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Welcome back to another action-packed week of comics!
The never-ending battle continues with Action Comics #1002 by Brian Michael Bendis!  If you’re not up to speed with this bold new era for Superman, now’s the time to jump on! Bat-tastic artist Kelly Jones returns to the Batcave with Batman Kings of Fear #1, and if that’s not enough, there’s much more coming from DC Comics like Suicide Squad Annual #1 and Damage Annual #1!  Look for a surfeit of fine and fabulous first issues from Marvel, including Punisher #1, West Coast Avengers #1, and best-selling author Nnedi Okorafor presents Wakanda Forever Avengers #1! All that, plus bold new adventures from indie creative powerhouses like Shadowman #6 and Die!Die!Die! #2! There’s ton to enjoy, so let’s dive in and explore!




Spotlight on savings:
Now’s the time to beef up that back issue collection, ‘cuz we don’t do this often!  From Action Comics, Amazing Spider-Man, and Batman, to Hellboy, Saga, Walking Dead, Wonder Woman, X-Men, Zatanna, and much more, take 20% off all back issues from ALL publishers, this week only!  We know you’re anxious to resume your studies, so we’re gonna make it easier for all and offer up to 40% off all books this week!  These sales are offered online only, and some exceptions may apply.







CGC at Midtown events:
Midtown Comics provides fans with rare opportunities to meet the biggest and best creators at our signing events. Now, Midtown Comics is adding to the experience with an opportunity for fans to get their books submitted for certification with the CGC Signature Series! Select events in New York City will have CGC representatives available to authenticate and witness the submission process for CGC grading.




Regular Greg Smallwood Cover

Variant Salvador Larroca Return Of The Fantastic Four Cover

Variant Blank Cover

Incentive Clayton Crain Variant Cover

Incentive Frank Cho Variant Cover

Incentive Mike Zeck Hidden Gem Color Variant Cover




Punisher no longer has the War Machine armor, but he retained his newly acquired taste for big game, and he’s hungry for more. However, the paths to such perilous pursuits are fraught with dangers bigger than any Frank has faced before, and this lone wolf could use otherworldly help on his way up to the world stage. Writer Matthew Rosenberg continues pushing the boundaries of Frank Castle alongside acclaimed artist Riccardo Burchielli in Punisher #1! And for our friends in New York City, be sure to join us for our signing with writer Matthew Rosenberg from Midtown Comics Downtown! It’s going to be a blast!




Regular Stefano Caselli Cover

Incentive Lauren Tsai Variant Cover

Incentive Paul Renaud Variant Cover




Westward Expansion:
A new era dawns as a new team of Avengers assembles! Hawkeye and Hawkeye! Some guy named Fuse! Kid Omega! America Chavez! Um… Gwenpool? A new team embarks on a journey to save the West Coast from certain doom when Kate Bishop uncovers a new threat that could devastate the country! Big things are headed for the West Coast, and it’s going to take this ragtag group of young heroes and the wisdom of Clint Barton to guide this new team through! Writer Kelly Thompson teams up with artist Stefano Caselli for West Coast Avengers #1!




Regular Terry Dodson Cover

Variant Yasmine Putri Connecting Cover

Variant Vanesa R Del Rey Cover




Regular In-Hyuk Lee Cover

Variant Paul Renaud Carol Danvers 50th Anniversary Cover

Incentive Jamal Campbell Variant Cover




The Good Life:
For years, Carol Danvers has served at the front lines of the battle for humanities future as a protector of justice. But sometimes, even the strongest heroes can be torn down from their inner demons. After a visit to her childhood home changes everything, Carol has to come to terms with the woman she was before she flew high above the clouds. As Captain Marvel stands down, Carol Danvers’ life is in danger as an unseen foe searches for her, tearing apart the coastal town of her childhood! Writer Margaret Stohl and artist Carlos Pacheco break down Carol Danvers in Life of Captain Marvel #2!




