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The latest episode of The Walking Dead, ‘Heads Up’, set the stage for season 6’s midseason finale while also answering whether or not Glenn was still alive. Towards the end of the episode, there’s a bit of hope on the horizon, and that’s something the residents of Alexandria desperately need. But it just wouldn’t be The Walking Dead without having a moment of optimism completely destroyed by something terrible, would it? We’re all speculating about what’ll happen next (especially with the Wolf…), but one huge moment from the comic was heavily teased. If you haven’t read Robert Kirkman’s comic book series (fix that mistake asap, please), this would be a great time for you to back out this article. Unless you don’t mind a possible spoiler, that is. Seriously, consider yourself warned: there’s SPOILERS AHEAD!

Really, there are big ol’ SPOILERS approaching.


Okay, if you’re still reading, we’re assuming it means you’ve already read the comics or you’re just curious about what the twist may be. So, just about everyone has a bad feeling about Ron. Even Han Solo randomly popped in to say, “I got a bad feeling about this,” and then flew away in the Millennium Falcon. After all, Ron hates the Grimes family. Rick killed his father, and Carl grew close to Enid. Basically, this kid probably views the Grimes family as the reason his life is miserable and things are looking pretty bleak. One can only imagine how upset he would be if he found out that Rick and his mom, Jessie, were growing closer.

When Ron said he wanted to learn how to use a gun, basically everyone watching the show really, really wanted Rick not to teach him. We’re all thinking Ron is going to use the gun against Carl (and maybe even Rick). There’s a clear shot of Ron trailing Carl while holding a loaded pistol, which certainly makes us believe something bad is about to happen . But before anything happens, part of the community’s wall comes crashing down, and now everyone is in immediate danger. When chaos spreads throughout Alexandria, will Ron take a shot at Carl? And, if so, will it result in Carl losing his right eye, just like in the comics? If so, it’s a good thing Dr. Denise Cloyd has been doing some extra studying…

The Walking Dead Comic

In the comics, Carl being shot in the head was an accident. In the show, it’s looking like Ron will want to shoot Carl. Or maybe they just want us to think that, and it’ll still turn out to be an accident. Or, perhaps Carl will make it out of the midseason finale with both eyes. We’re not time travelers, so we don’t know what the future has in store for the show. (If you are one, please don’t spoil it for us.) But would you want Carl to lose his eye, just like he did in the comics?

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The Walking Dead comic book

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