Midtown Bloggoroski’s! Raph here, and I’ve got the finale of the Fear Itself Interviews with Matt Fraction! Matt and I discuss the last issue of Fear Itself, and the repercussions of Fear Itself, leading into 2012… read on!

“Thou hath something in thine MOUTH!”

1) Here we are Matt, the final refrain. Thor vs. The Serpent. I was thinking maybe prophecy wouldn’t be served, but I was wrong. Was Thor ever going to survive at any point of the plotting process? Was this a decision you made, vs. discussing it with others who also have access to Thor (specifically with Thor being on Avengers, which Brian Bendis writes)?

MATT FRACTION: Nope. It came as I was building the outline. it’s never the kind of thing I’d ever feel comfortable just “deciding” and, honestly, I’m not sure there’s any writer that could simply mandate something like that without speaking to editorial. I had the idea, threw it to Tom and we talked it over. And it gave me stories going forwards. Everybody’s made aware of what’s happening.

2)I liked how you interspersed fight panels with panels around the world featuring news reports of people fighting their fear. Was that a story point as well as a metaphorical point? Meaning, did that weaken the Serpent enough for Thor to finish him off? 

MF: If that’s how you read it, if that’s what you took away from it, I think that sounds great.

AWWW YEAH! Time for me to kick some– wait… I’m getting CUT?!?

3)I will say I was mildly disappointed to not see “Iron Destroyer” show off the Uru armor Odin blessed for him, but it was cool to see the other Uru enhanced heroes go at it, as well as Captain America get another shot at wielding Mjolnir. Was it hard choosing which characters to feature in the fight scenes? Does Stuart also kind of pick and choose?

MF: Check out FEAR ITSELF 7.3. You get to see Tony use it one last time.

And no, it was really more about keeping the Uru-enchanted hero weapons down to a remotely usable number. Even then so many didn’t get enough page time. 

4)We get a moment that’s very telling, with Captain America clutching an unconscious Sin (not Skadi), almost demanding her to wake up so he can kick her ass again. She then escapes, how pissed off must Cap be?

 MF: Furious. Read THE FEARLESS.

“Mine’s bigger.” “Mine’s will shoot tons of tiny holes through you” “Mine will make you into pancakes with a red smear in the middle.” “Point taken.”

5) Speaking of Sin escaping, the Fear Itself aftermath series Fearless started just as Fear Itself finished. There seem to be a few threads going on, including Sin and Valkyrie hunting the hammers of the Serpent, and a new character (Marcus Johnson) becoming a very wanted man (in the preferably dead than alive sense), what can we expect from the series? How much input do you have in the book, I saw that you’re co-writing it with Chris Yost and Cullen Bunn?

 MF: FEARLESS is about the race to contain these stunning new weapons that have been scattered around the earth. BATTLE SCARS is the story of one man’s aftermath and how, in the ashes of FEAR ITSELF, he finds that he’s got a fantastic destiny that’s out there waiting for him.

It’s a bit like a writer’s room. I had a louder voice as the books were gestating and remain present as a kind of vaguely editorial voice in the story creation. FEARLESS is very much Cullen’s book and BATTLE SCARS Chris’. 

6) Finally, there have been a few teaser images to next year’s big book, Shattered Heroes. This includes a Red Star (Winter Soldier?) and a Phoenix (double page spread!)… can you offer us any more teasing of the written sense?

 MF: There’s a reason FEAR ITSELF and SCHISM concluded around the same time. Keep reading, keep reading. We’re like the cylons. We’ve always got a plan.

So there we go Midtown Blog Reader! Check out Fear Itself: The Fearless and all of the other aftermath to see what the House of Ideas has brewing!

I want to thank Matt Fraction for allowing me to hassle him for all of these months. He’s been very gracious and kind with this segment. Whatever’s up next for Matt, I sure am looking forward to it! Until next time–

–Stay bloggy.

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