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Welcome back to the mighty Captain Marvel!
Carol Danvers is kind of a big deal. After taking Hollywood by storm with her historic box-office performance this past weekend, she’s ready for a victory lap in the pages of her own book. Unfortunately, Nuclear Man has completely different plans in Captain Marvel #3! Carol’s not the only one in over her head, as the Scarlet Witch finds herself firmly in the clutches of Conan The Barbarian in Avengers No Road Home #6! Plus, there’s lots of Spidey to enjoy, with Miles Morales Spider-Man #4, Spider-Man Life Story #1, and Spider-Man City At War #1, spinning out of the PS4 game! Over at DC, Batman faces his fears in the pages of Batman #67, while Superman struggles to see the light in Justice League #20! If that’s not enough, Naomi, Aquaman, and Nightwing are each trying to piece together their own unique histories, in VERY different ways! And keep an eye out for TWO just-revealed new Midtown Comics Exclusive covers! They’re awesome!
Saving for a great cause:
We’re proud to team up with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Connecticut Westchester Hudson Valley Chapter and Team Zombie Leader Todd Zavorskas to make a difference!  Todd has volunteered with LLS CTWHV Chapter for 23 years, and here at Midtown Comics we see Todd as our guiding light for this initiative. The mission of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is: Cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families. For this week’s Blowout Sale, $1.00 from every purchase will be donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, up to $3,500.00.  The sale includes back issues, select back issues, graphic novels, books, manga, statues, action figures, collectibles, apparel, and MORE.  This sale is offered online only, and some exceptions may apply.


Cover A Regular Jim Lee & Scott Williams Wraparound Cover

Midtown Comics Exclusive Francesco Mattina covers

Midtown Comics Exclusive Lee Bermejo Covers
Symbiotic Relationship:
Midtown Comics is proud to present this exclusive first peak at our upcoming variant cover for Symbiote Spider-Man #1 from artist Rahzzah! Featuring Spider-Man in his famed black costume, as well as the menacing Mysterio, it’s so cool that we’re salivating with anticipation! While Spider-Man journeys back to his black suit days, danger lurks when Mysterio strikes! Mysterio’s trademark dome reflects Spidey in peril, while the looming presence of Venom threatens to lash out!
Lucio Parrillo channels his inner Frank Frazetta in the Midtown Comics Exclusive Savage Avengers #1 variant cover! Conan The Barbarian is ready for the Marvel Universe, but is it ready for him? Wolverine faces off against the savage warlord while both behemoths are taken over by Venom! It’s a terrifying piece that’s sure to inspire some nightmares, and we wouldn’t want it any other way! With a promise for absolute mayhem, this is one book you can’t miss out on!


Regular Amanda Conner Cover

Variant Movie Cover

Incentive David Mack Variant Cover
Island Living:
Being trapped on Roosevelt Island isn’t so bad if you have friends with you! Lucky for Captain Marvel, She-Hulk is around and ready to team up and fight some bad guys! Unluckily, the barrier around the island won’t let them leave and now it looks like it’s interfering with their powers. While Nuclear Man’s ranks continue to swell, Carol is going to have to draft more allies, but can she really trust them all? The battle continues in Captain Marvel #3, brought to you from writer Kelly Thompson and artist Carmen Nunez Carnero.


Regular Clayton Crain Cover

Variant Giuseppe Camuncoli Spider-Man Villains Cover

Incentive Gerardo Sandoval Variant Cover

Incentive Tim Tsang Marvel Games Variant Cover

Incentive David Nakayama Sinister Six Variant Cover

Incentive Adi Granov Variant Cover
Virtual Boy:
From the world of the hit PS4 Spider-Man game, experience a whole new world from the lens of everybody’s favorite wall-crawler! After years of seeing Wilson Fisk escape criminal prosecution the wise-cracking web-slinger finally has the opportunity to team with the police to help them arrest his foe! Unfortunately, the downfall of one Kingpin may lead to the rise of another, as Mister Negative steps up to take the Big Apple by storm! Writer Dennis Hopeless and artist Michele Bandini present Marvel’s Spider-Man City At War #1! And for our friends in NYC, be sure to swing by Midtown Comics Downtown on March 21st to meet writer Dennis Hopeless!



