Welcome back to the land of OZ!
Actually, The Land of Oz this isn’t–when Superman learns the shocking identity of the Mysterious Mr. OZ, in Action Comics #987, sporting a lenticular cover!  Don’t miss Dark Nights Metal #2, and the Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Special, also from DC!  The long awaited Runaways re-launch arrives from the House of Ideas, along with a new Generations title starring Captain Marvel, more Venomverse, and Venomized covers! Plus, Image keeps putting out hits, like their brand new series Realm, as well as new issues of Black Science, Curse Words, and Kill Or Be Killed. So dive in and check out all the great goodies we have to offer from the wide world of comics!

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See the iconic NYC locations where the greatest comic book heroes saved the day onscreen and in comics! The Avengers, Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Doctor Strange, and more, have all immortalized these legendary locales! Super Tour: NYC runs faster than a speeding bullet every Saturday and Sunday at 12 Noon, and advance tickets are available at Midtown Comics in-store and online!

Teen Beat:
Just in time for their new television series on Hulu, Marvel’s original outcasts are back in their own series! The *IT* book of the 2000’s returns with the original cast of characters! But what event could possibly bring Nico, Chase, Karolina, and Molly back together? The return of Gert! The original Runaway returns to the Marvel Universe alongside Old Lace, and the team will never be the same again! Over the years the team has grown up and grown apart, due in no small part to their involvement in A-Force, Avengers Arena, the X-Men  and more! But now they are reunited after years apart and ready for a bold new direction! Superstar author Rainbow Rowell makes her Marvel debut alongside fan-favorite artist Kris Anka in Runaways #1! Get the tissues ready, this book isn’t for the weak at heart.

Marvelous Heroes Unite:
Carol Danvers is one of the most tenured heroes of the Marvel Universe. Ever since that fateful day long ago where she was gifted the powers of Kree Captain Mar-Vell, she has fought to defend Earth and space from great danger. But when she finds herself hurtled through time and face-to-face with the man who inspired her heroic career, she winds up in the middle of a villainous scheme to see the Kree eradicated! Can the might of two Marvels save the day? Generations Captain Marvel and Captain Mar-Vell #1 is by writer Margaret Stohl with art by Brent Schoonover.

Simply Amazing:
When Norman Osborn last faced off against Spider-Man, he tried to take it to the wall-crawler without leaning on the use of the Green Goblin persona. Unfortunately for him, it didn’t work. Now, Norman’s storming off and finding the edge he needs to slay the Spider! Amazing Spider-Man #32 is by writer Dan Slott and features guest artwork by Greg Smallwood! Elsewhere, Spider-Man’s clone are getting in over their head? Kaine’s life hangs in the balance as Ben Reilly is forced to try to save the life of the brother he never wanted! Peter David and Mark Bagley tell the next incredible chapter in the life of a clone with Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider #7!

Rebel Scum:
Doctor Aphra has had a rough time of things lately. Between the Rebellion’s quests to take down the Empire and her own personal struggles, she could really use a day to take a breather. Too bad that won’t happen with the sudden appearance of Darth Vader! Star Wars Doctor Aphra #12 is by writer Kieron Gillen and artist Kev Walker. Elsewhere, C-3PO is being held captive by the malevolent forces of the Empire! A rescue mission is in order, and the Rebellion is sending its most dangerous asset. R2-D2. The Empire doesn’t stand a chance. Star Wars #36 is by writer Jason Aaron with art by Salvador Larroca.

Harley Turns 25:
Harley Quinn has been an absolute delight for 25 years! DC Comics celebrates this historic occasion with a plethora of great Harley hits! Harley, Ivy, and Catwoman are off to Las Vegas to have some girl time! Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner write this super fun team-up, featuring art by Conner herself! But that’s not all! Paul Dini and Chad Hardin team to tell a flashback tale of Harley and the Joker and why you never mess with Harley on her birthday! And there’s still more?! Chip Zdarsky and Joe Quinones team Harley and Mistah J against the dynamic duffuses, Batman and Robin! It ALL unfolds in the Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Special!

The Secret of the Oz:
Since he first appeared, Mr. Oz has made Superman question everything he’s come to know. Now, the agents of the mysterious Mr. Oz begin to move as the Man of Steel works to stop the chaos they unleash in Metropolis and around the globe! But when Mr. Oz steps away from the shadows to reveal his true identity, the Last Son of Krypton is rocked to his very core! The next major DC Rebirth story unfolds here in Action Comics #987 by writer Dan Jurgens and artist Viktor Bogdanovic.

The Brave and the Bold:
Barry Allen’s personal life is in shambles, his new Negative-Flash powers aren’t working properly, and somebody has been tampering with evidence at the Central City Police Department. The Flash is not having a good day, and the appearance of the new villain Bloodwork couldn’t come at a worse time. Flash #31 is by writer Joshua Williamson and artist Neil Googe. Elsewhere, Hal Jordan races through the cosmos hunting down a very different speedster, Lightray of the New Gods! Hal must secure Highfather if the Green Lantern Corps are going to be able to protect him and save the universe! Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #28 is by writer Robert Venditti and artist Rafael Sandoval.

Reborn for the Rebirth Era:
When the young Jonathan Kent is kidnapped, Lois and Clark slowly begin losing their memories of their treasured son! Now, Superman must venture into the unknown if he ever hopes to save his son from the very fabric of reality! But what he finds along the way will challenge everything he has come to know about himself and the DC Universe! World’s collide and heroes are born in Superman Reborn HC, collecting Superman issues 18-19 and Action Comics 973-976 in a deluxe hardcover by Dan Jurgens, Peter Tomasi, and Patrick Gleason.

Myth Becomes Reality:
Fifteen years ago, our world was overrun by creatures of myth. Orcs, dragons, and other nameless horrors threw the entire planet into total chaos. Today, the shattered remnants of civilization must fight just to survive in a deadly new era of violence and mayhem. While a powerful sorcerer marshals his forces, a group of warriors embark on a journey to reclaim the world from the growing darkness! An all-new post apocalyptic fantasy series unfolds in the pages of Realm #1, from Seth Peck and Jeremy Huan.

Believe it,
G-Man, Henry and John!

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