MIDTOWN BLOGGORDONEZES! Raph here, still recovering from NYCC! The show was an unmitigated success, and truly has become the largest event on the East Coast relating to the stuff we love! I only kid with the title of course, but I did want to talk about a small concern I had before the con.


That concern is something I call the “SDCC Phenomenon”. What’s that? It’s the idea that comics are getting pushed aside for other things at conventions. Nothing against the wonderful people at CCI and the tremendous job they do every year, but it seems like people were there more to see celebrities and look at panels about shows that were only loosely tied to the stuff I love (The Cleveland Show did a hilarious episode based on this premise). New York Comic-Con without a doubt has gotten bigger since it’s initial show back in 2006, and I was worried that maybe people would come less and less for comics, and more for other things. I wasn’t there last year, due to illness, so I didn’t know what had changed. As a fan, it doesn’t bother me as much, they’re just giving me more of what I want. As a retailer and an aspiring creator? It does make me think. I would like people who are going to a convention to stop and look at my book, and not brush me aside for the Big Bang Theory. So going in, I was nervous. What would people want? What would people like? Would comics still get their say in this, the king of East Coast Cons?

Wouldn’t be a comic convention without Stan Lee! EXCELSIOR!

The answer was an emphatic YES! Having worked the Midtown Comics booth on Friday, walking around the con on Saturday, and seeing people walk into the store from the con Thursday and Sunday, it was very clear to me that there are a lot of people who are still interested in comics. It was good to see familiar customers from the store and friends I’ve made over the years, but the phrase that really got me going was this:

“I’ve been wanting to get into reading comics, but don’t know where to start, can you recommend me something”?

Yours truly at the con, as we’re wrapping up a crazy Friday! Fezzes are cool!

Those words are the most beautiful words in the English language to me. Give me an open mind, and I will give you dozens upon dozens of good books and stories. I’m pretty sure that’s why I have a job for Midtown, who also had a monster presence there. I felt like I was getting pulled by a riptide of comic fans, cosplayers and new initiates on Friday, and Saturday was even worse! I could barely get to the booth, wading through shoppers and claws and fake swords and various Lanterns. That’s what I want to see out of a comic convention, and I hope to see this as I make my way around the country someday on my great con tour.

So that was my con experience, with a different take than I would normally give. Did I scare you? Of COURSE Comic-Con was awesome! How was your con like? Leave us a comment about your experience! Did you get what you wanted out of it?

That’s all for now, in the meantime—



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