Justice is a dish best served with 54 covers!

Justice begins with the march toward Trinity War:
“World’s Most Dangerous” kicks off the journey to Trinity War in Justice League of America #1, by Geoff Johns and David Finch. Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Catwoman, Katana, Vibe, Hawkman, and Stargirl may not be the world’s greatest super heroes — but they are the most dangerous! But why does a team like the JLA need to exist? What is their ultimate mission? And who is pulling the strings? As you know, this book has no less than 54 variant covers, including the American flag, one for each state, plus Puerto Rico and Washington D.C., and you can save BIG and buy the whole set pre-packed by DC Comics for the special Midtown price of only $127.49 (that’s 15% off the retail price of $149.99). If ya bought ’em all separately, they’d set ya back $211.47! Just imagine the savings (it’s about 84 bucks)! This price is online only. Lucky New Yorkers who shop at Midtown Comics stores will save big with our usual rewards program!

Lots more Justice, and Geoff Johns’ busy week:
Dive in next week for the epic conclusion to Throne of Atlantis in Justice League #17 by Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis, and Joe Prado. The most unlikely JLA member gets his own title in Justice League of Americas Vibe #1 by…you guessed it, Geoff Johns, with Andrew Kreisberg, Pete Woods and David Finch. An epic, destiny-fueled adventure begins in part one of Wrath of the First Lantern, in Green Lantern #17 by Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke. Wrath continues in Green Lantern Corps #17 by Peter J. Tomasi, Fernando Pasarin, Scott Hanna, and Andy Kubert and Green Lantern New Guardians #17, by Antony Bedard and Aaron Kuder.

Death of the Family — the aftermath:
Fallout from Scott Snyder’s Death of the Family takes its toll on key characters in two books next week: Dick Grayson’s life is in ruins in Nightwing #17 by Kyle Higgins, Juan Jose Ryp, Vincente Cifuentes, and Eddy Barrow, and Bruce Wayne confronts Jason Todd in Red Hood and the Outlaws #17, by Scott Lobdell, Timothy Green, and Mico Suayan.

Fables Vol 6 Deluxe Edition Hardcover
Fairy tales with a modern twist are all the rage nowadays, on TV, in the movies, and of course in comics, which brings us back to the title that started the trend. Fables Vol 6 Deluxe Edition Hardcover continues the adventures of our favorite fables, by Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham. The threat of the Adversary looms ever closer as the drums of war begin their steady beat in this beautiful book that collects issues #46-51 of the Eisner Award-winning series.

The return of the Human Rocket:
You’ve followed him through AvX, and now the mystery of Sam Alexander — the all-new Nova — is revealed in Nova #1, the start of a breathtaking new ongoing series by the award-winning team of Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness!

The superior Marvel NOW!
The previous Spider-Man promised that Massacre would never kill again…but the NEW Spider-Man may not be able to live up to that! Carlie Cooper suspects that Spidey may not be the man he used to be, and “Collateral Damage” begins, in Superior Spider-Man #4, by Midtown Pal Dan Slott and Giuseppe Camuncoli! In a story ripped from the pages of ASM, the Superior Spider-Man becomes the new mentor of teenaged superhero Alpha in a 5 issue limited series that debuts with Alpha: Big Time #1, by Joshua Fialkov and Nuno Plati. There’s lots more coming next week from Marvel NOW!

Superior Spider-Man #1 signed by Dan Slot!
Signed copies of the 2nd printings of Superior Spider-Man #1 and Amazing Spider-Man #700 are available now, as well as very limited quantities of the 1st printing of Superior Spider-Man #1. All books are limited 1 per customer, while supplies last. Please note that in-store availability is not guaranteed. Plus, a warehouse find: We’ve got limited copies of 1st printings of Superior Spider-Man #1 blank covers and Skottie Young covers back in stock!

Amazing Spider-Man #600 signed by the Romitas!
From the Dynamic Forces vault, we’ve uncovered the last few remaining copies of a hard to find variant cover of Amazing Spider-Man #600, featuring a cover by Spidey legend John Romita Sr. This special DF book is signed by not only cover artist Romita Sr, but also by interior artist John Romita Jr! Only 110 copies of these were signed by father and son. As we now know, this is the pivotal issue where writer Dan Slott planted the seeds that grew for 100 issues and cumulated in the birth of the Superior Spider-Man! Hurry, these won’t last long!

J. Scott Campbell Marvel NOW! — Midtown exclusive covers coming soon:
Not one, not two, not three, but FOUR awesome Midtown exclusive covers by J. Scott Campbell are heading your way! All of these are available for preorder now!
· Age of Ultron #1 by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Bryan Hitch, to be unleashed on March 6th. Also available as a sketch cover!
· Guardians of the Galaxy #1, also by Bendis, with art by Steven McNiven, with a special cover appearance by Deadpool (he can breathe in space!?!?), will be available on March 27th.
· X-Men #1 by Brian Wood and Olivier Coipel, featuring the X-Ladies, is available April 17th.

Save like a president
Build a library worthy of a president, and save 25% off graphic novels and hardcover books from DC Comics with the super-secret codeword below, for use online only! Decorate your stately mansion like a president and save up to 40% off all statues online only! Those who reside in NYC, or just arrived via Air Force One (or other airline) save 30% off all graphic novels, books, and manga during President’s week, from Friday, February 15 through Monday, February 18, in-store only, at all three Midtown locations.

