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MIDTOWNEROOSKI! Raph here with continuing interviewage from some major Marvelites. Amazing Alliteration Always Asked About! This time, we have Nick Lowe, editor of the X-Men books, to talk about the Mutant Mayhem, Senses Shattering, captivating comic series Schism! (Take THAT Stan!)

1)The new event that’s going to shake the X-Men to the core has certainly started out with a corequake! Are Cyclops and co. looking at World War Mutant?

NICK LOWE: Things are certainly on the NOT GOOD side of the spectrum. It’s not every day that most of the nations of the world unveil robots designed to kill you. Events are spinning out of control and they are going to force a lot of choices for Marvel’s Merry Mutants…

Generation Hope

Will youth be served? Or will Schism extinguish the lights?

2)There seems to be a lot of focus on the teens of Generation Hope, and Wolverine is taking a shine to some of them… is this part of where the divide comes in? Letting the youth of mutantkind in on the battle for their existence?

NL: Youth is definitely a theme that Jason is driving home here. You can see it in the Gen. Hope kids as well as in the new Hellfire Club. I don’t want to say much more than that, but keep an eye on the kids.

Cyclops and Wolverine

Is this the final Cyclops/Wolverine Team-Up???

3)The beginning of the series opens with a somewhat buddy cop, almost warm, interaction between Scott and Logan, are you guys just setting us up for the huge fall?

NL: There aren’t any friends closer than friends who used to hate each other. If you have friends like that in your life, you know what I mean. One of my dearest friends was my nemesis when we were very small, so I can relate. But the bond that Cyclops and Wolverine have created in recent years is a powerful one that we wanted to show as clearly as possible in #1. This story is the biggest most badass breakup story you’ve ever scene. And as far as I know there won’t be makeup sex.

4)On a slightly related note, there was a huge revelation made in the last issue of Avengers: Children’s Crusade. Was the X-Office aware of what Allen Heinberg was planning, will it affect the future of the X-Men?

NL: Oh yeah. Allan is a friend and I’ve known about this from day 1 (several YEARS ago). It is hard to keep that cat in the bag! Children’s Crusade has a large impact on the Marvel Universe in general and the X-Men DEFINITELY feel impacts from this huge story.

5)Finally, we get introduced to a lethal new enemy. Is he a mutant? And will he (hopefully) be a thorn in the X-Men’s side for years to come?

NL: He is not a mutant, but he will DEFINITELY be a thorn in the X-Men’s side. Kade Kilgore is the best new villain in the Marvel U in a LONG time. When I read what Jason has him do in this series and when I learned what he does after Schism I got terrified. Those are the best days in this job.

Schism 2

Next month in Schism: ROBOT BLASTY TIME!

Ominous Portents of Potential Powerful Problems to come! Thanks to Nick Lowe for letting us peek into the X-Office a little bit, Schism #2 is out on July 27th, go check out the series, it’s going to be a huge punch to the gut of mutantkind, and word out of SDCC is that this will lead to a bigger uppercut next year!

I’ll have more interviews in the next few weeks, until next time…


– Raph


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