12 Dec, 2011

IDW Loves the 80’s!

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The 80’s we’re memorable for classic product based cartoons like Ghostbusters, Transformers and GI Joe; and one of our personal favorites: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! All of these great properties have made a comeback in one way or another.

IDW has taken note of this and is putting out comics for all of our 80’s favorites! Here’s a short list!


Ghostbusters has had rumors of a 3rd movie being in the works, and there is also a video game available for your enjoyment. IDW also has released a few mini-series starring Ray, Egon, Peter and Winston. All of it is available in collections! IDW also recently started a new ongoing series, so check that out!


Transformers has long had success in the funny book format. Marvel Comics, whose parent company was responsible for the cartoon, featured Transformers in the Marvel Universe! The license for the comic book has jumped from company to company (Dreamwave, then IDW). IDW has been publishing the franchise in 2005, including Generation One as well as Beast Wars. Some of the best comics series have come in the past few years, like All Hail Megatron.


Another Hasbro franchise, GI Joe made it’s way to IDW and also has been incredible. Not only have they done a great main series for GI Joe, but they have expanded on Cobra as well. Right now, there is a Civil War, one which sees a new Cobra Commander rise to power. Not only does IDW produce new material, they have also revived the old! GI Joe: A Real American Hero was originally published by Marvel Comics in the 1980’s, and they have brought it back with original series writer Larry Hama writing! And now you know, and knowing is… good. YO JOE!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


A personal favorite of mine (for obvious reasons), Ninja Turtles recently was sold by creators Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird to Nickelodeon. IDW acquired the license and has since released 4 issues of a new ongoing series, which creator Eastman is working on as well! The company also has done a re-release of the first 10 issues into a beautifully bound hardcover! If you enjoyed the cartoons or the original comics, this is definitely for you!

So if you look fondly on the days of neon, leg warmers, perms and awesome cartoons, check these books out!

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