Regular Giuseppe Camuncoli Cover

Variant Chris Bachalo Cover

Variant Terry Dodson Spoiler Cover




Captain America #1 Midtown Exclusive Set With One Book Signed By Ta-Nehisi Coates

Captain America #1 Assorted Covers signed by John Tyler Christopher

Amazing Spider-Man #1 Signed by Nick Spencer







Amazing Spider-Man #4 Variant Chris Sprouse Return Of The Fantastic Four Cover

Venom #5 Variant Gerardo Zaffino Return Of The Fantastic Four Cover

Punisher #1 Variant Salvador Larroca Return Of The Fantastic Four Cover

X-Men Red #7 Variant David Marquez Return Of The Fantastic Four Cover

Avengers #6 Variant John Cassaday Return Of The Fantastic Four Cover

Sentry #3 Variant Phil Noto Return Of The Fantastic Four Cover




Cosmic Ghost Rider #1 By Christian Ward

Amazing Spider-Man #801 Connecting Variant by J. Scott Campbell

Amazing Spider-Man #1 Connecting Variant by J. Scott Campbell

Immortal Hulk #1 by Dale Keown

Venom #1 Connecting Variant by Francesco Mattina & Will Sliney

Amazing Spider-Man #800 Connecting Variant by Francesco Mattina & Will Sliney




Fantastic Four Worlds Greatest Comics Magazine TP

Fantastic Four By Jonathan Hickman Complete Collection Vol 1 TP

Venom Along Came A Spider TP

Hulk By Mark Waid & Gerry Duggan Complete Collection TP

Lockjaw Whos A Good Boy TP

Cloak And Dagger Predator And Prey TP




Amazing Spider-Man #4

X-Men Gold #34

Avengers #6

Mr & Mrs X #2 Regular Terry Dodson Cover

Mr & Mrs X #2 Incentive Jen Bartel Variant Cover

Daredevil #607

Old Man Hawkeye #8

Old Man Logan #46

X-Men Red #7




Red X:
Rogue and Gambit just wanted some time to themselves, but that was never in the cards. Tasked with protecting a mysterious package that everybody in the galaxy is ravenously hunting for, the newlyweds are going to have to deal with some uninvited guests. Why is Deadpool getting involved in this heist? What does everybody want with this thing? Writer Kelly Thompson and artist Oscar Bazaldua team up for Mr. and Mrs. X #2! Meanwhile, the X-Men are under attack! Deep beneath the sea in their Atlantean headquarters, Jean Grey’s team of mutants are fighting for their lives and they just might be in over their head. Writer Tom Taylor and artist Carmen Nunez Carnero present X-Men Red #7.




Star Wars Darth Vader #20

Star Wars Doctor Aphra #23

Star Wars Doctor Aphra #23 Variant Rod Reis Galactic Icon Cover




Regular Patrick Gleason Cover

Variant Francis Manapul Cover

Variant David Mack Cover




Time for Action:
The Man of Steel continues into a bold new era of adventure! Bodies are falling from the sky as the city of Metropolis finds itself slowly engulfed in a series of wretched fires. A new villainous syndicate seems to be the root of these dastardly events, but Superman’s in the dark as to why. Meanwhile, the return of an old flame might spell doom for Clark Kent! Writer Brian Michael Bendis continues his explosive run on the Last Son of Krypton alongside artist Patrick Gleason in Action Comics #1,002!




Detective Comics #987

Batman Beyond #23

Batman And The Signal TP




Batman #50 Midtown Exclusive Joe Jusko Regular Variant Cover

Batman #50 Midtown Exclusive Joe Jusko Graffiti Variant Cover

Action Comics #1000




Damaged from the Start:
Witness the origin of the DC Universe’s most destructive new hero! Ethan Avery volunteered to become the monstrous, living weapon of mass destruction known only as Damage, but he had no idea what he was getting into. As a young soldier, he only had one thing on his mind before he was changed to his very core! What happened to the other recruits to the top-secret program that birthed Damage and tasked him with destroying any enemy trying to create their own monster on a leash? Artist Diogenes Neves teams with writer Robert Venditti for Damage Annual #1!




