Midtownies! Raph here with another exclusive interview! This time, Mark Waid was kind enough to answer some questions about his run on Daredevil, part of Marvel’s “BIG SHOTS”. Here you go!

Here comes… SMILEY Daredevil?!?

1)Mark, your take on Daredevil is really interesting. After the monumental hole THREE writers (Brian Michael Bendis, Ed Brubaker, Andy Diggle) have dug for our Horned Hero, you’ve picked him up, dusted him off, and have him smiling and taking risks with a glee not seen in a very long time. Why the paradigm shift? Is Matt going to eventually have to face these massive demons?

MARK WAID: The paradigm shift came from discussion with my editor, Steve Wacker, affirming my instinct that now’s the time to step out of the long shadow of the creative genius Frank Miller and try something a little new. For a long, long time, Matt Murdock’s life has been one of relentless agony, and we honestly didn’t feel like making the noose around his neck any tighter than it already was, not without killing the poor guy. But, yes, he’s ABSOLUTELY going to have to face his past demons, and soon; Matt’s going to come to find out that ignoring your problems and pretending the past doesn’t exist is no real long-term solution.
2)It seems like New York is playing a huge role in DD. You’ve taken him out of Hell’s Kitchen more than I remember in recent years, will that be happening more often?

MW: Yeah. As Wacker points out, the real-life Hell’s Kitchen is actually a pretty decent neighborhood in the 21st century. (Good work, Daredevil!) The plan is to move him around New York–and beyond–as he gets back into the Marvel Universe proper.

3)You’ve had long, extensive runs on some of comics’ biggest characters (Captain America, The Flash), and Daredevil is known for it’s runs by great writers (Frank Miller, Bendis, etc.), are you expecting to leave your stamp on the Man Without Fear as well?

MW: Yow. Time will tell. I’m no judge of that. All I can say is that I want to do right by the character and I have a lot of ideas, maybe years’ worth, with more coming up all the time. And I’m having a blast writing Daredevil. Let’s see how that translates.
4)Going to some of your other work, things seem kind of bleak for the Earth of Irredeemable, as the Plutonian and his unstoppable allies are now planetside… any hope for humanity surviving the rage of an unstable hero who feels wronged by them?

MW: Nope.

The Man Himself… Mark Waid!

5)What kind of adventures can we expect for Ol’ Hornhead in the coming months? I hear a career change is in the works for Matt Murdock.

MW: Career shift, more accurately. He’ll still be practicing law…but he’s gonna find a new way to do it that doesn’t endanger his clients or make them the focus of a media circus as seen in issue one. Meanwhile, as Daredevil, he’s about to become a major thorn in the side of all Marvel’s “megacrime” organizations–A.I.M., Hydra, and all the others–as of developments in issue six. Beyond that, let’s just throw some words out: Latveria. Falcon. Punisher.  Moloids. Ponder those.


That’s all for now! Thanks to Mark for talking with us here, be sure to check out Daredevil #2 out this week! Next time, I’ll have some thoughts on the NEW DCU, until then–



– Raph

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