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The final chapter of Dark Knight III: The Master Race is approaching, and we’re going to celebrate it in a huge way: a limited fan Q&A and signing with Frank Miller and Klaus Janson! You – yeah, you – have the chance to meet the iconic duo and attend this unforgettable event! Do you want to attend the celebration? Read on to find out how!

  • Email with the subject line “Dark Knight Event”
  • In 3 sentences AT MOST, say why you want to attend
  • Share the 1 question that you want to ask Frank and/or Klaus

Follow those 3 simple steps and you’re in the running for a seat… yup, it’s that easy! If you do not follow the rules your email will not be considered for a seat, so please make sure you review the three simple rules above! Winners will be contacted via email and given event details, so be sure to check your inbox daily in mid-late May!

If you don’t win a seat, don’t worry about it! The Q&A portion of the event will be streaming on Facebook Live at the Midtown Comics page!

Dark Knight Square

Midtown Comics will not provide transportation or lodging for seat winners, so people who enter should be in or near New York City. The celebration will take place during the week of the comic’s release; full details will be emailed to seat winners.

Read DKIII issues here:


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