Yep, you read that right!

Prepare yourself for what will surely be the most unusual coverage of the 2011 New York Comic Con you’ll find anywhere. Today begins our weeklong series chronicling the NYCC from the eyes of our special guest correspondent C.C. Banana. For those of you unfamiliar with C.C. Banana, get thee to Google! The amazing nanner man has been around for years and is responsible for some of the most irreverent and entertaining interviews you’ll ever find. From comic book creators to sci-fi icons to your favorite rock stars, the Banana has interrogated them all (and usually leaves them laughing in the process). More about this fantastic fruit can be found at his official website and YouTube channel.

C.C. Banana compares claws with some dude dressed as Hugh Jackman!

As he does every year, C.C. Banana attended the recent New York Comic Con dressed to impress, decked out in attire befitting the 4-color occasion. This time around, the Banana accentuated his trademark yellow with some red, black and blue, recreating the classic look of Wolverine (complete with claws made of real bananamantium). This unlikely amalgamation proved to be quite a hit with convention attendees and online bloggers, who have been talking about him in places like, and The feral fruit was even named Best Cosplay Character by Hollywood Soapbox and inspired at least two artist’s interpretations of him, seen HERE and HERE! We really have to hand it to C.C. for his commitment to character, right down to his unshaven sideburns! It must have been exhausting to wear that outfit for an entire weekend, so it’s a good thing he had his “mutant peeling factor” to keep himself from turning brown!

C.C. Banana prepares to disembowel a small child for presuming to wear yellow in his presence.

To whet your appetite for the big Banana, here are a few photos of C.C. in action at this year’s New York Comic Con. Beginning tomorrow and continuing for the rest of the week, we’ll be bringing you a new Banana interview each day with a prominent guest from the event. Who will C.C. Banana interview this year? What sort of unorthodox questions will he ask them? Does Wolverine even like bananas, or does he in fact prefer loganberries? All these questions and many more will be answered in the days ahead! Well, maybe not that last one…

Enjoy the following fruit-filled photos and come back tomorrow for C.C. Banana’s first interview from the 2011 New York Comic Con!

C.C. Banana hooks up with some of Wolverine’s gal pals from Madripoor!

C.C. Banana defends a relative from a hungry New York Comic Con staffer!

C.C. Banana with X-23, the younger, hotter, female clone of Wolverine… or something like that…

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