Regular Chip Zdarsky Cover

Variant Skottie Young Cover

Incentive Greg Smallwood Variant Cover
Across the Ages:
In 1962, young Peter Parker was bit by a radioactive spider and become the sensational, spectacular, and amazing Spider-Man! But while it’s been 57 years since Stan Lee and Steve Ditko changed comics forever, Pete’s barely aged a day! But what if he had aged in real time all along? Writer Chip Zdarsky and famed Spider-Man artist Mark Bagley travel back to 1962, when the United States was ensnared by the Vietnam War! As Flash Thompson is drafted to serve in the army, Spidey finds himself coming to terms with the great responsibility he has to his country. Celebrate Marvel’s 80th Anniversary with Spider-Man Life Story #1, the first chapter in a high-end limited series set against the backdrop of history itself.


Guardians Of The Galaxy #3

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #4

Meet The Skrulls #2

Thor #11

Wolverine Infinity Watch #2

View All


Regular Salvador Larroca Cover

Variant Paolo Rivera Spider-Man Villains Cover

Variant Gerardo Sandoval Character Cover
Great X-Pectations:
The X-Men are dead. Long live the X-Men. Cyclops and Wolverine are tasked with reassembling what was burned down in X-Men Disassembled. At the end of their days, mutantkind makes their stand and Cyclops has put together a list of things he believes the X-Men must take care of, even if it’s the last thing they ever do! From writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Salvador Larroca, it’s Uncanny X-Men #14!


Regular Yasmine Putri Cover

Variant Phil Noto Connecting Cover

Incentive Jim Cheung Variant Cover
Barbarian Bewitched:
Welcome to the Hyborian Age, Wanda Maximoff – hope you survive the experience! As the battle intensifies for the future of the Earth itself, the Scarlet Witch finds herself on a new battlefield, the likes of which she’s never known. Conan The Barbarian crosses paths with the Avengers, and it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen! Strap in for Avengers No Road Home #6, from the writing team of Al Ewing, Jim Zub and Mark Waid, with art by Sean Izaakse!


Age Of X-Man Amazing Nightcrawler #2 Regular Shane Davis Michelle Delecki & Frank DArmata Cover

Age Of X-Man Amazing Nightcrawler #2 Incentive Eduardo Petrovich Variant Cover

Age Of X-Man Nextgen #2


Age Of X-Man Alpha #1
signed by Zac Thompson and Lonnie Nadler

Age Of X-Man Marvelous X-Men #1 signed by Zac Thompson and Lonnie Nadler

Age Of X-Man Prisoner X #1 signed by Vita Ayala

Uncanny X-Men #11 signed by Matthew Rosenberg

Hulkverines #1 signed by Greg Pak

Old Man Quill #1 signed by Ethan Sacks


Meet The Skrulls #2

Avengers #17

Venom #12

Miles Morales Spider-Man #4

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #4

Guardians Of The Galaxy #3

West Coast Avengers #9

Savage Sword Of Conan #3

Immortal Hulk #15


Captain America Epic Collection Superia Stratagem TP

Iron Man By Matt Fraction & Salvador Larroca Complete Collection Vol 1 TP

Black Panther VS Deadpool TP

Return Of Wolverine TP

Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 X-Men Disassembled TP

X-Men Onslaught Aftermath TP


Star Wars #63

Star Wars Solo Adaptation #6

Star Wars Legends Epic Collection Old Republic Vol 3 TP
Day and Knight:
The “Knightmares” continue for Bruce even when he’s awake! Batman chases a new foe in an impossible race; over rooftops, across alleyways, up and down the streets of Gotham City. But it appears that this lightning-fast crook outsmarts the Dark Knight at every turn. Is that because the man under the mask is someone more familiar than he knows? It all happens in Batman #67 from powerhouse writer Tom King and artist Lee Weeks!


Variant Jorge Jimenez Left Side Cover

Regular Jorge Jimenez Center Cover

Variant Jorge Jimenez Right Side Cover
Dimension Diving:
What lies in the Sixth Dimension? The Justice League will discover that it’s filled with some familiar faces as they come face to face with their future selves. Meanwhile Superman finds himself in a dark place; both figuratively and literally! Surrounded by the corpses of hundreds of dead Supermen in a world with no lights, it’s a race against time as the Man of Steel tries to escape before his sun-fueled powers diminish! But in order to do that, he’ll have to determine who is responsible for capturing and bringing him there! It all comes to light in Justice League #20 from writer Scott Snyder and artist Jorge Jimenez!


