21 Sep, 2011

Fear Itself #6 with Matt Fraction

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MIDTOWN BLOGGA DAWGS! Raph here with a DOUBLE DOSE. This time, it’s time to show Marvel some love, and talk to my close, personal best friend (… don’t ask me to prove this) Matt Fraction about Fear Itself, what with issue 6 having come out last week! I also got an EXCLUSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT out of Matt, so without further ado…


Not a good man to have down either. How many more ways can you say WE’RE DOOOOOMMMEEDD??!!??!!

1. So here we are. Penultimate doom. The final refrain, as Thor said. The Holy before the—you get the point. You’ve gather all of the major players together. Odin’s got a monstrous legion of 30,000 Asgardians… and that’s STILL not ENOUGH???

MATT FRACTION: YES. Exactly. What could make Odin himself afraid? This. The Serpent. This thing that is happening right now. All of it– Odin’s whole history as a character– tried to avoid it. We see what happened the last time he and the Serpent fought in THOR #7– you get to see the scar get made, as it were.
2. I’ve never seen Cap so beaten. He’s lost his best friend, he’s lost his best weapon… and he still has the gumption to take on Odin AND stand alone against the Serpent… Steve Rogers: Great American Hero or Greatest American Hero?

MF: That’s really kind of it, isn’t it? Last man standing. Even “loss” to Cap looks &%$#ing glorious to us normal folk. There’s a reason why he’s a global inspiration, right? I think so, anyway.


“Dude… you and the dwarfs TOTALLY TRASHED this place!” “Yeah…no more parties”
3. Tony finally finishes working on those weapons in Svartalfheim, and I notice some motifs among the weapons, including a gauntlet of claws, a bow and a hammer on a chain… is this sort of a way of mythologizing the Marvel heroes, giving them ancient, epic weapons to wage ancient, epic WAR? It feels to me like it’s a potent sign of Marvel heroes as our modern myths. Just an observation.

MF: Yeah, no, that’s EXACTLY it. These heroes, the Marvel pantheon, are the modern myths.  It’s a stab at saying that, basically. 
4. The relationship between father and son is one that’s up and down and topsy-turvy. I know better than most. Thor and Odin though, can turn theirs into a multi-million dollar theme park. The quiet moments where Thor heals reveals a lot about Odin. Is it possible that Odin feels fear in his heart as well? Fear for his son’s safety? You also do that parent-child bit with Skadi/Sin and The Serpent… is that a portent of things to come? The next generation inheriting the burdens of the world?

MF: That scene’s, the THOR/ODIN scene, that’s the heart of the whole series. Of course he feels fear. That’s what parenthood is, writ large. Fear and love and hope and joy and bliss and everything else but– but fear. The things you project onto your children, for good or for ill, feel so HUGE… I dunno, it’s hard to explain. It sorta makes FEAR ITSELF slot nicely into the stuff I tend to ruminate about when writing if nothing else. 


And the thing with Sin and the Serpent– well, nobody’s the villain of their own story, y’know?

“Splish-Splash I was taking a ba-AAAAHHH OH GOD IT BURNS IT BURNS HELP ME!”
5. Finally, this is more of an Iron Man thing, but it’s tied into Fear Itself… will we see more of those swearing dwarves of Svartalfheim in the future? I (I want to use the symbols but I don’t know where to begin to look) LOVE THEM!

MF: Yes. Splitlip is coming back with Tony and will begin working at STARK RESILIENT. You heard it here first, Midtowners!


THERE YOU HAVE IT! A Midtown Comics Blog EXCLUSIVE! Splitlip the Dwarf is going to be a member of Stark Resilient! Thanks again to Matt for indulging me! Thanks to YOU for reading this, I’ll be back next week with more, in the meantime—



–       Raph

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