Greeting Merry Midtown Men and Women! For the past few months, the Ultimate Universe has had a foreboding banner on its two main books. Both Ultimate Comics Spider-Man and Ultimate Comics Avengers vs. Ultimates have featured the banner: The Death of Spider-Man! Not a hoax! Not a dream!

This week, Marvel announced what’s next in store for our Ultimate Web-Head: a new Spider-Man! Peter Parker is no longer Spider-Man, as Axel Alonso, Marvel Editor-In-Chief explains: “We called this story Death of Spider-Man for a reason. This is a huge story that’ll have fans around the world talking for a long time as we set the stage for the debut of our new Spider-Man.” So is Peter retiring… or is the new guy taking the mantle of a fallen hero… hmmm…

June’s Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #160 is the conclusion of the story, and it’s going to be in a special polybag (to prevent spoilers and invite some more 90’s nostalgia), and the new costume (shown above) will make it’s debut. Already, there’s some buzz, as the New York Post covered the Spider-Man event on Monday.

What is Peter’s fate? Will he live to see the new Spider-Man? Will anyone else in his extended family suffer a cruel fate? Only June’s offering of Ultimate Spider-Man will provide answers! In the meantime, check out the current issues of Both Ultimate Comics Spider-Man and Ultimate Comics Avengers vs. Ultimates. There will be second printings available next month (May 11th and 18th), but you can still find some first printings at the Midtown Comics branches.

I’ve been on board with Ultimate Spider-Man since about issue 40, and I’ve loved the series for about 8 years, it’d be pretty gutsy to kill of Peter Parker, but the Ultimate Universe lends itself to this sort of risky storytelling. It’s one thing to kill a member of a team like Human Torch or Nightcrawler, it’s another to kill one of the most recognizable cultural icons in the world. Let’s see what Marvel has to offer!


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