Batman Vol 9 The Tyrant Wing TP

Batman Arkham Ras Al Ghul TP

New Teen Titans Vol 10 TP
Eternal Battle:
As the Demon’s Head and leader of the League of Assassins, Ra’s al Ghul has got what it takes to go toe-to-toe with the Dark Knight- and he continues to come back for more! Batman Arkham Ra’s al Ghul TP is a special compilation which collects Batman 232 (the first appearance of Ra’s al Ghul) 243-244, DC Special Series 15The Brave and the Bold 159, Detective Comics 750Batman Annual 26Nightwing 152, Batman and Robin 23.3, and more! From a compilation of writers and artists including (but not limited to) Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adams!


Nightwing #58

Aquaman #46

Naomi #3

Teen Titans #28

Damage #15

Electric Warriors #5
There’s a mystery unfolding in Naomi’s life inside of her small town. As she moves closer to the truth of her secret and mysterious adoption and her obsession with Superman, she’ll discover something that will change her and the DC Universe forever! Don’t miss the big reveal in Naomi #3 from the talents of writers Brian Michael Bendis and David F. Walker and artist Jamal Campbell.


Pearl #7

Wild Storm #21

Authority By Ed Brubaker & Dustin Nguyen TP
Following the dramatic events of “Coup D’etat,” the Authority has settled into its role as governing body of the United States. The other major world powers have adjusted to the regime change and are slowly coming to terms with what that means for the future. But many Americans are unhappy to lose their inalienable rights. Can a second American Revolution be far behind? Authority by Ed Brubaker & Dustin Nguyen TP collects The Authority: Revolution 1-12 from writer Ed Brubaker and the artistic talents of Dustin Nguyen and Richard Friend.


American Carnage #5

Lucifer #6

Sandman Vol 6 Fables & Reflections 30th Anniversary Edition TP

Martian Manhunter Signed By Steve Orlando

Batman Who Laughs #1 Signed By Scott Snyder

Old Lady Harley #1 signed by Frank Tieri

Batman Secret Files #1 signed by Brad Walker

Black Panther Vs Deadpool #1 signed by Daniel Kibblesmith

Justice League #10 signed by Scott Snyder

Spider-Geddon #0 signed by Mark Bagley

Return of the Wolverine #1 Signed by Joe Jusko

Return of Wolverine #1 signed by Charles Soule

Fantastic Four #1 signed by Mark Bagley

Venom #1 Signed by Ryan Stegman

Punisher #1 Signed By Matthew Rosenberg

Batman Who Laughs #1 by Bill Sienkiewicz

Web Of Venom Carnage Born #1 By Bill Sienkiewicz

Stranger Things #1 by Francesco Mattina

Spider-Geddon #0 by Mark Bagley

Return of the Wolverine #1 by Joe Jusko

Fantastic Four #1 by Mark Bagley

Batman #50 Joe Jusko Cover

Captain America #1 by John Tyler Christopher

Cosmic Ghost Rider #1 by Christian Ward

Avengers #1 By Clayton Crain

Venom #1 Connecting Variant by Will Sliney

Amazing Spider-Man #800 Connecting Variant by Francesco Mattina


Invisible Kingdom #1

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #92

Farmhand #6

Lazarus Risen #1

Monstress #21

Incursion #2

BPRD Hell On Earth Vol 5 HC

Bezlebubs HC

Family Man TP

Crowded Vol 1 TP

Seven To Eternity Vol 3 Rise To Fall TP

Sunstone Vol 6 GN
    Marvel Powers Of A Girl signing with Lorraine Cink
Hosted at Midtown Comics Grand Central
Friday, March 15, 2019 at 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM
    Assassin Nation #1 signing with Erica Henderson
Hosted at Midtown Comics Downtown
Wednesday, March 20, 2019 at 7 PM – 9 PM
    Spider-Man City at War #1 signing with Dennis “Hopeless” Hallum
Hosted at Midtown Comics Downtown
Thursday, March 21, 2019 at 6 PM – 8 PM
    Detective Comics #1000 Signing with Peter Tomasi
Hosted at Midtown Comics Downtown
Wednesday, March 27, 2019 at 7 PM – 9 PM
    Detective Comics #1000 Midnight Release
Hosted at Midtown Comics Downtown
Wednesday, March 27, 2019 at 12 AM – 12:30 AM


Believe it,
G-Man, Kristen, and Henry!

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Captain Marvel Vol 3

Incredible Hulk


Iron Man Vol 2

X-Men 2099

Incredible Hulk #121

Avengers #55

DC 100 Page
Super Spectacular #20

Power Man And Iron Fist #57

Adventure Comics #416
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