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Welcome back to a merciless week in comics!
Flabbergasted while flailed by a filament of fabulous funny books for weeks now, the frenzy is fueled with Batman the Merciless, the new Metal tie-in! If you’re looking for lots of lovely lenticular Legacy tie-ins, you won’t be disappointed! Action Comics #990 also gets a lenticular cover, as the “Oz Effect” continues! There’s all that and so much more, like the latest issue of Outcast, Buffy Season 11, Wayward, and the return of an old favorite in Hack/Slash Resurrection #1! So dive in and indulge yourself on some delightful comics!

Spotlight on savings:
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Batman The Merciless #1

Flash #33 Regular Ethan Van Sciver Connecting Cover (Bats Out Of Hell Part 1)

Flash #33 Variant Howard Porter Cover (Bats Out Of Hell Part 1)

Stellar Steely Stories:
After the harrowing events of Dark Nights: Metal #3, the Justice League has been scattered around the world to find the only artifacts that can fight back against the invasion of the Dark Multiverse. The League thinks that they know how to take back their world, but they are NOT prepared for who is standing in their way; The Seven Dark Knights of the Dark Multiverse. The Flash heads into the foray against these fiends in Flash #33, written by Joshua Williamson with art by Howard Porter. Then, the horrific story of Batman the Merciless is revealed! What forces could provoke Bruce Wayne to give in to his deadliest urges? Batman the Merciless #1 is by writer Peter Tomasi with art by Francis Manapul.

Batgirl #16

Batman Beyond #13

Detective Comics #967

Simply Batty:
Just because the fall has begun, doesn’t mean the Summer of Lies is over! Batgirl and Nightwing thought that the Mad Hatter was the worst of their problems, but when the true identity of the mysterious villain hunting them is revealed, they realize that the trap set for them was years in the making! Can they survive this seemingly inescapable trap? Batgirl #16 is written by Hope Larson with art by Chris Wildgoose and Cam Smith. Then, the Lonely Place of Living continues! Tim Drake faces a race to save the future as Red Robin must break free of the mysterious Mr. Oz and make his way back to Earth! Detective Comics #967 comes from James Tynion IV with art by Eddy Barrows.

Action Comics #990 Regular Nick Bradshaw Lenticular Cover

Action Comics #990 Variant Nick Bradshaw Non-Lenticular Cover

Action Comics #990 Variant Neil Edwards & Jay Leisten Cover

Tales from the Shadows:
Martha Kent fights for her life against a creature from a space-craft that lands in front of her farmhouse. A young woman is possessed by the spirit of a murderous Amazon warrior. The last surviving member of the Justice League faces down a horror beyond imagination. All of these and more spooky tales unfold when the greatest voices in horror meet the talented artistic ability of Howard Porter, Scott Kolins, Bilquis Evely, and more! Find these frights in DC House of Horror #1! And if that’s not enough, Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan united for Night Force! Two of the greatest names in the history of comics present the terrors of DC in a hardcover edition collecting the entire series! Night Force by Wolfman & Colan Complete Series HC is a must have for classic fans of horror!

Batman Night Of The Monster Men TP (Rebirth)

Nightwing Rebirth Deluxe Collection Book 1 HC

Supergirl (Rebirth) Vol 2 Escape From The Phantom Zone TP

Hellblazer (Rebirth) Vol 2 The Smokeless Fire TP

Justice League Of America A Midsummers Nighmare Deluxe Edition HC

Injustice 2 Vol 1 HC

Nightwing The New Order #3

Gotham City Garage #2

Suicide Squad #28

Wonder Woman #33

Justice League Of America #17

Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corps #31

Teen Titans #13

Blue Beetle #14

Mother Panic #12

Ruff & Reddy Show #1

Hellblazer #15

Kamandi Challenge #10

To Hell and Back:
After his harrowing confrontation with God himself, it’s time for Lucifer to kick back for a minute and relax. But of course, it’s never that easy. These adventures see the bringer of light through the streets of Los Angeles, the depths of the underworld, and the deepest recesses of the scariest place imaginable, his own mind! Who said being evil was easy? Lucifer just wants to live his life as part of an ancient evil tradition but it seems like everything’s working against him. Richard Hadrey and Holly Black write these tall tales with art by Lee Garbett and a wealth of terrific artists in Lucifer TP Vol 3 Blood in the Streets, collecting issues 13-19 of the cult series.

Superstar Signing:
Writer/cover artist Declan Shalvey will be joining us on Thursday October 19th at Midtown Comics Downtown (64 Fulton Street) to sign Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan #1! Meet one of the coolest creators in comics in this rare New York signing, only at Midtown Comics! It’s a dead-ringer good time!

Black Panther #166 Regular Brian Stelfreeze Cover (Marvel Legacy Tie-In)

Black Panther #166 Variant Wes Craig Lenticular Homage Cover (Marvel Legacy Tie-In)(Limit 1 Per Customer)

Black Panther #166 Variant Jenny Frison Connecting Cover (Marvel Legacy Tie-In)

Klaw Stands Supreme:
T’Challa has faced many foes over the years from his perch atop the throne of Wakanda. But none have truly challenged him like Ulysses Klaw, the man responsible for the death of his father. Now, he’s back and he’s out for blood! Can the Black Panther fend off the ferocious frenzy of this fiend without the aid of the Wakandan gods? And who are the Originators and what do they have in store for the nation of Wakanda? Ta-Nehisi Coates continues his acclaimed Black Panther run with artist Leonard Kirk as the series reverts to its Legacy numbering in Black Panther #166.

