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Review by Henry Varona

In the summer of 2012, Marvel embarked on a bold new vision for one of their premier heroines. Carol Danvers, a longtime member of the Avengers, took up the mantle of Captain Marvel and changed the face of Marvel forever. Suddenly Carol Danvers transformed into one of Marvel’s most popular heroes and the “Carol Corps” (The loving name for Captain Marvel fans) had become one of the most powerful voices in the world of comics. Now, years later, Marvel Studios has launched Carol in her first film role. As a proud member of the Carol Corps, I can say that not only does this movie honor the legacy of Carol Danvers, it also provides viewers with one of the most unique heroes in Marvel’s pantheon, showing that there is limitless potential from the superhero juggernaut!

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Who wants to join the mighty Midtown Comics team in New Hyde Park?  We are currently looking for someone to fill a Full-Time position in the Customer Service department. Could that person be you?  Read on to see if you are qualified!

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Witness the rise of a hero as Carol Danvers become the mighty Captain Marvel! We are stoked for the upcoming Captain Marvel and we can’t wait to see Brie Larson unleash her full potential as the titular hero! To celebrate Captain Marvel’s upcoming cinematic debut, we’re offering up tickets for you and a friend to see Captain Marvel this Tuesday in NYC! Interested? All you’ve got to do is enter to win by clicking the link below! Winners will be contacted VIA email on Monday morning! Good luck!

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Pokémon comes to the big screen in their live action debut! A murder mystery unfolds and the only person who can solve the case is Detective Pikachu?!?! We’re super pumped for Detective Pikachu and to celebrate Pokémon Day we’ve got our hands on some awesome posters, hats, and portable chargers! Want to get your hands on some? All you’ve got to do is enter to win by clicking the link below!

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Romance strikes in the most unusual of places. Love is in the air in the heartfelt drama, Five Feet Apart! Don’t worry, you don’t need to keep your distance, you can win tickets to see Five Feet Apart for free here in NYC! All you have to do is enter our contest and you can bring a guest to see Five Feet Apart this Wednesday! So what are you waiting for? Just lick below!

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21 Feb, 2019

If You Like This…. Also Try This!

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So you read comics, and you want to branch out and read novels. Where do you start? Right here! I’ve got the comic to novel comparisons to get your literary journey started!

Reading is reading, right? If I enjoy it, I should be willing to indulge in all its forms. But I don’t. In fact, I know I’m not alone as the only finicky reader out there. I like what I like after all! I tend to stick with certain types of characters, especially ones that remind me of myself; lighthearted, intelligent, sarcastic adventurers.  Most of the time, the only prerequisite for me liking a character is just if they resonate with me.

I also tend to read within a genre. Fantasy and Sci-fi stories engage me the most, even though I’m not opposed to a good mystery or biography every once in awhile.

The trouble is, once you’re entrenched in a reading genre or community, it becomes difficult to gauge what books, in unfamiliar genres, would resonate with you.

I’ve always been a novel reader. But since I’ve picked up the habit of reading comic books, it’s been a trial and error experience discovering what I actually like/don’t like. Months of invested time and research- and what do I have to show for it?

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