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A Warm Welcome back for Wolverine!
Okay, he’s not quite back yet, but the return of you-know-who begins in The Hunt for Wolverine #1 by Charles Soule, with the first piece of a mystery that will leave no corner of the Marvel Universe untouched!  Looking for pure evil?  Look no further than Thanos Annual #1, where you’ll also find the all-new Cosmic Ghost Rider! Never fear, there’s a plethora of sensational heroes on the horizon, as the Batman family assembles in Batman and the Signal #3, Detective Comics #979, and Batman Beyond #19! Plus, the Amazons of Themyscira face off against Darkseid and his army in the pages of Wonder Woman #45!




Spotlight on savings:
Enhance your comic collection with much Marvel merriment and save BIG from Amazing Spider-Man to X-Men! Take 20% off all Marvel back issues this week!  Also, there’s only one week left to save up to 40% off all collectibles: POP! vinyl figures, drinkware, bobble heads, refrigerator magnets and more! These sales are online only, and some exceptions may apply.




Action Comics #1000 DF Covers

Action Comics #1000 Regular

Action Comics #1000 Midtown Exclusive

Action Comics #1000 Midtown Exclusive B&W

Action Comics 80 Years of Superman HC

Action Comics #1000




Batman And The Signal #3

Batman Beyond #19

Batman Beyond #19 Variant Dave Johnson Cover

Detective Comics #979

Detective Comics #979 Variant Rafael Albuquerque Cover

Batgirl #22







World at War:
It’s all-out war for Themyscira! Jason’s been handed a gift from the gods that could turn the tide, but how will he use it? And is this gift actually what he believes it to be? Else, Diana has been separated from the Amazons in their hour of need! As a new breed of Parademon is unleashed on Paradise Island, Grail gathers her army with blood in her eyes. It’s going to take all of Wonder Woman’s strength to finish the fight against Darkseid! James Robinson and Emanuela Lupacchino present Wonder Woman #45!







Justice League Of America #29

Suicide Squad #40

Mother Panic Gotham A.D. #2

Flash #45

Flash #45 Variant David Finch & Danny Miki Cover

Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corps #43

Trinity #22

Teen Titans #19

Titans Annual #2




Titans Go:
Beast Boy has gone rogue, turned by the nefarious Puppeteer into an unstoppable killing machine, along with hundreds of innocent teenagers! Can the Teen Titans stop their former friend from going on a deadly rampage and put an end to the Puppeteer’s reign once and for all? Benjamin Percy and Scot Eaton team up for Teen Titans #19! Meanwhile, the Titans have discovered the shocking truth behind the Bliss conspiracy, but they’re too late! With the Justice League off the board and the Titans themselves divided, who will stand against the Brain and Monsieur Mallah? Dan Abnett and Tom Grummett team for Titans Annual #2!










Batman (Rebirth) Vol 5 Rules Of Engagement TP

Flash Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 2 HC

Nightwing (Rebirth) Vol 5 Raptors Revenge TP

JSA The Golden Age TP New Edition

Injustice 2 Vol 1 TP

Injustice 2 Vol 2 HC




In Need of Justice:
Superman is imprisoned, and it’s up to Batman to put the world back together! But Batman doesn’t have a lot of allies left to help stop new threats to the world! And when Harley Quinn has an encounter with Amanda Waller, the New Suicide Squad will take the world by storm! Injustice 2 TP Vol 1 collects issues 1-6 of the hit series. Then, Batman recruits Ted Kord to join his new Justice League Council! But when Harley finally meets the person pulling the Suicide Squad’s strings, the heroes will find themselves facing certain doom! Injustice 2 HC Vol 2 collects 7-12 of Injustice 2. Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, and more present these titanic tales of triumph!




