Marvel continuity spans a lot of books, and a lot of history, and since this isn’t a wiki, we’re going to highlight some books we like a lot, and you can use as a guide to the heroes of the Marvel U!

The Continuity Movers!

These are the books that are the “mainline” Marvel Continuity, meaning that if you want to be in the thick of all things Marvel, you need to read these:


Both of these books are written by Marvel Architect Brian Michael Bendis, and the Avengers have been THE Marvel franchise since Bendis has taken over. The team has been in the middle of every major Marvel event, and will continue to do so in this summer’s Avengers vs. X-Men! The two titles relaunched last year, and in this day and age, the trade collections come speedy: the first 12 issues are available in 2 soft cover volumes.



This series stars a new character, Marcus Johnson, who is being hunted by practically everyone in the Marvel Universe, hero and villain. The reason for this is supposed to be huge, and considering that two of the biggest mercenaries, Taskmaster and Deadpool, have shown up this could be a doozy.



We’ve sung the praises of this series before, but the current story with the Mandarin not only going after Tony with revamped villains, but his credibility as well has been one that people have clamored for. Tony’s been torn down and rebuilt, and now he’s got to face his rogues gallery with their major upgrades as well as having problems with his own tech.



Spinning out of Fear Itself, last year’s big event, The Fearless surrounds the Hammers of the Serpent and the two women questing for them: Valkyrie and Sin. Valkyrie has been sent by Odin to find and destroy these hammers; Sin wants them to reform the Serpent’s Worthy, with herself in the lead as Skadi! If Sin wins, she could create a new stable of dangerous villains that could make things rough for our beloved heroes!



Coming out of Schism, the X-Men have split. Wolverine thinks the mutant children need a place to learn and grow as children, while Cyclops is ready to turn everyone into soldiers for mutant survival. Uncanny follows the expoits of Cyclops and his Extinction team: all of the big hitters that are left on Utopia. Cyclops has become increasingly militant, and this may be the reason why we get Avengers fighting X-Men!



Meanwhile, Wolverine is back in Westchester with his group, teaching the next generation of mutantkind. The book is much lighter in tone than Uncanny, and was one of our picks for Superhero series you should be reading about a month or so ago. Still, a school of kids with powers that could devastate, just a few miles away from the superhero capital of the world? This might not bode well…



This is perhaps the biggest miniseries Marvel is making, and is the direct predecessor to Avengers vs. X-Men. Cable, thought to be dead, is capturing Avengers one-by-one. The reason? In the future, the Avengers do something to Hope Summers, his daughter, to prevent her from saving mutantkind! What could it possibly be? Having to fight Earth’s Mightiest Heroes isn’t easy, but top that with the fact that the techno-organic virus is eating him up, and things don’t bode well. This series is going to be a game changer, and has to be looked at if you want to get in on the ground floor of Avengers vs. X-Men!

That’s all for now, but next time we’ll post the books you can read without worrying about all of this crazy continuity! Until then—

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