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Welcome back to our most fabulous manga sale of the year!

The Eisner Awards are back!
The Eisner Awards have been announced, and we’ve got lots of great books by the fabulous nominees here. On a related note, we notice that The Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer award has not yet been addressed, so if by any chance you happen to know of a worthy retailer (hint hint!), it might be fun to nominate ’em (whoever it might be)!

Death of Spider-Man:
He isn’t even dead yet, but Marvel has announced that Ultimate Spider-Man #160 regular and variant covers will be polybagged; what could they be hiding? What don’t they want us to share?

Fear Itself rages on!
Fear Itself Sins Past #1 reprints the villainous origin of the Red Skull’s dreadfully deranged daughter, Sin as well as some of the quirkiest Captain America stories ever told! Collecting Captain America #355-356 and material from #357, fully remastered with modern coloring. Plus: an all-new framing sequence by Jim McCann?(Hawkeye & Mockingbird) and Stefano Landini. We’ve still got Fear Itself #1!

Super sales feature FEARSOME savings!
Save 40% off ALL manga titles with one of our most popular sales ever, with the super-secret codeword below! Take 10-50% off all collectibles, and save 15 to 50% off ALL magazines! Sales are offered online only.

By Odin’s beard: Thor for a dollar!
Asgard is restored to its full glory, and Thor is back with a vengeance in Thor MGC #7, by J. Michael Straczynski, and IT’S ONLY A BUCK! While we’re on this topic, grab 30 Days of Night #1 from IDW, also only a buck! Buy dozens of copies of each and introduce friends and family to ’em! Believe it or not, your Aunt Petunia may have no idea who Thor is…!

Clearance items of the month, up to 70% off!
We’ve crammed in a considerable quantity of cool clearance items this week, including oodles of action figures (Planet of the Apes, anyone?), a stupendous stock of stately statues, and lots of super hero trading cards!

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Nic Cage, the police found your Action Comics #1!
Action Comics #1 was stolen from Midtown Pal Nicolas Cage ten years ago (he shopped at our Times Square store once-for an hour-what a cool guy!), and crazy as it sounds, it just turned up in LA! Nic’s copy is high grade, and is valued at over one million buckeroos! Our friends at CBR talk about it here!

Believe it,
Thor and Gerry G., aka G-Man

Midtown Comics is a top-rated seller on eBay, so you can rest assured that you are, as always, buying from the best!

This week’s featured eBay item is the Star Wars Grand Moff Tarkin Collectible Bust! Need someone to help you blow up someone’s planet? This Grand Moff Tarkin bust from Gentle Giant is just what you need!

We also have lots of great action figures, statues, collectibles, and more at huge discounts, all available on our eBay page!


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10% – 50% off All magazines.

Midtown newsletter readers only: take an additional 5% off our already discounted price on all back issues added this week!

Ok guys, the fan mail is getting a little bit out of hand. Terry Plunket from Crumpton Ohio, I am sorry but I cannot marry you and move to your farm. But thank you for the offer. When I am not getting marriage proposals in the mail, I am grading comics! This week the back issue team and I add huge runs of Hardware, Icon, Teen Titans Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, Batman, New Teen Titans, Uncanny X-Men, Sandman, Sandman Mystery Theater, Iron Man Vol. 1, Incredible Hulk Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, all volumes of Captain America, Captain Marvel Vol. 1, Superman Vol. 2, Superman Adventures, Joise, Chip ‘N’ Dale Rescue Rangers, Classic Star Wars, Dazzler, and some Daredevil Vol. 1. Don’t fret Terry from Ohio, it’s not that I don’t want to marry you; I am just allergic to farm equipment. It’s a genetic thing. Check out our just added list to see everything we added this week and to get an extra 5% off, that can reach 25% off some of the books we add! WOW!

This Just in! Times Square got in another restock of Marvel Legends toys! You sell them to me and I pump them out! Get there fast, the one Deadpool on card is not going to last. Did you know that our premium back issues are located behind the counters at our stores? That’s right, you might not find that Amazing spider-man #1 in the bins, but at Grand Central it’s behind the counter!

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Alex Rae!

MoCCA Festival
The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art festival is the premiere independent comics and art festival. This year’s guest include Peter Bagge, Dean Haspiel, Alex Robinson, Adrian Tomine, Tom Neely, and many more!

Marvel: Meet the Publishers
Learn what goes into making all of your favorite comics every week with this one-of-a-kind panel discussion with the publishers of of Marvel Comics! Guests include Axel Alonso, Tom Brevoort, C.B. Cebulski, Stephen Wacker, and Nick Lowe! At our Downtown store from 6PM – 7:30PM.

Kids’ Comic Con
Creating comics workshops, panels, demonstrations, and more! Kids under 17 are FREE. Held at the Bronx Community College.

Shane Davis Signing:
Shane Davis, artist for Superman: Earth One, Rage of the Red Lanterns, and Superman/Batman, will be signing at our Downtown store on April 20th from 4:30-6:00pm!

Midtown Comics Book Club!
The next book for the Midtown Comics Book Club will be Madame Xanadu Vol.1 from Vertigo with special guest, artist Amy Reeder! Remember, you get a 25% discount on the book in-stores when you mention the book club! Check out this great write up from MTV GEEK about one of our previous book club meetings!

Midtown Comics TV:
Check out the new crazy Midtown Comics commercial! It’ll blow your mind.

Midtown Comics Blog:
Raphael talks about the big news from Wonder Con, and what it means to us! Also, Raph has a quick review of the new Marvel Knights animation, Thor & Loki Blood Brothers.

Midtown Comics Podcast:
Dimitrios has cosplay fever! But something has gone horribly wrong when he attempts to create the ultimate Robotman costume! Plus Batman Inc. artist Chris Burnham talks to us about working with Grant Morrison, being an exclusive DC artist, and the next installment of his creator-owned book Officer Downe!

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