Welcome back to the week after Hurricane Sandy!

The past week has been a rough one for so many in New York City and New Jersey, and we hope that you, your family, and neighbors are well. Our hearts go out to those who are dealing with catastrophic damage and loss due to hurricane Sandy, and we can offer a couple of ideas for those who would like to help. If you’re looking for some escapism, all three Midtown Comics locations are open and well stocked with new releases.

SHIPPING ALERT: In the wake of hurricane Sandy, all orders are being processed, but there is still a delay, and we ask for your patience as we do our best to get all shipments out as fast as we can. Follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter for further updates.

Batman Death of the Family and more:

The Joker is back — more driven and dangerous than ever! DOTF kicks into high gear next week with Batman #14 by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, and if you recall the end of Batman #13, the Dark Knight was last seen in some serious hot water. Barbara is not faring much better as she tries to save her family from a fate much worse than death in Batgirl #14, by Gail Simone and Ed Benes. We’ll also have much-needed second printings — with new cover art — of Batman #13, Batgirl #13 and Catwoman #13.

FUN FACT: The sinister Joker mask over-cover is featured on all first issues of each series that’s involved with DOTF, so look for it on tie-in Suicide Squad #14 by Adam Glass, Fernando Dagnino, and Ken Lashley. Batman and Robin #14, by Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason, and Mick Gray, will not have the Joker cover, and doesn’t seem to be a tie-in — or is it?

That’s a whole lotta Death of the Family for one week, and at this point you may be wondering who’s going to survive this whole thing intact…and Midtown bloggerino Raph is here to offer an insightful and entertaining analysis on DOTF to give you the edge you need for your office betting pool!

Two New 52 collections arrive next week: Superman Vol 1 HC: What Price Tomorrow collects Superman #1-6 of the New 52 series by George Perez. Blue Beetle Vol 1 TP: Metamorphosis collects issues #1-6, by Antony Bedard, Ig Guara, Tyler Kirkham, and Sal Regla.

Fables Werewolves of the Heartland hardcover:
Bigby Wolf embarks on a quest through the American Heartland to find a new location for Fabletown in what might be the most action-packed Fables story to date! In Fables Werewolves of the Heartland HC, Bigby stumbles across a small town named Story City, that, amazingly enough, seems to be populated by werewolves. They seem to already know and revere Bigby, but at the same time they’ve captured and caged him – but why? Unraveling the many mysteries of Story City may cost Bigby more than his life.

All New X-Men #1 is out of the gate as more fabulous firsts fire up:

With much ado and frantic fanfare, we proudly present the release of the second of our exclusive J. Scott Campbell connecting variant covers, All New X-Men #1! The first of these connecting covers was Uncanny Avengers #1, which is still available. The last cover of this terrific trio, Avengers #1, is coming next month: pre-order it now!

Marvel NOW! fab first issues continue to fan out next week, as the First Family of comics starts fresh with Fantastic Four #1 by Matt Fraction and Mark Bagley! Thor God of Thunder #1 is by Jason Aaron, Esad Ribic, and both books sport some great variant covers including, you-guessed it–baby covers by Skottie Young! Lastly, the War of the Goblins continues in Amazing Spider-Man #697, by Dan Slott, Giuseppe Camuncoli, and Steve McNiven as events snowball toward the devastating change awaiting Spidey in ASM #700! There’s a truckload of more Marvel next week!

Save BIG on back issue incentive covers and Midtown exclusive comics:
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Garth Ennis and the Boys’ final issue:

Our hero finally meets his destiny in The Boys #72 by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. There’s one last deal to be done, and Stillwell finds out the real cost of doing business as the Boys’ story comes to an end in this final issue. The Boys go out in style with 24 pages of story, 5 pin-up pages of brand-new art, and a complete cover gallery from our friends at Dynamite Entertainment. Meet Garth Ennis at Midtown Comics for this momentous issue on Wednesday November 14th; all details here.

IDW puts it in Warp Drive!

This week IDW beams down three stellar Star Trek titles! First up is the hit series, Star Trek TNG Doctor Who Assimilation #7 by David and Scott Tipton, with art by J. K. Woodward. The Doctor and his companions must travel into the past and navigate through one of the Federation’s most crushing defeats in order to prevent an even worse fate in the present!
The countdown to the next Star Trek movie continues in the Star Trek Ongoing Vol 3 TP. In “The Return of the Archons!” Kirk, Spock, and the crew search for a lost Starfleet ship that may hold clues to the future of the entire Federation and in “The Truth About Tribbles!” the crew of the Enterprise encounters the classic alien species in an all-new story inspired by the fan-favorite episode. Set phasers to fun!

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Thor and Gerry G., aka G-Man

· Saga #7
· Atomic Robo And The Flying She-Devils Of The Pacific #4
· Great Pacific #1
· BTVS Season 9 Freefall #15
· Evil Ernie #2
· Dark Shadows Vampirella #4
· Walking Dead #104
· Borderlands Origins #1
· Once and Future Tarzan One-Shot


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· Nov 14
Garth Ennis signing The Boys final issue!

· Nov 15
Jim Krueger & Zach Brunner signing their new book, The High Cost of Happily Ever After

· Nov 30
Midtown Comics Book Club: Atomic Robo Vol. 1 with Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener

· Naruto Vol 59 TP

· Castle Waiting #18

· Halo Primordium TP

· Entertainment Weekly

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