Grimes’ allies turning the table on Negan’s forces (for now…) to the bloody and bleak way things went down in Alexandria, the new episode, ‘No Way Out’, drew some major inspiration from the source material. Obviously, there were a lot of changes throughout the episode, but we want to take a look at three moments that were basically pulled straight from the comic.

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Yes, there’s obviously SPOILERS coming up!

Never let go. WAIT, I SAID NEVER!

The Walking Dead

Right when the characters started holding hands in the midseason finale, fans of the comic prepared for the twisted turn that would come next. The way things play out is different, but the big decision is still there: Rick has to savagely chop off Jessie’s hand to save his own son, Carl, a.k.a. CORAL! In the comic, Rick makes the disturbing decision while Jessie is making eye contact with him and screaming for his help. It’s heartbreaking and ridiculously dark stuff. In the show, Rick still had to make the seriously messed up decision, but at least that version of Jessie was (mostly) hidden beneath a swarm of the undead. Add that to Rick’s evergrowing list of terribly depressing things he’s had to do to protect his family. RIP Jessie.

Eye see what you did there, AMC

Carl The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead universe hasn’t been very kind to the Anderson family. The father was physically abusive (and then killed), and in last night’s episode, the rest of the family was brutally killed. Jessie was attacked by zombies and dismembered by Rick, Sam was torn apart by the undead, and Ron was swiftly – and harshly – impaled by Michonne. But before Ron became the latest victim of Michonne’s blade, he was able to finally pull the trigger. And yes, that bullet struck Carl right in the face – right eye, to be exact. This was a huge moment in the series, and the follow-up to the injury is taken straight from the pages of Kirkman’s comic as well. “Dad?” We can’t wait for him to get a brand new cybernetic eye with heat vision, just like he did in the comics.

The town that slays together stays together

Walking Dead

Zombies may be slow and stupid, but when there’s a lot of ’em, things get really frightening. As Alexandria was overrun by a herd of walkers, everyone fled to the buildings – or at least attempted to – and understandably so. Many people on Rick’s crew are shockingly badass, but they can only take on so many zombies at once. If your energy doesn’t run out, your luck will. Carl’s injury, however, reinvigorates Rick. Knowing his son’s life his on the line, he’ll stop at nothing to give Denise all of the time she needs to save the boy. Rick facing impossible odds without even a moment’s hesitation eventually inspires everyone else to fight for the community they’ve built. In the show, the group gets some major help from Daryl (a character who isn’t in the comics), so that definitely helps Rick and the others as they engage a ridiculous amount of reanimated corpses in melee combat. After a ton of slashing and stabbing, the people of Alexandria stand victorious and surrounded by a ground that is littered with defeated zombies. It must smell absolutely horrible, but I’m sure they’re used to that by now. And if they aren’t used to the smell, they’re probably just happy to be alive. Now we just have to wait and see how long it’ll be until another threat faces the entire town…

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