My Little Pony Mane Six One-Shots start with a Sparkle!
A new mini-series begins next week that focuses on the Mane Six, and starts with a story featuring Twilight Sparkle! Enthralled in a literary masterpiece, Twilight Sparkle is dismayed to hear that the series never continued, and sets out on a quest to hunt down the reclusive author, Jade Singer. It will take all of the studious Pony’s detective skill to find the author, and twists and turns abound! Don’t miss this adventure in imagination! Also don’t miss our Midtown exclusive covers now available and coming soon!

CGC grading from Midtown Comics!

CGC grading from Midtown Comics! That’s right, you can now bring your comics to any Midtown Comics store location to be sent to CGC’s facility in Florida for professional grading. We offer a no hassle, flat rate that covers your comic book, including shipping and insurance both ways. It’s the easiest way in NYC to submit your books to CGC, and we treat all books like our own, with lots of TLC!

This service is offered in-store only, by appointment, not online or by phone. To set up an appointment, just send an email to webuy@midtowncomics.com

New Star Trek beaming down!
This week IDW kicks it into warp speed with three all new Star Trek comics! First up, Star Trek Countdown To Darkness #2. This is the next chapter in the exclusive comics prequel to next summer’s blockbuster Star Trek movie! New characters and new conflicts threaten Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise in this all-new story overseen by Star Trek movie writer/producer Roberto Orci! And if you missed issue #1, Star Trek Countdown To Darkness #1 2nd Ptg hits this week too. Also from the new Star Trek universe, Star Trek Ongoing #18. This issue puts the brave and beautiful Uhura in the spotlight as we learn new secrets about her past and witness her first meeting with Spock!

Horror, murder, mystery, and intrigue abound next week:
Dark Horse Comics presents a horrific double feature about a widow with a not-quite-dead husband and a child-killing vampire taking refuge from something even worse in Baltimore Widow & the Tank one shot by Mike Mignola, Christopher Golden, and Ben Stenbeck. Shrouded in mystery, The Shadow’s origins have been explored and hinted at over the years…but never fully revealed until now! Writer Matt Wagner takes us back to the early days and events that shaped the legendary pulp fiction character, including how he first adopted the famous black hat and cloak, in The Shadow Year One #1, from Dynamite Entertainment. A critically acclaimed comic book that’s as great as its outrageous title implies is back, with Kill Shakespeare Tide of Blood #1 (of 5), by Conor McCreery, Anthony Del Col, Andy Belanger, and Simon Davis!

More Ultra-Limited Variant Covers from Dynamite
Dynamite Entertainment delivers another batch of red-hot, ultra-limited variant covers. This week we only have three (but very cool) collectibles – a Jennifer Blood #22 and Vampirella #26 variant cover, both limited to only 25 copies each, and a Vampirella Strikes #2 variant limited to only 100 copies! Limited to only 25 in the world for two of them?!?!? Limited to only 100 for the other!?!?! And we don’t have anywhere near those quantities! And we already sold out of last week’s batch…First come, first served!

A Dynamic limited edition set like never before – a Midtown Comics world premiere!
From industry leader Dynamic Forces, we’re proud to offer a special “Ultimate Perfect Ten” starter set, featuring an assortment of 5 autographed books – including EXTREMELY LIMITED Silver Signature and Gold Signature books that will premiere in these sets – plus 5 assorted DF variant covers, valued at over $500, for the special price of $199.30 (1993 being the year that DF started up)! But preorder now, and you’ll save an additional 25% off! This set is scheduled to ship in May.

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London Super Comic-Con is next week:

J. Scott Campbell, Neal Adams, David Finch, Brian Bolland, George Perez, and ALEX RAE all have something in common: they’ll be at London Super Comic-Con February 23-24! That’s right, you can meet Midtown’s own Alex Rae at the con across the pond, where he’ll be selling back issues, posing for photos, and more! Lots of great comic creator guests, exclusive comics, CGC, and of course, British concession stands! Who’s got worse snacks…the Javits Center in NYC, the San Diego Convention Center, or the Excel Centre in London? Comic fans will find out!

Greetings from Toy Fair!
Midtown bloggerino Raphael visited Toyfair this week and ogled all of the cool comic book related toys, statues, and figures heading your way in 2013. Man of Steel! Batman! Star Trek! Iron Man! Green Lantern, and so much more! Check out our coverage of the 2013 Toy Fair on our blog! We’ve got pictures, video and lots of great toys!

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Thor and Gerry G., aka G-Man and the Mighty Thor!

This week’s featured eBay item is Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Evil figure set!Relive your favorite Simpsons Treehouse of Horror moments with these amazing figures! This set includes Evil Willie, Hugo, Witch Marge, and Donuthead Homer! Check out all of our auctions on our eBay page!

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· Sixth Gun Sons of the Gun #1

· Firefly: A Celebration Anniversary Edition HC

· Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2013

· Game of Thrones Complete Season 2 Blu-Ray DVD

· Big Bang Theory Season 3 & 4 Trading Cards Pack

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