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Shazam!  Welcome back to another magical week in comics!
The new film featuring the hero formerly known as Captain Marvel shot straight to #1 at the box office, and the hero currently known as Captain Marvel is still flying high, both in the top 10 together!  
DCeased #1 doesn’t cease to amaze as one of the biggest upcoming titles of the year, and we’ve got an exclusive variant cover (and variations) by Inhyuk Lee!  It’s a great week for comics, as two sensational new Spider-Man series continue, City at War, and Life Story, and “Knightmares” continue for Batman, and the multiverse teeters on the brink in Justice League #22!  Dawdle not, and read on, dear reader, read on! 
Spotlight on Savings:
Now’s the time to beef up that back issue collection, ‘cuz we don’t do this often!  From Action Comics, Amazing Spider-Man, and Batman,  Detective Comics, to Hellboy, Saga, Walking Dead, Wonder Woman, X-Men, Zatanna, and much more, take 20% off ALL back issues from ALL publishers, this week only!


Symbiote Spider-Man #1 Cover By Rahzzah

War Of The Realms #1 Midtown Exclusive Cover By Skan

Savage Avengers #1 Cover By Lucio Parrillo


War Of The Realms Punisher #1

War Of The Realms War Scrolls #1

War Of The Realms #2
The Warring Continues:
The epic battle for NYC has begun, and no sooner than it starts, a hero falls! With Thor trapped in the land of the Frost Giants and Earth’s forces overwhelmed, it’s up to Black Panther, Jane Foster and Doctor Strange to make a desperate gamble. The story continues in War Of The Realms #2 from writer Jason Aaron and artist Russell Dauterman! Then, there is a different beast that lies in wait for the streets of New York. Frank Castle isn’t just going to let chaos reign in his city, it’s not his style; he’s more the type to dole out some punishment! The War Of The Realms is about to meet Marvel’s one man army; the only question is who will make it out alive! Pick up War Of The Realms Punisher #1 from writer Gerry Duggan and artist Marcelo Ferreira!


Spider-Man City At War #2

Spider-Man City At War #1 Signed By Dennis “Hopeless” Hallum

Spider-Man Life Story #2

Amazing Spider-Man #19.HU

Amazing Spider-Man #252 Facsimile Edition

Miles Morales Spider-Man #5
Decisions, Decisions:
Poor Peter Parker! He can’t seem to stop Mary Jane and Aunt May from getting dragged into the dangerous world of Spider-Man! Meanwhile, teenager Miles Morales is caught between the love of her two heroes: Spider-Man and his own father. But will a chance meeting lead to triumph AND tragedy? It’s all here in Spider-Man City At War #2 from writer Dennis “Hopeless” Hallum and artist Michele Bandini.


Thor #12 Variant Olivier Coipel Cover

Uncanny X-Men #16 Variant Will Sliney Cover

Guardians Of The Galaxy #4 Variant Tom Raney Cover
Space Assassins:
There’s a new group of guardians, and they’re not as amiable as the last ones. The Dark Guardians are more akin to a cosmic hit squad. Maybe it’s because they are made up of the most powerful and cunning people in space? They have one target, and she won’t be ready for them: the quest to kill Gamora begins in Guardians of the Galaxy #4 from writer Donny Cates and artist Geoff Shaw!


Marvel Spider-Man City At War #1 signed by Dennis “Hopeless” Hallum

Marvel Powers Of A Girl HC signed by Lorraine Cink

Age Of X-Man Alpha #1 Signed By Zac Thompson And Lonnie Nadler

Age Of X-Man Marvelous X-Men #1 Signed By Zac Thompson And Lonnie Nadler

Age Of X-Man Prisoner X #1 signed by Vita Ayala

Uncanny X-Men #11 Signed By Matthew Rosenberg


Major X #2 Regular Rob Liefeld Cover

Major X #2 Incentive Phil Noto Variant Cover

Uncanny X-Men #16

Tony Stark Iron Man #10

Shuri #7

West Coast Avengers #10

Avengers No Road Home #10

Magnificent Ms Marvel #2

Old Man Quill #4

Wolverine Infinity Watch #3

Age Of X-Man Amazing Nightcrawler #3

Age Of X-Man Nextgen #3
Writer and artist Rob Liefeld introduces a new hiccup in the world of Marvel’s Mutants… Who is Major X? And more importantly, why are the X-Men the target of his wrath? This sounds like a job for Cable… except he’s already forged an alliance with Major X!?! The two race against time to save mutantkind from certain devastation! The mystery continues with Major X #2 written by Rob Liefeld with art by Brent Pebbeles!