Suicide Squad Annual #1

Wonder Woman #53

Terrifics #7

Silencer #8

Flash #53

Teen Titans #21




Better with Friends:
Thrown together to apprehend an escaped inmate, Solomon Grundy, Rag Doll, and Merlyn head into the muck surrounding Belle Reve Penitentiary. But deep in the swamp, lies something they weren’t prepared to face… the Swamp Thing! This new team’s first mission just might be their last as Swamp Thing shows them just how quickly a body can decompose down the bayous. Writer Cullen Bunn teams with artist Ronan Cliquet for Suicide Squad Annual #1! Then, the Teen Titans are working their way down Damian’s hit list! Gizmo has been a pest in the Teen Titans side for years, and now they’re crashing his neighborhood toy store to make him face his crimes! Running guns is enough to give Giz life in prison, but does Robin’s personal jail have room for one more? And with a ticking atomic bomb waiting in the distance, will anybody live to see tomorrow? Writer Adam Glass and artist Bernard Chang tell the tale in Teen Titans #21!




Mother Panic Gotham A D #6

Exit Stage Left The Snagglepuss Chronicles TP

Scooby-Doo Team-Up #41




Superman Action Comics (Rebirth) Vol 5 Booster Shot TP

Flash Rogues Captain Cold TP

Tales Of The Batman Gerry Conway Vol 2 HC




A Legion of Their Own:
The Legion of Super-Heroes represented the idealized future of generations past. Inspired by the heroism of Superman, teenagers from across the universe united as the supreme protectors of life in the cosmos. Now, relive the original adventures of the Legion with the Legion of Super-Heroes The Silver Age TP Vol 1! Containing their original stories from Adventure comics 247, 267, 282, 290, 293, and 300-310, as well as Action Comics 267, 276,  287, and 289, plus Superboy 86, 89, 98, and Superman 147, these are the bold adventures that shaped a generation of fan and changed the comic book world forever! With creators like Otto Binder, Al Plastino, and more, this is a collection for fans new and old to behold!




All Amazing Spider-Man #1 signed by Nick Spencer

All Captain America #1 signed by John Tyler Christopher

Captain America #1 Midtown Exclusive Set With One Book signed by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Multiple Man #1 signed by Matthew Rosenberg

Despicable Deadpool #300 signed by Mike Hawthorne

Eternity Girl #1 signed by Magdalene Visaggio

Green Hornet #1 signed by Amy Chu

Paper Girls HC signed by BKV & Cliff Chiang

Angelic #1 signed by Si Spurrier & Caspar Wigngaard




Venom #1 Connecting Variant by Francesco Mattina & Will Sliney 

Amazing Spider-Man #800 Connecting Variant by Francesco Mattina & Will Sliney

Immortal Hulk #1 by Dale Keown

Avengers #1 by Clayton Crain

Action Comics #1000 Variants by Olivier Coipel

Domino #1 by Akcho

Marvel Legacy #1 Exclusive Cover by J. Scott Campbell

Dark Nights Metal #1 by Simon Bisley

Dark Knight III Variants by Greg Capullo & Marc Silvestri













Black Hammer Age Of Doom #4

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 12 The Reckoning #3

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #85

Shanghai Red #3

Betty & Veronica Vixens #9

Britannia Lost Eagles Of Rome #2




Legend of Korra Vol 3 Turf Wars Part 3 TP

Death of Love TP

Postal Vol 7 TP

Sex Criminals Vol 5 Five-Fingered Discount TP

Stairway Vol 1 GN

Beatles Yellow Submarine HC





Punisher #1 signing with Matthew Rosenberg
Hosted by Midtown Comics Downtown and Midtown Comics
Thursday, August 23 at 7 PM – 8 PM
Nightwing Annual #1 signing with Benjamin Percy
Hosted by Midtown Comics Downtown and Midtown Comics
Friday, August 31 at 6 PM – 8 PM










Believe it,
G-Man and Henry!




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ORDER BACK ISSUES ONLINE AND PICK UP AT THE MIDTOWN COMICS LOCATION OF YOUR CHOICE! No fees! Our back issue codeword sales apply, so save big and pick up at Midtown Comics.




Trials Of Shazam

Secret History Of The Authority Jack Hawksmoor

Robotech Masters

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3

Man Called A-X




80-Page Giant #3

Adventures In 3-D #1

Batman #199

Groovy #2

Hero For Hire #4










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