Enter the fabulous world of comics and intern for the premier retailer! We are looking for a Part-Time eBay Specialist with an expert knowledge of comics, toys, and collectibles!

The Comics/Collectives and eBay Specialist is responsible for maintaining all aspects of an active Premium eBay Store. This includes listings up to 500 auctions each month and controlling a fixed price listing inventory of up to 1000 items.

Essential Duties

  • List new auctions (amount varies based on available spaces) every Wednesday. This includes photographing items efficiently, photoshopping those pictures to adhere to eBay standards, creating listings with HTML language in Turbo Lister.
  • Constantly evaluate the inventory for items to list/re-list as fixed.
  • Prepare sold items for shipment and/or in-store pick up
  • Control and maintain fixed/auction inventory
  • Write a weekly newsletter that highlights new listings, special listings, and rarities.
  • Reserve incentive books from the main website inventory to list as auctions on eBay.
  • Answer all correspondence regarding eBay store; including but not limited to general customers inquiries, returns, refunds, complaints, and feedback.
  • Be responsible for filtering correspondence that comes into the WeBuy email account; these are emails from customers looking to sell comics and collectives.
  • Occasionally participate in in-store buying days that are held in order to procure more products for the store.

Skills Needed

  • Experience in running a high traffic eBay store.
  • Experience in Microsoft Office Suite, (Word, Excel and Outlook).
  • Experience with eBay Turbo Lister.
  • High-level customer service skills.
  • Heavy knowledge of comics, toys, statues, collectives and pop culture.
  • Knowledge of current industry trends, (upcoming movies/comic book storylines).
  • The ability to capitalize on these trends at the proper time with corresponding items.


Schedule hours: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Please email your resume, cover letter with your email address and availability for a phone interview to:  jobs@midtowncomics.com with subject line “Comics/Collectibles and eBay Specialist Job”

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