Motherlands #4

Doom Patrol #11

Hellblazer #21

Demon Hell Is Earth #6

Raven Daughter Of Darkness #4

Sleeper Book 1 TP




Preaching to the Choir:
All good things must come to an end, but you can bet that Jesse Custer is going out with a bang! Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s masterpiece reaches its conclusion in Absolute Preacher HC Vol 3! Collecting issues 41-66 of the critically acclaimed series, as well as Preacher Special: Tall in the Saddle, the tale of Jesse Custer’s dark journey to find God takes a detour as he becomes the sheriff of a troubled Texas town! Then, Jesse decides it’s time to find God and hold him accountable for his actions! It’s all been leading to this, and now it’s all collected in the prestigious Absolute format!




Hunt For Wolverine #1 Regular Steve McNiven Cover

Hunt For Wolverine #1 Variant Marco Checchetto Young Guns Cover

Hunt For Wolverine #1 Variant Adam Kubert Teaser Cover

Hunt For Wolverine #1 Variant Blank Cover

Hunt For Wolverine #1 Incentive Elizabeth Torque Variant Cover

Hunt For Wolverine #1 Incentive Mike Deodato Jr Variant Cover

Hunt For Wolverine #1 Incentive Steve McNiven Sketch Cover

Hunt For Wolverine #1 Incentive Adam Kubert Remastered Wraparound Color Variant Cover

View All Covers




Logan’s Run:
The return of Wolverine begins here, providing the first clues in the mystery that will leave no corner of the Marvel Universe untouched! Just as the X-Men have finally come to terms with the death of Logan, they learn a terrible secret that will rock them to their core! As old wounds are re-opened and truths are questioned, an epic quest for answers begins as everybody wants to be the one to find Wolverine! But with so many players on the field, how long will it be until Logan unsheathes his claws and gets roped into the fight?! Death of Wolverine writer Charles Soule returns to resurrect Logan with superstar artist David Marquez in The Hunt of Wolverine #1! And for our friends in NYC, please join us for a sensational signing with Charles Soule on Friday, April 27th to celebrate!




Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #303 Variant Rob Liefeld Venom 30th Anniversary Cover

Mighty Thor #706 Variant Mark Bagley Venom 30th Anniversary Cover

Invincible Iron Man #599 Variant Akcho Venom 30th Anniversary Cover







Avengers #1
By Clayton Crain

Venom #1
By Francesco Mattina & Will Sliney

Amazing Spider-Man #800
By Francesco Mattina & Will Sliney




Domino #1 Midtown Exclusive Cover

Domino #1 Midtown Exclusive Signed by Gail Simone

X-Men Domino TP




Winner Take All:
Thanos is likely the most evil being that the universe has ever known. With countless conquests under his belt, the Mad Titan has dominated planet after planet in his pursuit of victory. And nobody knows him better than the Spirit of Vengeance, the all-new Cosmic Ghost Rider! Take a trip through Thanos’ history of destruction as his most heinous deeds are revealed by the Ghost Rider himself! The acclaimed run of Donny Cates continues with artist Geoff Shaw on Thanos Annual #1!




Mighty Thor #706 Regular Russell Dauterman Cover

Mighty Thor #706 Variant Walter Simonson Cover

Mighty Thor #706 Variant Marco Checchetto Young Guns Cover




Avengers #690 Regular Mark Brooks Cover

Avengers #690 Variant Chris Sprouse End Of An Era Cover

Avengers #690 Variant Inhyuk Lee Cover




An Era Ends:
The battle for the Earth is over, but who is left standing? In the wake of the cosmic clash of champions that shook the planet to its very core, is there anybody left to answer the call to action? And as the remaining heroes try to bury their dead, will a new crop of heroes rise to action? An era of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes comes to an end as Mark Waid, Al Ewing, Jim Zub, and Paco Medina present Avengers #690. It’s a celebration you won’t want to miss!




Doctor Strange Damnation #4 Regular Rod Reis Cover

Doctor Strange Damnation #4 Variant Greg Smallwood Connecting Cover

Doctor Strange Damnation #4 Variant Ron Lim Cover




Exiles #2 Regular David Marquez Cover

Exiles #2 Variant Mike McKone Character Cover

Exiles #2 Incentive Javier Rodriguez Variant Cover




She is Born Upon the Breeze:
Coming from the land of ice and snow, Valkyrie answers the call to arms! The fire demon Surtur tries to bring Ragnarok to fruition, but it may be the might of the Time-Eater that truly spells doom! As Blink assembles with team of adventurers to try to save all of existence, the final pieces come into place to defend all of existence. But when the team picks up Wolverine, will the red on his claws prove to be the teams undoing? Saladin Ahmed and Javier Rodriguez team for Exiles #2!