Spider-Man 2099 VS Venom 2099 TP

Iron Man Heroes Return Complete Collection Vol 1 TP

Doctor Strange By Donny Cates HC

Iron Man Epic Collection Vol 3 Man Who Killed Tony Stark TP

S.H.I.E.L.D. By Jonathan Hickman & Dustin Weaver Human Machine TP

X-Men By Peter Milligan Vol 1 Dangerous Liaisons TP


True Believers Avengers Endgame #1

True Believers Avengers Gatherers Saga #1

True Believers Avengers Thanos Final Battle #1


Star Wars Age Of Rebellion Special #1 Regular Giuseppe Camuncoli & Guru-eFX Cover

Star Wars Age Of Rebellion Special #1 Variant Marco Checchetto Cover

Star Wars Age Of Rebellion Special #1 Variant Mike McKone Puzzle Piece Cover

Star Wars TIE Fighter #1 Regular Giuseppe Camuncoli & Elia Bonetti Cover

Star Wars TIE Fighter #1 Variant John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Cover

Star Wars TIE Fighter #1 Incentive Movie Variant Cover



Main Variant Cover

Omega Variant Cover

Virgin Cover


Midtown Comics Exclusive Detective Comics #1000 By Lee Bermejo Variant Cover

Midtown Comics Exclusive Detective Comics #1000 By
Francesco Mattina Wraparound Cover
Rise and Shine:
It’s time for the Dark Knight to break through and awake from his nightmares. But with his eyes open, he’ll have to face the terror that trapped him in those dreams in the first place! Will this traumatizing journey from his darkest nightmares have long term effects? It’s the shocking conclusion of “Knightmares” from writer Tom King and artist Yannick Paquette!
With Their Powers Combined:
With the combined intelligence of the two smartest villains around; Lex Luthor and Brainiac, the quest towards conquering the keys to the sixth dimension are in their grasp. It seems that the Legion of Doom is poised for victory! Meanwhile, the final form of Perpetua takes shape, and it will send massive waves through the DC Universe! It’s Justice League #22 from writer James Tynion IV and artist Francis Manapul!


Nightwing #59

Aquaman #47

Naomi #4

Teen Titans #29

Electric Warriors #6

Damage #16
Mystery Solved:
The latest sensation in the DC Universe finally gets some answers! After seeking out the truth behind her birth, adoption, and connection to the multiverse at large, Naomi’s origins will be revealed! This revelation will bring a new look at the DC Multiverse you never knew existed, and the dark threats that lurk and wait to enter our world! It’s a fresh look at the world of superheroes in Naomi #4 from writing team Brian Michael Bendis and David F. Walker and artist Jamal Campbell!


Batman Detective Comics Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 4 HC

Sandman 30th Anniversary Edition Vol 7 Brief Lives TP

Kamandi Challenge TP

Damage Vol 2 Scorched Earth TP

Injustice VS The Masters Of The Universe HC

Wonder Woman Vol 8 Dark Gods TP
Remember that hilarious, brilliant, DC title that plopped out of nowhere in 1973 that featured the work of Sergio Aragonés, Bernie Wrightson, Basil Wolverton, and more?  Weren’t born yet?  No worries!  Look for a FREE facsimile edition of Plop! #1 in the April Mad Magazine, along with a bunch of other seriously silly stuff, and watch the crew sink “Aquaman” too! 

Assassin Nation #1 Signed By Erica Henderson

Uncanny X-Men #1 Signed By Matthew Rosenberg, Kelly Thompson, and Ed Brisson

Justice League #10 Signed By Scott Snyder

Batman Who Laughs #1 by Bill Sienkiewicz

Web Of Venom Carnage Born #1 By Bill Sienkiewicz

Stranger Things #1 by Francesco Mattina

Batman #50 Joe Jusko Cover

Venom #1 Connecting Variant by Will Sliney

Amazing Spider-Man #800 Connecting Variant by Francesco Mattina


American Gods Moment Of The Storm #1

Assassin Nation #2

Calamity Kate #2

Little Bird #2

Blossoms 666 #3

Buffy The Vampire Slayer #4

Star Wars Adventures Tales From Vader’s Castle TP

Gideon Falls Vol 2 Original Sins TP

Mage Vol 6 Book 3 The Hero Denied TP

Magic Order Vol 1 TP

Spawn Dark Horror TP

Moth & Whisper Vol 1 The Kid TP
  Symbiote Spider-Man #1 signing with Peter David
  Hosted at Midtown Comics Downtown
  Friday, April 12, 2019 at 6 PM – 8 PM
  Ascender #1 signing with Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen
  Hosted at Midtown Comics Downtown
  Saturday, April 27, 2019 at 3 PM – 5 PM


Believe it,
G-Man, Kristen, and Henry!

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Action Comics

Wolverine Vol 2

Adventures of the X-Men

Battlestar Galactica

Captain Atom Vol 2

Multiversity Thunderworld Adventures #1 Cover E Incentive Grant Morrison Variant cover

Civil War the Return Incentive Ed McGuinness Variant cover

(Marvel) #1 Cover G Incentive Mark Buckingham variant cover

Captain Marvel Vol 9 #1 Cover D Incentive Adam Hughes Variant Cover

Justice League Vol 2 #0 Cover G incentive Gary Frank Sketch Cover Signed by Zachary Levi CGC 9.6 .
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