Midtown Bloggerinos! It’s AvX time again! This week, I got to ask Nick Lowe, editor of the X-Men books, about his own take on this massive crossover. Enjoy!

1. Two issues in, it’s clear that the time for talk is over. We’re getting some explosive battles between the two teams, how difficult was it to get the creative and editorial teams to agree on certain things happening? I have to imagine there was a lot of push and pull.

There was some push and pull, but most a bunch of fists pumping in the air. The five writers were totally copacetic when we were all in the room working this whole thing out. As for the specific AVX #2 fight, Jason just did a terrific job. I think he was maybe a little nice to the Avengers, but I was really happy with the awesome fight that he (and JRJR) choreographed. 

2. This may be a meeting of two of the biggest teams in all of comics, but it’s also a confluence of Marvel’s biggest talents. How did you guys come up with the collaboration of so much talent together?

This was something that Axel pushed for first and foremost. First, in an event heavy recent history we knew we had to get the message across that this was much bigger than anything we’d done and we had to get across just how special it was. We had done a few VERY successful X-Men events in this style, so Axel thought it might work to get that message out. The five writers embraced it heartily (with Brian leading a rallying battle cry at a retreat) and the three artists were just so damn perfect a fit! Basically, we wanted to put as many of our best resources in play in AVX as possible.

The first shot fired.
3. This saga with Hope has been building pretty much since Messiah CompleX, House of M even… is AvX going to close this ongoing epoch of Marvel lore?

This definitely feeds off of some of the House of M and Messiah Complex stuff that was going on, but more importantly, this is a huge story that is ready for new and lapsed readers. It definitely picks up on past stories a little, but for the most part, it starts fresh with #1 and goes from there. It’s big and nuts and awesome. 

10 bucks on blondie!
4. The series also happens to be a fanboy’s dream: it’s full of answers to “who would win” questions. Is there a particular moment you’re looking forward to?

I’m really looking forward to #5 which is the end of Act 1 of the story. Matt Fraction wrote a kickass script for it and JRJR is slaving away on it. But it’s going to knock people’s socks off. 

5. We got a couple of moments with Wolverine, where all the mutants are calling him traitor. Will this series take it’s toll on Logan?

Oh, fo sho. There is a LOT at stake for Wolverine and his school here and he’s got a lot of emotions getting churned here. He may have healing factor, but he can and will get hurt.


Exciting stuff! Avengers vs. X-Men #3 is out this week! Check it out! Until next time–

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