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Welcome back to a super holiday season!
Legendary writer Denny O’Neil returns next week with an all-new Batman story in DC Universe Holiday Special #1, joined by Greg Rucka, Andy Kubert, and a cast of beloved creators spinning stories of hope for the holiday season! It’s ‘odd couple’ week at DC as “Superfriends” begins in Batman #36, the Dark Knight reunites with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Harley Quinn meets Betty and Veronica!

It’s a wonderful week for loads of lovely and luminous lenticular Legacy covers from Marvel, so don’t miss the first issue of Amazing Spider-Man Venom Inc. Alpha #1, and Captain America #696, among others! So there’s all that, plus new Paper Girls by BKV from Image, and a boatload of big books barreling your way next week!

Spotlight on savings:
Hawkman fans rejoice! This is the week to save BIG on back issues on everything from Hawkman, Hawkgirl, the Hulk, Hellboy, Iron Man, to Namor, Nightwing, and more, and take 20% off all back issues H-N from ALL publishers! The holiday season is underway, and there’s no better gift than a comic book/pop culture related statue or mini-bust, and this week, you can save up to 40% off!

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Holiday gift ideas:
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Last minute holiday shopping:
Midtown Comics’ NYC stores are open on Christmas eve, allowing for truly last minute shopping, and all holiday store hours can be found here! If you’re ordering online, please check here for ordering in time for holiday delivery! Time’s a-wastin’, so best to shop early so your favorite comic book fan doesn’t get stuck with a gift card to a fast food chain!

Batman #36

Nightwing #34

Bane Conquest #8

The Bat-Family in Peril:
Nightwing has been injured by Raptor! His one-time mentor has taken down the former boy-wonder and now he’s turned his attention towards the citizens of Blüdhaven. It will take everything Nightwing has left to stop Raptor, but will his rocky alliance with Blockbuster last long enough for Bludhaven to see the sunrise? Tim Seeley and Javi Fernandez tell a tale of intrigue in Nightwing #34. Elsewhere, Bane has made an enemy of Kobra and the cult won’t stop until he’s dead! A global hunt for Bane begins but he’s not one to run and hide. With his crew by his side, Bane is in for a rough night! Bane Conquest #8 is by original creators Chuck Dixon and Graham Nolan.

Silent Knight:
Tragedy strikes and the Bat-family faces the fight of their lives! An army of super-villains is at their doorstep and public support is turning against the heroes as the Joker brings everything into question. Now, a new discovery reinforces the newly christened Jack’s plot to jeopardize the Dark Knight’s standing in Gotham City for good! Plus, Harley’s obsession with the Joker reaches an all-new height that threatens to change everything! Sean Gordon Murphy continues his journey into uncharted waters with Batman: White Knight #3!

Shadow / Batman #3

Harley & Ivy Meet
Betty & Veronica #3
Regular Sandy Jarrell Cover

Harley & Ivy Meet
Betty & Veronica #3
Variant Stephanie Hans Cover

Batgirl And The Birds Of Prey (Rebirth) Vol 2 Source Code TP

Green Arrow (Rebirth) Vol 4 Rise Of Star City TP

Suicide Squad Vol 7 The Dragons Hoard TP

Batman Noir The Court Of Owls HC

Justice League Power Rangers HC

SHAZAM A New Beginning 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition HC

Batman And Robin Adventures Vol 2 TP

Teen Titans Go Vol 4 Smells Like Teen Titans Spirit TP

Jack Kirbys Fourth World Omnibus HC

DC Universe Holiday Special 2017 #1

Superman #36

Justice League #34

Green Lanterns #36

Green Arrow #35

Bombshells United #7

Cyborg #19

Deathstroke #26

Black Lightning Cold Dead Hands #2

Seasonal Cheer:
The Holiday Season is upon us and that means it’s time to jump into a giant pile of snow, curl up next to a fireplace, and open up some fantastic gifts from the world of comics! DC’s finest talents have assembled to bring together a holiday special like never before! Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, and more deliver powerful messages of hope like only the Justice League can! Plus, Sgt. Rock fights the Nazis on Hanukah, the Teen Titans take on the literal ghost of Christmas past, and Swamp Thing battles existential dread! Greg Rucka, Steve Epting, Denny O’Neil, and more present the DC Universe Holiday Special 2017 #1!!

Motor City Mayhem:
A new era of JLA thrills began with these 1980s adventures featuring Aquaman as the leader of the World’s Greatest Heroes! The Detroit era is known for a bold new cast of characters that would shape the future of the DC Universe forever! Classic characters like Vixen and Vibe forged new paths while classic heroes like Zatanna and the Martian Manhunter got much overdue starring roles that would lead to their greater exposure in the years to come! With classic wordsmith Gerry Conway at the helm and art by Chuck Patton, José Luis García-López, & more, the Justice League of America The Detroit Era Omnibus HC is a must have to die-hard Justice League and DCTV fans!

Separation Anxiety:
Peter Parker, Eddie Brock, and Flash Thompson all have one major thing in common. The Venom symbiote has played a part in all their lives and changed them forever. But now the inky black alien life-form is doubling down on our heroes and they’re not the only ones about to be put through the ringer! The epic Amazing Spider-Man/Venom crossover the fans demanded begins here as Dan Slott teams with writer Mike Costa for Amazing Spider-Man Venom Inc Alpha #1, featuring the art of superstar Ryan Stegman!

