This week we’ll be taking a look at Hasbro’s Marvel Universe 3 3/4 action figure line. These figures are perfect for the casual fan or the full-on toy collector. Ever since we Midtown got these figures from in a few years back, they’ve become one of our customers favorites and one of our hottest-selling items in the store!

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The Joker’s back, and he’s ready to take down the one thing that Batman needs: his family! With so many lives on the line, we take a look at who’s the most likely to meet a grim end at the hands of the Joker! What are everyone’s odds? Click though to find out!

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Midtown Bloggerinos! Raph here, a little confused actually… is there a big event coming up or something? There’s all these people talking about tickets, panels and costumes… did I miss something?


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Midtown Bloggerinos! Raph here, from the Fortress of Blogitude! Why? Because I heard an interesting tidbit from a little birdy a few days ago: DC Universe Online is going to be FREE TO PLAY!!

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10 Oct, 2011


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MIDTOWN BLOGOCONS! Raph here, INCREDIBLY EXCITED for this week’s NYCC! Of course, I’m talking  about New York Comic-Con 2011, at the Jacob Javits Center October 13th to the 16th! I am incredibly excited for many reasons, most notably, I MISSED last year’s Con! Crazy, I know, but you can blame an infected trachea on that…

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21 Jun, 2011


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Big City Drink and Draw

MIDTOWNER! Welcome back! Did you see GL?!? Yeah, I know.. yep, yep… but there was that one… yep… okay, so I’m NOT going to talk about Green Lantern, because by now, every fanboy and their friend/ sibling/significant other/whoever went with them has seen it and has an opinion (positive or negative). What I WILL do this week is highlight a little monthly event that takes place here in New York City: the Big City Drink and Draw.
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