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Midtown Blogger Cakes! Raph here with another chat with X-Men editor Nick Lowe, this time we’re discussing Schism #2. Enjoy!

Nick Lowe
X-Editor Nick Lowe

1. So we now see a few moments after the world’s response to Quentin Quire’s disastrous appearance at the UN arms council. It turns out most of the world DOESN’T have Sentinels ready to hunt mutants down within their borders. Can the X-Men breathe easier after they deal with these faulty robots? Is this part of Kilgore’s plane to capitalize and create a new empire built on a new arms race?

[Lowe, Nick] What you’re seeing in SCHISM #2 is the tip of the iceberg. The X-Men don’t solve the Sentinel problem this issue, but you’re seeing the first response. And not all the Sentinels were faulty, they just aren’t standing up to the experienced forces of the X-Men. But whether they are faulty or just not effective, it certainly seems like good news to our 12-year-old weapons’ manufacturer CEO and Black King of the Hellfire Club, doesn’t it?

2. I’ve enjoyed Cyclops a great deal in the post-“House of M” era. He’s making hard, sometimes unpopular choices. He pushes ahead, not for himself, but for the sake of mutantkind. You mentioned the tension between Scott and Logan heating up, and it seems like that’s already starting. Cyclops actually harbors Quentin Quire from Steve Rogers, while Wolverine wanted to turn him in… will we see repercussions from the rest of the Marvel U, like the Avengers?

[Lowe, Nick] You are definitely seeing the tension racheted up and it only continues. As for the repercussions from the rest of the Marvel U, you’ll have to wait and see what form that takes. Steve Rogers certainly won’t be happy if he sees Quentin in the company of the X-Men.

3. How will the world react to the mutants saving them from the Sentinels? One of my favorite moments was Kitty in that Middle Eastern country talking to it’s leader, who remarked on a woman saving him, and Kitty then mentioning she was also Jewish.

[Lowe, Nick] The world will probably be even madder and full of more hate. Per the usual, as with the mutants.

4. Kade Kilgore not only has the backing of his father’s company, but the resources of the now non-mutant Hellfire Club… what kind of damage can he do with that? And who’s the Hitgirl-esque little girl? She’s like the daughter of Wolverine except with a little more sunshine and rainbows.

[Lowe, Nick] You are going to get the full biographical rundown of the Hellfire kids in SCHISM #3 and it will fill you with such glee, I can’t wait. Speaking of Glee, I better talk  Jason Aaron into a musical issue where the Hellfire kids break into song.

Pink fluffly Lightsabers?!?

5. It’s strange that Kilgore WANTED the X-Men’s big guns at the event he’s broken into… will Kade be taking down X-Men? Is he setting up a massive trap for them?

[Lowe, Nick] I will tell you this, Kade was a boyscout and, while he violates most of their policies is the embodiment of “Be prepared.”

Well there you have it! Thanks again to the folks over at Marvel for letting us in on what’s going on there! But of course, there’s the other Titan of Comics, DC. The new relaunch is coming soon, and next time, I’ll have my final thoughts on this era of DC Comics, and what I look forward to in the next one. See you next time and—



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