Midtown Bloggerinos! Raph here, back from a recent convention. The Comic Geek Speak podcast has been running for over 7 years and nearly 1300 episodes. I’ve been a listener and friend since episode 195. They have grown enough to host their own mini convention, and I’ve had the pleasure to attend every single CGS Super Show. Here’s my account of this year’s show, and why this little show is my preferred show.

me and norton

Mike Norton and I at an earlier CGS Super Show

CGS Super Show is a 2 day event, taking place on Saturday and Sunday, held at the Greater Reading Expo Center in Reading, Pennsylvania. Most of the exhibitors are local comic book stores, and artists who are friends of the show. The most notable guests were Lee Weeks, Rudy Nebres, Katie Cook, Art Baltazar and Franco and Mike Norton. There’s a large independent creator presence, the biggest of which is Action Lab Entertainment, publishers of the series Fracture, NFL Rush Zone and Princeless. In fact, Shawn Pryor, VP of Action Lab, has long been a Super Show attendee, and has met collaborators at Action Lab through the world of podcasting.

So, you ask, what makes this so different from another convention like say, San Diego? Deals are made at all kinds of shows, and you can meet all kinds of people and make friends at any convention! That’s true, and I have met numerous people who I still talk to at conventions, but Super Show is very different.


With CGS Host Adam Murdough, playing the role of Brock Samson, and myself as a hapless henchmen who crossed him on the wrong day

With CGS Host Adam Murdough, playing the role of Brock Samson, and myself as a hapless henchmen who crossed him on the wrong day

Super Show is built around a community of people who love comics, but it isn’t completely overwhelming. As much as I love San Diego Comic-Con, and NYCC… as much as I love to see the panels, and look at all the titans of the industry, and see booths will pegs and pegs of toys… I love to talk to people about comics. A big reason why I came to Midtown was to be able to meet numerous people and recommend comics and talk about comics. Super Show allows me to not just talk about comics, but to be with friends and be around people who are doing comics. People who are trying and striving to make comics… it’s great to be around people who love comics as much as I do.

So while I enjoy the big shows, and seeing the sea of humanity, I enjoy this little show. It’s a fun time, and the people there are terrific. If you find yourself wanting to go to a small show, without the intimidating lines and massive crowds, give Super Show a try, and check out the Comic Geek Speak guys’ work! Also, check out the works of Jamal Igle, Lee Weeks, Mike Norton, Action Lab and Katie Cook at our website!

Also, I’ve started up my own, independent blog, Comic Book Crusader, where I’ll have Recommendations, Rants and other comic related fun! Until next time—

“I think that’s a burnoose”


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