Regular Christian Ward Cover

Variant Christian Ward Lenticular Homage Cover

Incentive Mike McKone Legacy Headshot Variant Cover

The Midnight King Returns:
After months off-world, the former Inhuman King Black Bolt returns to Earth to find judgment awaiting him. In his absence, the Inhumans were rounded up, imprisoned and now struggle to maintain their fragile democracy. But someone must pay the price for the horrors they’ve endured. Will Black Bolt survive his people’s wrath? Writer Saladin Ahmen and artist Christian Ward continue their acclaimed Black Bolt run with Black Bolt #8!

Regular Julian Totino Tedesco Cover

Variant Cameron Stewart Lenticular Homage Cover

Incentive Mike McKone Legacy Headshot Variant Cover

Shot in the Dark:
Can Los Angeles really handle two Hawkeyes? Just as Kate reaches out to ask for Clint’s help with finding her dead mother, Clint shows up needing help of his own! A mysterious force is gunning for him and it kicks off a chase across the west coast with two Hawkeyes trying to stay one step ahead while keeping their head firm on their shoulders! With everything that has changed since Kate left Clint in her past, can the two of them reconcile long enough to survive?! Kelly Thompson and Leonardo Romero chart a course for chaos in a brand new storyline that honors the great legacy of the world’s greatest archer with Hawkeye #13.

Captain America #696

Spider-Man #235

Spirits Of Vengeance #3 (Of 5)

Avengers #674

Guardians Of Galaxy #148

Iron Fist #75

Gwenpool #23

Iceman #8

Doctor Strange #382

Then, Now, Forever:
From the beginning of its storied history, Marvel Comics has offered epic clashes of heroes and villains, always charting a course for discovery in the world of comics! The Champions and Avengers take on the High-Evolutionary! As worlds collide and Earth itself is put at risk, it’s going to take all of the strength of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to persevere! Avengers #674 comes from writer Mark Waid and artist Jesus Saiz. Meanwhile, the Guardians of the Galaxy face off against Ultron! Can they protect all of space while also figuring the source of corruption from deep inside the Nova Corps? Gerry Duggan and Marcus To present Guardians of the Galaxy #148.

Captain America #696 Variant Ron Lim Phoenix Cover

Astonishing X-Men #6 Variant Kris Anka Phoenix Cover

Avengers #674 Variant Brent Schoonover Phoenix Cover

Iron Fist #75 Variant Dave Johnson Phoenix Cover

Guardians Of The Galaxy #148 Variant Erica Henderson Phoenix Cover

Spirits Of Vengeance #3 Variant Francesco Mattina Phoenix Cover

Inhumans Once And Future Kings #5

Black Bolt Vol 1 Hard Time TP
Cable (2017) Vol 1 Conquest TP

Jump On It:
The Marvel Universe is filled with some of the coolest characters in all of comics and there’s no time like right now to check out their adventures! Cable has long been the supreme time-traveler of the Marvel Universe, guiding the X-Men and Avengers through the chaos of the future. But now somebody seems to be one step-ahead of him as he hunts down a weapon supplier who is dead-set on destroying the timestream! James Robinson and Carlos Pacheco present Cable TP Vol 1 Conquest, collecting issues 1-5 of the action-packed series. Then, in the deepest hidden corner of space, Black Bolt has been wrongfully imprisoned by his brother! Stuck in an impenetrable future with no help on the horizon, Black Bolt will have to fight his way out if he hopes to survive! Too bad he doesn’t have his powers. Saladin Ahmed and Christian Ward present Black Bolt TP Vol 1 Hard Time, collecting issues 1-6 of the critically acclaimed series.

Paper Girls HC signed by BKV & Cliff Chiang

Paper Girls/Private Eye Bundle By BKV

Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan #1 Signed by Declan Shalvey

Coyotes #1 Signed by Sean Lewis & Caitlin Yarsky

Angelic #1 Signed by Si Spurrier and Caspar Wijngaard

Robotech #1 Signed by Brian Wood

Void Trip #1 Signed by Plaid Klaus

Secret Warriors #1 Signed by Matt Rosenberg

Batman TMNT #1 Midtown Exclusive signed by cliff Chiang

Dark Nights: Metal #1 By Simon Bisley

Robotech #1 By Andrew Leung

Guardians Of The Galaxy #1 By Art Adams

DC Variants By Terry Dodson And Rachel Dodson

DKIII “view all issues”
By Greg Capullo

All-Star Batman #1 by Tyler Kirkham

Paradise Lost:
The Midnight Event forever changed the world. Now, centuries later, Jack Kryzman arrives on the outskirts of Paradiso City, haunted by fragments of childhood memories and in possession of a mysterious device. But this is no ordinary device, this is a device that will change everything! With the power to change the destiny of this living metropolis, the people who dwell within, and the guardians who strive for it, protecting it just might cost Jack his life! Paradiso #1 comes from writer Ram V. and artist Dev Pramanik.

Rasputin Voice Of The Dragon #2

Sleepless #1

Witchblade #1

Klaus And The Crisis In X-Masville #1

Red Sonja #11

Street Fighter Shadaloo Special

Rocket Girl Vol 2 Only The Good TP

Shirtless Bear-Fighter TP

Youngblood Vol 1 Reborn TP

Babyteeth Vol 1 TP

Rick and Morty Vol 6 TP

Shadow Death of Margo Lane TP

Believe it,
G-Man and Henry!

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