09 Aug, 2011

5 Q’s with Jonathan Hickman!

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Midtown Bloggericcis! Raph back this week with some more interviewage, this time with one of my favorite new writers, Jonathan Hickman! Hickman is mostly know for his work on independent books like Pax Romana and The Nightly News, but he’s revitalized the Fantastic Four, added depth to the Marvel U with S.H.I.E.L.D. and made conspiracy nuts giddy with Secret Warriors. I got to ask Jonathan some questions before the madness of San Diego, and here is what he had to say!

1. Jonathan, your run on Fantastic Four and FF has been a lot of fun, particularly since you play with FF lore and bring things from the past into the present. How much of a joy has it been working on the series?

JONATHAN HICKMAN: Oh, I’m having a fantastic time writing the book. I was honored to be asked by Tom Brevoort a couple years ago to pitch for the project, and I certainly still feel that way every time I sit down to write the book. It’s a cornerstone of the Marvel universe, and just an absolute thrill to write every month. I’d also add that it’s turned into the most personal book that I write, which is both strange and wonderful.

FF issue 7 Cover

The once and future Inhuman King!
2. The War of the Four Cities is getting a major player in the fray with formerly deceased Inhuman king Black Bolt! What made you decided to bring him back? Was he always in your plans for FF and the War?

JH: Sure. Black Bolt and the Inhumans were always going to return to the pages of the FF. In fact, the entire premise behind the original Four Cities arc (Fantastic Four #’s 575-578) was to find a new and interesting way to bring some of the oldest, and most revered, FF concepts back into the book in a fresh new manner.

I’m also a big fan of the Marvel cosmic stuff, so I wanted to bring them back in such a way that we not only properly respected that work, but also kind of welcomed in the fans of things like Annihilation, War of Kings and the Thanos Imperative.

3. In the last issue (FF #6), we get a little back story to the Kree and their genetic manipulation of races that brought about the Inhumans, as well as introducing the wives of Black Bolt. Will this also mean we’ll see children? 

In the short term, no. Down the road, maybe, we’ll see.

Red Wing

Red 5 standing by… Red Herring standing by?
4. Going over to your independent work, you’ve just released a new mini series with Image, Red Wing, which looks to be another science fiction adventure, what draws you to sci-fi? Will you continue doing miniseries of this nature in the future? 

I guess I’m just a big sci-fi fan. Certainly most of my formative years were spent delving into, and kind of fully embracing, the ‘Free Enterprise’ nature that affected many guys my age. 

It also helps that my brain just kind of processes high concepts in that way. And by ‘high concept’ I don’t really mean in the Hollywood, ‘this is my pitch,’ I mean… Well, let me put it like this: If I had to tell a story about, say, food, to me it makes sense to do that set on a agriculture world that produces enough food for an entire solar system that is getting ready to be hit by a meteor and as a result all the citizens of all the planets in the system will starve as opposed to a story about a farmer in Iowa who lost his crops because of the hailstorm (I think that was an episode of Little House on the Prairie).

And, of course, I’m going to keep doing creator owned work. I think you’ll be hearing about some other stuff I have coming up very soon, the most immediate of which being FEEL BETTER NOW.

5. What can we expect out of this war of the 4 Cities? Will we see some resolution to the arc with the multiple Reeds? Is there a good end for any of them? Can a bunch of Reeds REALLY stand up to the power of a Celestial???

The War of Four Cities ends in FF #9, so, yes, certainly resolution. But the problem with any point of resolution, things immediately either start trending better or worse, and in this case, things do not get better. 

And to answer your question about the Celestials, No, they can’t. As you’ll see. 



Well, there you have it! If you haven’t been reading Fantastic Four or FF, I STRONGLY suggest you do so! Start with the first volume of his Fantastic Four run, and go from there. Red Wing #1 was pretty interesting too, and Jonathan’s independent work has not disappointed me at all.

That’s it for now, expect my usual Fear Itself Conversation with Matt Fraction when Fear Itself comes out, and I also will have some thoughts about the impending DCU relaunch. This month is going to be the not so quiet before the massive, galaxy spanning storm. Until next time—



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