Midtown Children of the Blog! Raph here, with a little interview. Wolverine and Cyclops have ended their on-again, off-again bromance. Wolverine has taken a couple of key X-Men and most of the kids back to Westchester, to allow them to learn and be children. Scott, meanwhile, has dug in at Utopia and promises to defend mutantkind by any means necessary. All the while, the X-Men’s enemies salivate and move in for the kill… this is X-Men: Regenesis.

And my good, ol’ personal best friend (He doesn’t like acknowledging it) Nick Lowe was kind enough to answer my questions for YOU, the Midtown Comics Bloggerino, Bloggerucci, Blog- … you.

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1) Nick, Schism is over, the lines are drawn. I kind of feel that the new direction is driven by what Jason Aaron is doing over in Wolverine, does his mindset have to do with the aftermath of his dealings with the Red Right Hand?

NICK LOWE: Oh yeah. Nothing is accidental with Jason. He’s a rare writer and everything he’s doing in X-MEN: SCHISM, WOLVERINE, even ASTONISHING SPIDER-MAN & WOLVERINE and, now, WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN is tied together. It’s one big rich tapestry.

2) I’ve been waiting for Westchester to get rebuilt! Speaking of rebuilding, how did the team decide on how to rebuild the teams? In the Regenesis one-shot, we see Wolverine and Scott talk to the various X-Men veterans and trying to recruit them, was there a similar process with Jason Aaron and Kieron Gillen? Did they fight over who gets who?

NICK LOWE: Yes, I had Kieron and Jason on the phone and we went character by character with me portraying the character as each made their case. My Storm was particulary amazing. But really, both Kieron and Jason are well-versed in the X-Side of the Marvel U and we all made sure that everything flowed out of SCHISM and SECOND COMING and such. But there were a few cases of people wanting the same characters. One such character was Magik. Both wanted her, but with what Kieron was doing in UNCANNY during FEAR ITSELF made the case better character-wise for Cyclops’ side.

Team Wolverine… ignore the death squad to the left and it’s a pretty fun, light group!

3) In Wolverine and the X-Men, it seems like Logan and Co. are going to deal with the New Hellfire Club directly, basically following up on Schism. What’s up with Scott’s team?

NICK LOWE: Oh, they are dealing with Mr. Sinister. He is back and Kieron has not only made him much more terrifying than you’ve ever seen him, but we are finally getting a window into Mr. S’s motives. I never noticed as a kid, but  he never really… well… expressed any reason behind any of his actions. That was my and Kieron’s goal for this return. And I am REALLY excited for everyone to read it.

Both books do a great job of introducing a huge threat in their first arc that will be haunting them longterm.

Not much smiling going on…

4) Speaking of Scott, what kind of dark places is he going? I’ve loved his hard as nails approach post-Messiah CompleX, but I wonder if there’s going to be a price extracted from my favorite X-Man?

NICK LOWE: He’s certainly had to shoulder a lot of burdens and that is never easy on one’s soul. But if anyone can get through it, it’s Scott Summers. He is one of the strongest most adaptable characters I’ve ever read.

5) What about Hope? She’s leading the newest generation of mutants into the world… will she lose new recruits to Wolverine’s school?

NICK LOWE: Wolverine would definitely be remiss not to go after any new mutant activations, wouldn’t he? Sure would be interesting…

That WOULD be interesting. The X-Men are one of comics’ longest running soap operas, but I think now would be a good a time as any to jump on board. Pick a side, or pick both, either way, the X-Men are in for some crazy times.

That’s it for this time, thanks for reading, feel free to leave some comments, or some suggestions as to who I should harass with my jibba-jabba next. Until next time—



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