22 Oct, 2013

NYCC 2013 Recap

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Bloggerinos! Raph here, recovered from NYCC. There are a lot of things to talk about, from things I saw to things I heard, my highlights (and one lowlight) after the break.


This year, Reed Exhibitions decided to implement new security and implanted RFID chips in all of their passes, which required scanning. I’ll be honest, I got a little nervous: how many entrances would there be, how bad would the lines be? The answer turned out to be not so bad.

The crowds were still big, but not impossible to get through. Working the booth on Saturday, there were moments where the floor wasn’t completely swamped and I could actually walk through the booth without feeling overwhelmed. That isn’t to say I didn’t have problems getting around, but it was a lot less hectic than 2012: I got claustrophobic in 2012, which never happens to me. I didn’t get to see EVERY booth, but I did like seeing Lola (Coulson’s car from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) up close. Our own booth had three exclusive shirts from Marvel: Captain Marvel, Spider-Man 2099 and US Agent, and those were flying off the rack (check them out on our site, we also have them in-store!)


Artist Alley was again in the North Pavilion, and I think it worked out really well, a con within the con if you will. The artists have their own separate space, and they can peddle their wares away from the loud noises and distractions of the show floor. Most artists I talked to enjoyed the separation. The alley had comic artists both big and small. My personal favorite moment was meeting Jonathan Hickman for a brief second and shaking his hand.


Working for Midtown means working either the store or the booth all weekend, so I didn’t get to see everything, particularly panels, but I did get a couple of neat tidbits:

–        The Superman at 75 panel had a neat video of Superman throughout the years, and while I may not love the Man of Steel Superman, this little video made me tear up when I saw it. You can catch it here.

–        What must be one of the most anticipated and worst kept secrets: Neil Gaiman is coming back to Miracleman, and finishing the story he started with Mark Buckingham. On top of that, the original material by Alan Moore is being reprinted as well. Since Marvel announced it acquired the rights back in 2009, this announcement has been eagerly anticipated by lots of people, especially since Miracleman is considered the dawning of the modern age of superheroes.



Finally, there’s been a news piece that’s been circulating around the internet about sexual harassment, particularly of cosplayers, at the con. Now, I know most comic book fans are decent people, having talked to hundreds, if not thousands, in my times at Midtown, but I do want to state that just because someone is dressed in an outfit, doesn’t make them a fantasy character that doesn’t exist. There’s a real human being in those clothes: a person who has feelings, has a right to not be harassed, and who should be allowed to enjoy this wonderful medium that we do without feeling like someone’s going to threaten them.

If you like someone’s costume, say so, maybe ask to take a picture to remember them by, I’m sure most cosplayers like that… but don’t take it to a point where they get uncomfortable. There’s enough bad stuff in the world, without people ruining NYCC, or any con for that matter, for others, especially people who worked hard, got dressed up, and want to acknowledge their love of a character by dressing up as them.

Okay, that’s enough moralizing for one post, if you were at the con, I hope you had a great time. And if you couldn’t make it, GET TICKETS ASAP for next year! Don’t wait. This thing is only going to sell out faster and faster every year.

Until Next Time,

– Raph

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