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Season 6 of The Walking Dead has focused heavily expanding the zombie-infested world and giving us even more insight into each of the survivors in Alexandria. Despite having to do something very twisted to get more food, things aren’t looking too bleak for Rick Grimes’ group. They finally don’t have to worry about resources and they have walls protecting them from the undead and hostile humans. For the most part, things aren’t looking shabby, and that’s saying a lot considering all of the terrible stuff they had to endure in the previous seasons. But one man is about to change everything, and that man’s name is Negan.


In the comics, Negan – who is the leader of the Saviors – is a vulgar and violent man. To show his dominance over Rick’s crew, Negan savagely kills Glenn by bashing the good guy’s skull with Lucille, a baseball bat that is wrapped in barbed wire. It’s a heartbreaking and vicious scene. Seeing as Glenn and others are now captured by the Saviors in the show and we know Negan’s going to appear in the season finale, it seems more and more likely that Negan is going to brutally murder one of Rick’s allies. Maybe no one will die, but things are absolutely looking grim. But will it stay true to the comics, or will it go in a different direction? Let’s speculate!

The Walking Dead

Glenn: There has been some twisted foreshadowing with Glenn. In one of the Saviors’ camps, Glenn was the one staring at horrifying photographs of people with their heads bashed in – they were clearly victims of Negan. When he left Maggie in the Season 6 penultimate episode, a shot focused on Maggie in the rear view mirror as she stayed behind while the always brave and kind Glenn went out into the dangerous world, fully knowing that his life could end any time he exits the community. He was even almost killed by a cannibal armed with a baseball bat in a previous season! But will they really kill Glenn, especially after giving him not one but two fake out deaths? Taking Glenn’s life in such a terrible way would be a devastating emotional blow to many viewers – they already feel like they potentially lost him once before. It would be a real shocker and a terrifying moment for people who don’t follow the comics, but as you obviously know, the show doesn’t always follow the comics. For example, Abraham was the one who abruptly got an arrow through the head in the comics, but in the show, it was Denise. It wouldn’t be surprising if Negan kills Glenn, but it sure would be heartbreaking for everyone watching, even if they knew it was coming.

Daryl: I think the guy’s safe, but there’s a chance they’ll go with him because he would definitely generate the biggest response from fans. The latest cliffhanger briefly wanted to make people think Daryl was killed, but if you watched closely, you could see Daryl was shot in the shoulder, and Dwight – or someone else – even said something along the lines of, “He’ll be fine.” I just don’t think the show will kill the fan-favorite character; the outrage would be enormous. But hey, maybe I’ll eat my words and they will go with Daryl. It’ll make some people stop watching the show, but for everyone else who loves Daryl, I imagine they’ll continue to watch because they want to see how Negan will suffer for his shocking actions. I can see them killing Daryl, but I feel like they’re aware of what the fan reaction would be, and that’s something they’re likely taking into account. On the flip side, it sure would get everyone talking about the show – not that it wasn’t already hugely popular to begin with. At least with Glenn they can say they were staying true to the source material. With Daryl, they’re choosing to viciously kill an original character who swiftly turned into one of the most popular survivors. It’s a possibility, that’s for sure.

The Walking Dead

Michonne: Killing Michonne would be blasphemous. She has so much story left to tell, including her newfound relationship with Rick (which is seemingly inspired by the relationship between Rick and Andrea in the comics). She’s a great character who continues to show more and more development, so I believe killing her would be a big mistake. If someoone has to die, I could see her being courageous and convincing Negan – whether through words or actions – that it should be her; she’s definitely the kind of person who would risk herself to save the others. I imagine everyone else on the list would do the same, but if Rick is watching Negan use Lucille to murder someone… oof, that would be a really rough scene for all of us to witness. Rick would be helpless as Michonne’s murdered. Still, fingers crossed it won’t be Michonne, but just like with everyone else on the list, there’s a chance it could be her.

Rosita: It’s a messed up thing to say, but Rosita appears to be the “safe” bet. She’s received the least attention out of the entire group. Killing her would still be a terrible, terrible thing to witness, so they’d certainly get their shock value and it would still make Negan look like a twisted and formidable threat. But, to me, it would be a missed opportunity because there is still so much character potential left to explore with Rosita; however, selecting her would generate the least amount of potential outrage and it wouldn’t be removing one of the biggest characters from the show. Going with her would be a bummer because it really does feel like there’s more to show about her life and how she’s still growing as a character, especially after splitting up with Abraham. Hopefully this won’t be the end of Rosita’s story, but it definitely could be.

Carol and/or Morgan: To me, it seems like these two won’t be involved with Negan’s execution. Maybe they will work their way into that story, but based on the quick appearance of a random man in the penultimate episode, it really does look like these two characters will discover Ezekiel’s community, the Kingdom. As Negan makes his cruel introduction to Rick and members of his group, I’m thinking Carol and Morgan will be used to further expand the scope of The Walking Dead’s world by stumbling upon the Kingdom. Now I’m left wondering if we’ll see Ezekiel with Shiva, his pet tiger…

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The Walking Dead Season 6 finale will air on AMC this Sunday (4/3/16) at 9/8 c. We’re both nervous and excited to see how it’ll all play out!

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