We know the major Superhero comics you should be reading, but what about the smaller stories and the Indie Comics? You may ask yourself:

What Indie Comics should I be reading?

While the wide world of comics seems to be dominated by Marvel and DC, there are some amazing Indy Comics that don’t get the kind of love and attention that the two monster houses do. While titles like Saga and Y the Last Man (soon to get its own television series!) seem to get some attention for their large, sweeping stories, there are many great small, less tome-like readings out right now which are much less intimidating to pick up.

For your convenience, I’ve compiled this awesome list of 10 Indy Comics you probably aren’t picking up (but should be!) that I’m currently enjoying! The best part? All of these are relatively new! You can easily find the back issues and stay tuned in to the story as it gets released week by week!

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Die from Image Comics

  • Currently on issue #2
  • Issue #1 was released on 12/5
  • From writer Kieron Gillen and artist Stephanie Hans

I waited anxiously for a while anticipating this title to hit shelves. It’s got a premise I couldn’t refuse: a group of tabletop role-playing friends in high school find an amazing new game to play. But upon using the game, they are all sucked into a fantastical realm. The group manages to make it out…but not without losses; missing body parts, missing one of their friends and missing the ability to speak about their experience in the strange world.

Fast forward, and they are all grown up adults now, and the dark memory of what happened to them has been pushed aside so they could carry on with life. But fate has brought them all back together. Was their time in the game real? Or a figment of their imagination? What happened while they were inside the fantasy? But, when they encounter the die that transported them from reality all those years ago, they find themselves sucked back into the game!

If you are a tabletop player you’ll love all the references to tabletop culture and format, and if you don’t, then you’ll fall in love with the plucky characters written by Kieron Gillen and the beautiful art styling’s of Stephanie Hans. This killer team has taken their synergy from The Wicked and the Divine and given it new life in the pages of this story.



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Maneaters from Image Comics

  • Released 9/26
  • Currently on issue #4, Look for TP comes out next month 2/27
  • Writer Chelsea Cain and artist Kate Niemczyk; the team from Eisner nominated series Mockingbird

I can’t even start to explain why I love Maneaters so much. Maybe it’s because it’s a wonderfully unique premise. Maybe it’s because of its low key satire on how women are treated in society. Maybe it’s the clever, witty way the story is told. Or could it be that this wonderfully feminist story has people up in arms about the storytelling risks it takes? Either way, there are a million reasons to love Maneaters (did I mention they have holographic sparkly covers?)

The story follows a young girl being raised by her single father, who is a cop while her mother works for a special ops team known as SCAT (Strategic Cat Apprehension Team). Puberty would be a confusing thing on its own for girls without menstruation bringing about physical changes, and in this case, that means these young girls transform into giant man eating cats.

The comic provides many humorous panels about how women are dangerous and unpredictable, and should be treated with caution. The gore is light and funny, and the story really focuses on the social aspects of being a young girl growing up in a society that fears your power. If you want to giggle while being engaged by a cool story, this one’s for you.




Prodigy from Image Comics

  • Issue #1 released 12/5
  • Currently on issue #2
  • From writing powerhouse Mark Millar and artist Rafael Albuquerque

Prodigy is the newest launch from superstar comic writer and world builder, Mark Millar. While he recently sold the rights to all his intellectual property to Netflix, Prodigy is his pride and joy. The story follows the most amazing man in the world: millionaire, handsome, genius, accomplished, well read, athletically powerful, but for some reason, his life feels empty.

But when an external threat from beyond our world threatens the survival of earth, the world turns to the one man who might be able to save them all. Edison Crane makes for a fantastic lead and if you love the book, you won’t be able to wait for the Netflix show!




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Burnouts from Image Comics

  • Released 9/19
  • Currently on issue #4
  • Writer Dennis Culver and artist Geoffo

Burnouts is the oddest and most entertaining thing I’ve picked up. The story follows a good kid: straight A student with not much of a social life. But when alien ghosts have invaded and possessed much of his quiet town, he must team up with a rag-tag group of misfits called the Burnouts to try to save the town.

The catch? The aliens are invisible, and only through inebriation can they be identified and defeated! Watch as this poor kid tries to keep his grades up and his parents happy while imbibing to save the world! It’s a ton of fun, the art style is lighthearted and the writing makes me smile.





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Blackbird from Image Comics

  • Released 10/3
  • Currently on 4th issue
  • From writer Sam Humphries and the artistic talents of Jen Bartel

Blackbird has been my favorite comic book to read simply because Jen Bartel’s art here is AMAZING. Its bright colors and style lend itself to the unique magical nature of the neo-noir fantasy tale. PLUS: The main character has the best style! She’s got blue hair (like me!) and always is rocking the best fashion jewelry and outfits.