Invincible Iron Man #599

All-New Wolverine #34

Old Man Hawkeye #4

Venom #165

Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #303

Spider-Gwen #31

Despicable Deadpool #299

Doctor Strange #389

Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #30

Legion #4

Moon Knight #194

X-Men Blue #26




X-Men Domino TP

Superior Spider-Man Complete Collection Vol 1 TP

Jessica Jones Vol 3 Return Of The Purple Man TP

Legion Son Of X Vol 3 Revenants TP

Spirits Of Vengeance War At The Gates Of Hell TP

Captain America Epic Collection Vol 15 Bloodstone Hunt TP










Star Wars Darth Vader #15

Star Wars Doctor Aphra #19

Star Wars Darth Vader Dark Lord Of The Sith Vol 2 Legacys End TP




Domino #1 signed by Gail Simone

Batman and the Signal #1 signed by Cully Hamner

Isola #1 signed by Brenden Fletcher and Karl Kerschl

Void Trip #1 Signed by Plaid Klaus

New Mutants Dead Souls #1 signed by Matthew Rosenberg

Eternity Girl #1 Signed By Magdalene Visaggio

Green Hornet #1 signed by Amy Chu

The Wilds #1 signed by Vita Ayala

Kingpin #1 signed by Matthew Rosenberg

Paper Girls HC signed by BKV & Cliff Chiang and Paper Girls/Private Eye bundle by BKV

Angelic #1 signed by Si Spurrier and Caspar Wijngaard

Secret Warriors #1 signed by Matt Rosenberg




Image Firsts Afar #1

Image Firsts Age Of Bronze #1

Image Firsts Curse Words #1

Image Firsts Fear Agent #1

Image Firsts Moonshine #1

Image Firsts Moonstruck #1

Image Firsts Redneck #1

Image Firsts Street Angel #1

View All Image Firsts!




I’d Buy That for a Dollar:
Image Comics presents a wide variety of their latest and greatest hits for only one dollar each! Try out new books from one of the top independent comic book publishers and grab a great deal! Enjoy a world of wizardry and chaos in Curse Words #1 by Charles Soule and Ryan Browne, or a classic tale of sci-fi action with Rick Remender and Tony Moore’s Fear Agent #1! Maybe it’s time to dive into one of the most talked about books of 2017 with the team of Donny Cates and Lisandro Estherren on Redneck #1! They’re all available for only one dollar each!













Aliens Dust To Dust #1

Forever War Forever Free #1

Lumberjanes #49

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2018 Annual #1

Lady Death Unholy Ruin #1

Sacred Creatures #6







Crossroad Blues A Nick Travers Graphic Novel TP

Fear Agent Final Edition Vol 1 TP

Dead Of Winter Vol 1 Good Good Dog GN

Hack Slash Resurrection Vol 1 TP

Stumptown Vol 2 Case Of The Baby In The Velvet Case TP

Girl In The Himalayas GN







Believe it,
G-Man and Henry!




This week’s featured eBay item is a Diamond Select Toys Marvel Milestones Ultimate Iron Man Statue. Here’s your chance to add this rare item to your collection! Also, remember to follow us on eBay to find even more rare comics, collectibles, and super hero savings! Check out the rest of our auctions today!




ORDER BACK ISSUES ONLINE AND PICK UP AT THE MIDTOWN COMICS LOCATION OF YOUR CHOICE! No fees! Our back issue codeword sales apply, so save big and pick up at Midtown Comics.




Tales of the Unexpected #45

Atom #6

Sub-Mariner #13

Superman #251

Adventure Comics #293




Warlord Vol 3

Titans Vol 2

Untold Tales of Spider-Man

She-Hulk Vol 2














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