U.S.Avengers #11 Regular David Nakayama Cover (Marvel Legacy Tie-In)

U.S.Avengers #11 Variant Christian Ward Lenticular Homage Cover (Marvel Legacy Tie-In)(Limit 1 Per Customer)

U.S.Avengers #11 Incentive Mike McKone Legacy Headshot Variant Cover (Marvel Legacy Tie-In)

Cannonball Run:
The U.S. Avengers have a new mission! After the harrowing events of Secret Empire, Cannonball is missing! Squirrel Girl, Red Hulk, Iron Patriot, and the whole squad head into outer space to find their teammate but their journey is going to lead them to the heart of the U.S.A.! In Glenbrook, Ritchie Redwood is America’s best loved teenager! Too bad this town isn’t as squeaky clean as it seems at first glance! What shocking events will lead the U.S. Avengers to uncover the secrets of the seemingly ideal Glenbrook, where teenagers keep disappearing! Al Ewing and Paco Diaz take the team on an adventure for the Marvel Legacy era in U.S. Avengers #11!

Captain Marvel #125 Regular Phil Noto Cover (Marvel Legacy Tie-In)

Captain Marvel #125 Variant Dan Mora Lenticular Homage Cover (Marvel Legacy Tie-In)(Limit 1 Per Customer)

Captain Marvel #125 Variant Chip Zdarsky How-To-Draw Cover (Marvel Legacy Tie-In)

Dark Origin:
As Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers has traveled to almost every inch of the planet and beyond! Now, she’s heading to somewhere completely uncharted, where there are no familiar faces except her own! Join Carol on her new cosmic journey through the past and future as Captain Marvel takes flight on a bold new adventure rooted in his very own Dark Origins. The Marvel Universe has been put on notice, because the mayhem has only just begun. Writer Margaret Stohl and artist Michele Bandini present a bold story for Earth’s Mightiest Marvel while bringing back the classic Legacy numbering in Captain Marvel #125.

Jean Grey #8 Regular David Yardin Cover (Marvel Legacy Tie-In)

Jean Grey #8 Variant Mike Mayhew Lenticular Homage Cover (Marvel Legacy Tie-In)(Limit 1 Per Customer)

Jean Grey #8 Incentive Mike McKone Legacy Headshot Variant Cover (Marvel Legacy Tie-In)

Psych War:
The Phoenix is coming and in its wake there’s death and destruction! Destined to become the Earth’s host for the fiery entity, Jean is still not prepared for its arrival and the ensuing battle to come. Her only hope lies in a former host who can prepare and train her telepathic powers. But what cost is Jean willing to pay when Emma Frost, the White Queen, becomes her only hope for salvation and the last line of defense from setting the world ablaze?! Jean Grey #8 begins a brand new story arc from Dennis Hopeless and Victor Ibanez.

Amazing Spider-Man #790

Despicable Deadpool #288

Despicable Deadpool #288

X-Men Blue #14

All New Wolverine #26

America #8

New Legacies Unfold:
Everybody’s favorite no-nonsense powerhouse, America Chavez, may have finally met her match. Introducing the deadly and exotic Exterminatrix! Can America continue her hard-hitting journey to defend the multiverse against the oncoming warpath of Exterminatrix and the ominous Midas Corporation? And what is going on with her powers? When new abilities emerge, will America be able to rein them in against the horrific horde of heathens attacking her home? The story begins in America #8 by Gabby Rivera, with art by Joe Quinones and Jen Bartel.

Ben Reiley Scarlet Spider Vol 1 TP

Secret Empire HC

Venom (2016) Vol 2 Land Before Crime TP

Civil War II TP

Doctor Strange Vol 3
Blood In The Aether TP

Invincible Iron Man
Vol 3 Civil War II TP

Daredevil #28

Punisher #17

Punisher Platoon #2

Despicable Deadpool #288

Guardians Of The Galaxy Telltale Series #4

Ben Reilly The Scarlet Spider #9

Weapon X #10

Thanos #12

Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #24

Rocket Girl #8 Signed by Amy Reeder & Brandon Montclare

Robotech #1 Signed by Brian Wood

Jimmy’s Bastards #1 Signed by Garth Ennis and Russ Braun

Sacred Creatures #1 Signed by Klaus Janson and Pablo Raimondi

Secret Warriors #1 Signed by Matt Rosenberg

Batman TMNT #1 Midtown Exclusive Signed By Cliff Chiang

Dark Nights: Metal #1 By Simon Bisley

Robotech #1 By Andrew Leung

Guardians Of The Galaxy #1 By Art Adams

DC Variants By Terry Dodson And Rachel Dodson


All-Star Batman #1 by Tyler Kirkham

Slash Fiction:
The fan favorite Hack/Slash series is back! Cassie Hack has been living off of the grid, but when a new monstrous threat arises to torment promiscuous teens, it’s time for Cassie to step in and save the day. It’s been a while since she’s had to crush some skulls, but with her trusted baseball, there’s nothing that can stop her from tearing through the beasts that torment her town! Gory, sexy, twist, and funny, Hack is back! Tini Howard joins the series with art by Celor and K. Michael Russell, and featuring a cover by original series’ creator Tim Seeley in Hack/Slash Resurrection #1!

Back To The Future #24

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #75

Angelic #2

Saga #48

Catalyst Prime Incidentals #3

WWE #10

Art of Overwatch HC Regular Edition

Shaolin Cowboy Wholl Stop the Reign HC

Road Rage TP

Super Tokyoland TP

Golgotha TP

Underwinter Vol 1 Symphony TP

Believe it,
G-Man, Henry and John!

This week’s featured eBay item is a Clayburn Moore The Savage Dragon Loose Statue. Here’s your chance to add this rare item to your collection! Also, remember to follow us on eBay to find even more rare comics, collectibles, and super hero savings! Check out the rest of our auctions today!

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