The story follows Nina, an orphan girl whose obsession with magic and fantasy has ostracized her from what family she has left. Following rumors online of Paragons, magicians living among us in an unseen world, she stumbles into a mystery and discovers she might not have been crazy all along!

This one has everything from talking cats to giant magical beasts, secret soirees of elite magic users; Blackbird is not one to be dismissed.





Middlewest from Image Comics

  • 11/21
  • On issue #3
  • Skottie Young and Jorge Corona

The middle of the country is a wild land, filled with hidden magics and mysteries. This tale follows the story of a boy named Abel being chased emotionally by his past and physically by an enormous storm that knows his name. As he runs and tries to find his path, he encounters memorable characters and an array of fun oddities including am opinionated talking fox, and a wizard in a tower of trash.

The mix of fantasy and reality is beautifully captured in the pages, and will leave you longing to pick up the next issue. Watch Abel come of age while the tornado that looms in the distance seeks to destroy him. Middlewest has been thoroughly enjoyable, and I hope you pick it up for a Wizard of Oz styled coming of age story.





Firefly from BOOM! Studios

  • Issue #1 released 11/14
  • Currently on issue #2
  • From writer Greg Pak and artist Dan McDaid

As an amazing compilation between the talents of Joss Whedon and Boom Studios, Firefly is the story you’ve been waiting for about the Unification War and Malcolm Reynolds’ role as a Browncoat. While fans might never see a television reboot of the beloved cult classic (at least not with the original cast, who have all “aged” out of the roles) this was the taste of the classic I was looking for.

Not only does Greg Pak nail the personalities and vibes of each character, but the dialogue felt straight out of the show itself. I found myself “hearing” all of the dialogue spoken in the original actors voices. The art style is fantastic, and Dan McDaid manages to replicate all of the actor’s major and minor ticks and expressions in the characters.

If you are looking for the nostalgia of Firefly with all the punch of the TV show, but in a modern story, look no further. This one is sure to please.



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Infinite Dark from Image Comics/Top Cow

  • Issue #1 released on 10/10
  • Currently on issue #3
  • From the writing talents of Ryan Cady and artistic styling’s of Andrea Mutti

Orpheus station in space is the last bastion of human life in the universe and the only hope for the continuation for life in the cold void of space. After the universe has ended, it is all that’s left; An AI that runs the station, a handful of leaders and two thousand citizens of the station. The realization that there is only death that waits outside inspires the remnants of humanity to huddle together.

But two years into their voyage, the first murder takes place: and security director Deva Karrell must dive into the ‘who, what, when, how’ but discovering the otherworldly ‘why’ will bring dark revelations of what waits for humanity in the void outside. This story is so wonderfully creepy and amazing! It has a distinct “Alien” vibe to it that will keep you on the edge of your seat while reading.




Stranger Things from Dark Horse

  • TP comes out 5/8
  • Currently on issue #4 (finished)
  • Writer Jody Houser and artist Stefano Martino

You’ve seen the Netflix sensation (hopefully) and you might think that you know that whole story. You might ask yourself, “Why would I need to pick up the comic book?” Well, I’m glad you asked! This short little series is titled Stranger Things, but it’s not a regurgitation of content from season 1 of the hit show.

Instead, it’s the story of Will the Wise in the Upside-Down and his adventures from season 1. How did he manage to survive all that time in the dark dimension? How was he able to contact the outside, and how did he wind up captured and int the clutches of the Demogorgon?

Fans of the show will love this little peek into the terrifying experience that left Will scared and damaged for season 2.




Witcher Of Flesh And Flame from Dark Horse

  • Released on 12/19
  • On issue #1
  • From writer Aleksandra Motyka and artist Marianna Strychowska

While you might not have been exposed to the video game series, comic are the true origin story of the Geralt and the Witcher franchise! The original comics were written in Poland in 1993 by Andrzej Sapkowski, so it’s nice to see the Witcher back in the pages of a comic book.

While it’s only been one issue, I’m already hooked. The characters are interesting, the story is equal parts mysterious and engaging as a supernatural hunter story should be (think Van Helsing).

If you are a fan of the games, you’ll love being able to adventure with Geralt sans the (frequently) impossible monster battles. It has all the story and characters you love without the frustration!



Well that’s it guys! While larger story-lines make it difficult to keep up with parallel universes, character deaths and resurrections, different character iterations, and lack of continuity, it can be intimidating! But, these Indies live in their own worlds, and once you finish the story, there is little investment afterword to keep up with the story! That way, you never feel like you are missing out!

Keep reading, I hope you enjoyed my picks! Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for new comic books, cool art covers, great deals, contests & giveaways and more! Let me know what you think of my picks, and be sure to leave comments with your favorite Indies out right now!

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