We know the major Superhero comics you should be reading, but what about the smaller stories and the Indie Comics? You may ask yourself:

What Indie Comics should I be reading?

While the wide world of comics seems to be dominated by Marvel and DC, there are some amazing Indy Comics that don’t get the kind of love and attention that the two monster houses do. While titles like Saga and Y the Last Man (soon to get its own television series!) seem to get some attention for their large, sweeping stories, there are many great small, less tome-like readings out right now which are much less intimidating to pick up.

For your convenience, I’ve compiled this awesome list of 10 Indy Comics you probably aren’t picking up (but should be!) that I’m currently enjoying! The best part? All of these are relatively new! You can easily find the back issues and stay tuned in to the story as it gets released week by week!

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The Thanos snap left us all with our hopes in the dust. What will become of the half of the population which was turned to dust at the end of the movie? With the new Avengers movie still months away, we’re all left contemplating theories and wracking our brains to figure out how they will mend the traumatizing event.

countdown to endgame

Will the Avengers use the Time Stone to reverse time to save their fallen foes?

Are those who were snapped out of existence simply trapped inside the soul stone like Gamora? In that case do they need to be freed?

Or is it the Reality Stone that will save the day? Will the Avengers somehow steal this stone and re-create reality with the missing imagined back into existence?

Or is it something more complex, connecting somehow to Ant-Man and the mysterious Quantum Realm?

Since the drop of the Avengers Endgame trailer at the beginning of December, Endgame theories have launched across the internet.  So many subtle moments in the trailer, background pictures, and surprising appearances (how DID Ant-Man make it to Avengers HQ?) it seems the trailer left us farther from the answer, with more questions. But with so many different details leading to different theories, where does one start?

Well, our friends over at Marvel Fanverse have spent countless hours sifting through the theories across the internet and have compiled what they think to be the ultimate “Endgame” plan.  Have they cracked the code? Watch and decide!

Our friends at Marvel Fanverse are so hyped about their winning theory; they’re showing their Endgame support by hooking YOU up with a chance to win amazing Avengers prizes valued up to $100 including:

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It’s been awhile since I’ve seen the original Superman movie:

It is THE definitive superhero movie that every other movie since then has tried to replicate the magic. So when Superman the Movie hit theaters this month to celebrate 40 years through Fathom Events, I just knew I had to see it as an adult on the big screen. Read the rest of this entry »

Happy Birthday to the Great Noel Neill: The Screen’s First Lois Lane


By Gerry Gladston

Noel Neill clocked more screen time as Lois Lane than any other actress ever. With her endearing portrayal, she won the hearts of millions of Superman fans for decades to come.

Co-starring with George Reeves, Noel Neill was Miss Lane in TV’s The Adventures of Superman from 1952-1958 for a total of 78 episodes! Read the rest of this entry »

Welcome back Anime NYC! From November 16th to November 18th, this anime convention returned to the Jacob J. Javits Center in the city for its second year!

Anime NYC 2018

It’s been awhile since I’ve been to an anime con in NYC. Historically, NYC hasn’t been able to hold on to a big anime convention.

Big Apple Anime Fest (BAAF) was ended in 2005, Anime Next skipped town from NY to Secaucus NJ, and the big problems with Anime Fest at NYCC this year.

But Anime NYC is promising!

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A QUICK LOOK: DOPE AF 9.7 out of 10: Gritty storytelling, socially relevant content, honest character development, insane fight scenes… perfectly Miller-esque. Only points docked are for quiet ending that couldn’t compete with wildly explosive middle. A MUST-SEE!

If you are a long time comic reader, or new to the comic book superhero world, you’re asking yourself: Should I watch Daredevil Season 3? Well I’m here to tell you that while Netflix hasn’t been entirely successful with it’s Superhero franchises, this is the one you’ve been waiting for.

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