What do zombie rage monsters and the land down under have in common? No, it’s not that they’re both integral parts of my zombie apocalypse survival plan, its famed DCeased writer Tom Taylor! He can boast about being the only Marvel/DC writer in the entire country of Australia!?

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Mike Mignola’s signature creation is back and he’s ready to raise some hell! Hellboy makes his much-anticipated feature film return next Friday, but you don’t have to wait to watch him unleash his fury! We’ve got your chance to see the fiery film this week! Do you want to win tickets to see Hellboy in NYC this Tuesday? Give me a HELL YEAH! All you’ve got to do is enter to win by clicking the link below!

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01 Apr, 2019

Carol Danvers BLASTS into NYC for her Debut

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Captain Marvel Wax Figure at Madame Tussauds New York

“Don’t you ‘lady’ me, son. I’m an avenger.”- Captain Marvel

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Fantasy becomes reality when young Billy Batson lives the dream and becomes the mighty SHAZAM! We can’t wait for the upcoming SHAZAM movie and we’re thrilled to see our pal Zachary Levi starring as the titular hero! To celebrate SHAZAM appearing on the big screen, we’ve got a big opportunity for all fans of the Big Red Cheese! Do you want tickets for you and a friend to see Shazam this Tuesday in NYC! Interested? All you’ve got to do is enter to win by clicking the link below! And of course, say the magic word!

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For the past 25 years, I have raised over $192,000 for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.In late 2013, I founded my own upstart, Zombie Leader, as a vehicle to fundraise for LLS and other charities.  I now cosplay and fundraise at comic conventions throughout New England and have the support of many promoters and fans.  What began as non-descript zombie cosplays have evolved into well-known comic and pop culture icons.  I now use cosplay and photo ops as a fundraising means and am often an invited cosplay guest at shows.  Unlike comics and movies, medical doctors and researchers fighting cancers and other diseases are the real superheroes as are the patients fighting for survival. Zombie Leader raises monies to help eradicate blood and other cancers.

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Review by Henry Varona

In the summer of 2012, Marvel embarked on a bold new vision for one of their premier heroines. Carol Danvers, a longtime member of the Avengers, took up the mantle of Captain Marvel and changed the face of Marvel forever. Suddenly Carol Danvers transformed into one of Marvel’s most popular heroes and the “Carol Corps” (The loving name for Captain Marvel fans) had become one of the most powerful voices in the world of comics. Now, years later, Marvel Studios has launched Carol in her first film role. As a proud member of the Carol Corps, I can say that not only does this movie honor the legacy of Carol Danvers, it also provides viewers with one of the most unique heroes in Marvel’s pantheon, showing that there is limitless potential from the superhero juggernaut!

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