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Welcome back to a fantabulous new year of comics, as
Todd McFarlane and Robert Kirkman team-up!

Spawn #200, by Todd and Rob!
Spawn reaches a magnificent milestone with Spawn #200, and Todd McFarlane presents a who’s-who of Image creators, each providing a spectacular cover, along with several incentive covers. Story by none other than Todd McFarlane and Robert Kirkman.

The holidays may be over, but we’re still in a giving mood!
Read more books, we say, and while you’re at it, take 15-50% off ’em. What kinda books? We’re glad you asked. Fiction, art, how-to, young readers — they’re all fair game. Also, take 30% off Marvel back issues from A-G (with the super-secret codeword below), and 30% off all comic boxes, to provide a place to store all of those Marvel back issues! Sales are online only.

DC Comics: have a good time for $2.99!
DC continues to hold the line at $2.99! Check out some of this week’s awesome $2.99 releases: Batgirl #17, Batman and Robin #19, Birds Of Prey #8, Booster Gold #40, Doc Savage #10, Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #6, Justice League Generation Lost #17, Knight & Squire #4, Rebels #24, Red Robin #19, Secret Six #29, and Superman #707. $2.99 a book is something we could get used to!

Take 50% off many of March’s top comics in the January Previews, including Xombi #1, Fantastic Four #587, Rat Bastards #1, and Marvel’s new Crossgen titles Ruse #1, and Sigil #1, and many more! Nothing feels better than getting a great deal on the comics you love! But don’t wait too long; January Previews orders are due by 01/27/11.

Because you demanded it! Our Times Square and online stores now carry a full line of Wizards Of The Coast’s Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition gaming books, modules, and more! Build characters, wage campaigns against your enemies, slay dragons! Check out the full selection here.

Jim Lee mania continues!
We have still have signed copies of ICONS: The DC and Wildstorm Art of Jim Lee available, and great video footage of our event with Jim on December 19th. Two happy fans sit down for a cuppa coffee with Jim while he sketches for them!

Follow us on Twitter & Facebook and win big!
We had our good friends Joe Quesada, Axel Alonso, and Tom Brevoort sign a few exclusive Marvel: Fear Itself lithographs while they were here for the Fear Itself press conference. We’ll be giving them away to our followers and fans for free this week! So make sure you follow @MidtownComics on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook for a chance to win!

Everybody’s a critic!
Now you can be too! Didja like Batman Beyond #1? Maybe you didn’t like it! Make your voice heard and review it, or any other book, as many as you like, on Midtowncomics.com! Give it a five star rating, or a thumbs down — it’s your call!

Believe it,
Thor and Gerry G., aka G-Man

This week’s featured eBay item is a pair of bendable Captain America and Spider-Man Mego figures from 1973! These are two classic ’70s toys of two of Marvel’s greatest characters. We also have lots of great action figures, statues, collectibles, and more at huge discounts, all available from our eBay page!

THIS WEEK'S CODEWORD SALE! (Ends January 12th.)

30% Off Marvel back issues letters A-G! Click here to activate this week's codeword DEADPOOL. Your discounts will automatically be activated in your cart. So just place the items you want into your basket and check out when you're finished!


30% off all Boxes.
15 – 50% off all Books.

With the promotion of Axel Alonso to Editor-In-Chief, a new era at Marvel has begun. So when we added all of our great back issues this week we wanted to add some of the great late titles that we want back! Books like Marvel Two-In-One, and Marvel Team-Up. Who doesn’t want to see Aunt May and Franklin Richards team up to face Galactus? (Yeah that happened! It was Marvel Team-up #137!) We never forget our friends over at DC! We also added World’s Finest Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, Impulse, Planetary, Power of Shazam!, Starman Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, Static, and Geoff Johns’ great work on Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. Add Iron Man Vol. 1 to the list and every week is a good week for back issues.

If you’ve got books you want to sell you can always e-mail me!

Stay mint,
Alex Rae!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer birthday party!
Celebrate the release of Buffy Season 8’s last issue at our Downtown store with a Buffy Birthday Bash! Trivia & costume contest, prizes and more! Wednesday Jan. 19th at Midtown Downtown!
Midtown Comics Downtown is now open! Come check out our new store!

Midtown Comics Blog:
Marvel announced Tuesday that Axel Alonso has been promoted to Editor-In-Chief of Marvel Comics, replacing Joe Quesada. Check them out here!


Midtown Comics TV:
Tom Brevoort and the Marvel Reading Circle headed to Midtown Comics to pick the brain of the Mighty Men of Midtown! Check out this behind the scenes video courtesy of Marvel.com.

Midtown Comics Podcast:
This week artist Amy Reeder stops by to talk about her work on the Madame Xanadu Vol. 3 trade and the upcoming Batwoman title with J. H. Williams III. Check it out here! We’ll be back next week in full force!

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